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Passing out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Im Riley, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. So I just went and smoked with a friend in some random field. And its going well and I'm pretty high. So we finish off what we had and when we stand up to leave I just start seeing a bunch of colors and next thing I know I'm on the ground and my friend is standing over me, asking if he should call an ambulance. After 30 seconds of laying there I was fine and just walked to my car and drove home. I think I passed out, don't even really know. This ever happened to anyone else? :D
  2. It was because the lack of blood flow. I guess you had the whole sesh sitting down?
  3. This happened to my friend. Smoked her up and next thing you know she's face planting the ground. It was scary as fuck, we still don't really know what was going on with her.

  4. Yeah under some tree haha :eek:
  5. Funny as hell that you posted this, cause the other day at prom weekend my friend smoked one joint in the car ride to the boardwalk. We get there, laughing about how it was just one joint for each of us and we weren't even high. We get onto the boardwalk (yes my friend was high, he lied), the kid begs to go to my car and when we start walking to it, he falls over right in front of everyone on the boards. He gets up, feels fine, all that jazz. So I guess it happens? Weird thing is, he just fell onto his head mad hard, and laughed for like a minute laying there.
  6. same thing happened to me earlier this year. i was smoking crouched down like a smeagle pose and then went back inside after a little bit. i had to walk up some steps to my porch, and all of a sudden it was like a massive headrush after you stand up and i had to catch myself on a table and i couldnt move. Went back inside (up a couple more steps) and it happened again. I tried just calming down and laid down to watch tv... then i got a text and i couldnt even read it. my vision was completely pixelated it was ridiculous. scared the absolute shit out of me but i figured out it was just lack of blood flow like someone said

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