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  1. i just recently passed out while smoking at 2 am we were in some abandon apartments i couldnt even stand up cauz i didnt have the energy. That same day i just came back from a 7 day cruise and ive been awake since 8 am. should i keep smoking or stop ??
  2. :confused_2: all you
  3. Search for "passing out" on this website and you fill find hundreds of posts with thousands of replies.
  4. LOL I don't know OP. What do you think?
  5. Please keep smoking. You are on a voyage of epic proportions. Updates would be appreciated.
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  6. power smoke through it and out the other side
  7. Sounds like your body is telling you it's had enough. Would you really want to wait for something worse to happen before you stop? Passing out sounds pretty bad. I'd probably get really messed up too if I were smoking big bongs with serious lack of sleep, but damn I've never managed to make myself pass out. That's if I'm understanding correctly and you mean you suddenly went unconscious and passed out.
  8. Did you smoke tobacco also? Cuz tobacco without filter could be really tough...

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