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passing the joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. Why is there an unwritten rule that says if amongst a group of smokers you have to pass the joint around, and pass to the left? I've never sat around and passed a cigarette before, so why the joint? I've never passed a beer or mixed drink around, so why the joint? Why can't everyone roll their own up and smoke it themselves? Personally, I feel uncomfortable at times seeing some stranger slobber spit all over the spliff and then hand it to me.

    Just a new discussion topic for the blades to discuss.
  2. I might know part of the answer. Most people are right handed and it is easier to pass to the left.

    Now to the reason why everyone does not smoke his (or her) own joint--I don't know. I'll smoke a bowl and think about it.
  3. ... much discussion in the local pot-circles on this issue.

    normally the law of the joint passage will be enforced in the car.. the person sitting shotgun breaks up the bud, twists it up, lights it.. then passes it to the left which would be the driver.. partly because it's easier for the shotgun man to pass it to the driver then someone from the backseat passing it up to the driver.

    ... i'm spent.
  4. I think it's because everyone would love if the random stranger with the doobie in front of you at a concert or some public event would hand you that J to share. It's a great thought, and at phish shows and some other such shows, it happens!! Not too often though, and I don't mind either way.

    But I agree ~ I hate watching strangers slobber on my joint! :9-~ gross!
  5. who the heck have ya been smokin with partner? ;)
    im agaisnt the smoke our own joints policy. unless this slobbering thing realy does become a problem....
    we a stoners know that part of the "fellowship" we feel with other stoners happens with the lighting of the frienship, let the games begin, shared ina circle to the left...first joint!!!!next the boys (go ahead gals and roll your eyes here) then break out different sacks,different bud and now its the discussion part of the evening, more fellowship....without sharing weve already lost the first two parts of our stonerness kinship.
    p.s. ive noticed girls tend to share mixed drinks and beer much more than working on a theory for this phenom. of behavor...A. girls DO NOT ever have cooties B.its somehow tied in with the bathroom thing C. all girls are lesbians :)
  6. I love to share! I'm talking about concert/public situations where you don't really know the person, but maybe I am wrong. If I went to a friend's house and brought a doobie I would have THEM spark it in thanks for allowing me to visit :)

    About girls sharing drinks, I don't know.. My dear friend has a big pet peeve about this and refuses to share a glass with ANYONE, alcoholic or not. I think she's paranoid of spit :) Other friends I have, we like trying new mixed drinks and sharing them with each other to see what they taste like, that's the only reason I can think of...

    But maybe you're right, maybe it all ties in with the bathroom theory... ;)
  7. I hae always passed to the left, i call it the clockwise effect, if you pass counter clockwise, purposely, I consider you backward, a pessimist.

    The only time i pass counter-clockwise is whenin a car, because it is alot easier for the driver to take a joint from the front and pass it to the back.
  8. passing the J is an act of sharing, a tradition, a bond. This has been passed down through the ages...

    and don't bogart that jiont my friend...
  9. which way was it again? ,lol.:D
  10. Sharing pot is an act of solidarity, people shouldn't impose on you (unless maybe you know each other well) but you should share, and they should share back if they have it. Hell, if you can afford it just give 'em another joint to pass around, then you can be generous and have your own slobber free joint.

  11. lol that splains why our "circle" is always assbackwards...theres 4 leftys and one righty that usually toke ...its the damn righty messin it up :p:D

    toke on!!! :smoke:
  12. well here's my 2 cents on it......

    smokers who do not grow, will pass to the left.

    smokers who do grow, will give them all weed, and say...."well if your getting it for free, you can roll your own"

    i'd happily pass to left or right, but no-one will be there, as we don't sit in a circle, from where i sit on my pc, if i pass left the wall will be getting

    i nearly allways smoke alone :( all mates would rather smoke hash joints with tobacco, in it, and when i offer the pure weed, they're all like........"na man, it hurts my throat" or "it makes me too thirsty, and tickly throat"

    then sometimes i meet someone who smokes the green no problem........all those tobacco smokin freaks and their soapbar........gimme the green anyday.

    and if i ever end up in any blades company, and bogart the joint let me know as it won't be intentional.

    Peace out.........Sid
  13. ps, the reason of my thinking is all that i see is.........posts like "i'm dry and need weed"...........and "no weed"

    and they're all trying to scrape bongs and pick bits out the that i'd name any names, but Smokie comes to

    there's probably lots on my floor, but that's where it's staying....on the floor.......and the resin in the bongs is shit...well hash resin that's left is........i wouldn't smoke it, if it was the last stuff on earth.

    but i know that some are that desperate, so if weed is that precious then it must be used as fast as possible, without any just going up in smoke.

    personally, i'll smoke a J like a cig, and it can burn away if i'm not gonna smoke point in forcing it.

    if you's were here, i'd get everyone in the room, and hotbox the living room.......that would be fun.

    the reason i'm so liberal with weed, is that it has no money value to me.........i don't sell, so i smoke or give it away, while it would seem in America that weed is a huge part of your cultaure, and it costs a lot of $$$ it's hard to come by, and nobody that i talk to could name more than 3 types of

    Peace out................Sid

  14. to the left,....fellowship.... and girls do not have cooties :D

  15. What if the people are to your right?

    Are you sure girls do not have cooties??
  16. if people are on the right i just pass with my left hand,.........sooo in my brain im still passing to the left, i think. (lack of coffe this morning)
    uum,.....ok maybe some girls DO have cooties....alas i cannot explain the two phenomon must go to the bathroom policy together (even if you dont have to go) and the fact that girls will be more likeyly to taste each others drink than guys would.....
    ive even found myself whith a guy id been smoking with very hesitant to sip out of his drink....=guys got cooties...thats one im sticking to :p
  17. Frankly it does not matter wether your right or left handed. Grab it with whatever hand you feel fit! And as for the rule it must always go to the left...well thats bull shit. Why would you pass a joint to the left in a car? Have fun getting in an accident. As far as I'm concerned, if your in a car it should always be passed to the right so the passenger passes the J to the driver.

  18. yeah....yeah!!! that's it!! :p :smoke:
  19. ^^^my bad..i didnt know we were driving
    if that were case im the passanger, and im STILL passing to my left
    its ok hun there is no rule whatsoever about passing....only that you do :p
  20. we dont smoke too many j's...ebery once in a while, but when we smoke, we pass the bowl around...and the order depends on who has if im packin my bowl, im gonna pass it to one of the other 3 who also has weed, it doesnt matter clockwise/counterclockwise...when were done with the first bowl, someone else will pack one and probably pass it to me cause i just packed one...then the thrid bowl someone will pass it to the person who packed the second one and so forth

    i think its like a social bonding thing...i dont like to smoke by myself, cause yeah, ill be fucked up but its not as fun without other people, cause then you can be tweaked out with someone else

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