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Passing the test???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SomeKindaDrug420, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Okay. I'm in a shit hole. I stopped smoking on 4/20 because these stupid mofos just decided to inform me I had a drug test in a week or so. So I stopped smoking. I did a lot of yard work for the first three days. And lost five pounds I sweated a lot. I've been taking four nician pills a day (I know it's a myth but I'm desperate) a cranberry pill and two pills of a different cranberry pill. I've been drink LOADS of water and now I'm drink cranberry juice. I'm going to take a vitamin b12 a few hours before my test. And get a samlple from the middle of my pee. I weight 190. And I'm 5'8". Do I have a chance or am I fucked.
  2. How often do you toke usually? Daily, once a week, etc.

    You're 6 days out right now, if it's another week and you're a light smoke I wouldn't worry. Just keep drinking water and being active.

    Is it a oral test or a magical pee cup?

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  4. Don't exercise before the test. Excercise releases thc that's stored in fat cell's.

    Sound's like you got this.

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  5. Well I excirsed a the first few days. I don't dare excirsed now because I know that it releases the THC so I'm hoping I'll pass even though I'm only a week clean

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  6. Have you ever tried using synthetic urine? It works great.

    And Guod is right. You can also try dilution closer to the test.

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  7. Cheating is never my first strat when it comes to test taking. gl hf


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