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Passing Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cantrollblunts, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Has anyone not eaten the whole day then smoke several times the same day and black out?
  2. I'm a vegetarian and i don't eat ever. But after a few bowls. If i got up to quick I would get a powerful head rush and black out. So yeah it happens,
  3. I ate cereal in the early morning and prior to that I didn't eat nothing the night before and I had 3 sessions and after the last blunt of the night I was spaced out then I fell on the sidewalk and scraped my eyebrow off and my right forehead is gone . I'm trying to make sure it was from not eating and not the weed
  4. On 4/20 i smoked a bunch of medical with a friend over at my pop's place... Hadn't ate anything, didn't pass out but i thought i was melting into the couch and couldn't move for like 30 minutes. 
  6. Damn that's a trip. When I fell I hit the front of my face and I now have a bad scrape on the right side of my face and half a missing eyebrow
  7. I haven't eaten all day and i'm about to smoke a bowl lol. I do this a lot and i've never once felt like i was going to pass out, i just get the munchies and try to eat lots of protein. 
  8. Ever come to with your tongue bitten....
  9. Haha I'm sticking to bowls from now on lol
  10. My friend passed out after a huge bong toke once.

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  11.  Surely if you don't eat you're more than a vegetarian? Vegetarians don't eat meat but if you eat nothing I guess that makes you a...nihilist? 
  12. Sure lol; I basically spend no money on food haha. All i eat is brown rice. Apples. Black berries other fruits. I don't even like vegetables or salad. Lol. I find a way.
  13. The real question is if the blunt was still there on the sidewalk when you woke up.
    And yea dude weed is a stimulant that acts like a depressant. If you don't eat enough and then go smoke a lot, you are using energy your body doesn't have and if you really overdo it (not with the weed but with a shitty eating pattern), the only thing your body can do to keep you functioning without some organ failure w/e is to knock you the fuck out.
    I have never blacked out from weed because I would lose memory I would assume. I have passed out from smoking alone, but that was because I was dead tired and smoking for no reason and just fell asleep so comfortable that I didn't notice my eyes closed, not like falling on cement of some shit lol.
  14. Haha na that blunt was gone and we were just talking cracking jokes and I just blacked out and was completely sober when I got back up lol. Yeah I've gotten that but that's a KUSH COMA you smoke till you sleep haha

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