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Passing out when smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FredTheNunKing, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Am I the only one who passes out when I smoke?? It's mostly just alone and in the dark and it's been happening for years, I'll give a few examples.. I'm kinda worried.

    Just a week or so ago I went and got an eighth of chronic outta my mailbox at 2 AM and was outside smoking it outta my bongs (packing bowl after bowl) I was alright high but as I was taking a hit and my vision just blacks out and I get the thought in my head that I'm going to fall on the ground and float to another world, and I start swaying and it takes all my concentration not to fall flat on the ground (i was close to it) and after around 20 seconds that feeling went away and I go and take another bong rip (i love to get amazingly high) and take a few more before I decide I'm good..

    Few more examples were I was outside hitting a can pipe in the winter snow and I just straight passed out and fell into the snow and came back to my senses a few seconds later.

    I was also smoking in my garage and kept passing out with hits in..

    Also last year I had a nice 200$ glass bong that I MADE and I was hitting it out my window and I take a hit and pass out and 'wake up' (sitting up, come back to senses) on my bed(which is against the window) and then I thing 'was i smoking' 'yeah didnt i have a bong?' so i am looking everywhere in my room, on the floor etc for my bong then I look outside and I fucking DROPPED IT.. like I passed out and just completely let go of the bong, and it shattered :'(

    I've litterally lost probably close to an ounce of bud from passing out and losing bowls.. I would get so high outside at night that I would litterally turn over the bowl somehow because I passed out and couldn't feel my limbs..

    Does this happen to everyone or is it just me because I get too high because I'm kinda worried, and no I'm not greening out I been smoking for 4 years on and off and the only time I greened out was the first time I smoked.. 1/8th of dank and kief out of a gravity bong in 2 hits within 3 mins and thought I was gonna die - I then passed out for 2 days..

    Thanks for reading guys

    TL;dr: Read it pretty please? I had to type it all and you can read alot faster then you can type...

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  2. Try this: slow the fuck down. Crazy high=face plant.

  3. You're still fail trollin OP ?
  4. yeah slow the fuck down. take smaller hits. I've only passed out once and that was taking a big ass gravity bong to the face when I was 16
  5. Even when I pass out I don't get as high as I want.

    And seriously stop thinking I'm a troll.. If I was a troll there are better things to come up with then this, these are all real stories that happened to me..

    I make some threads that are funny just kidding around I'm not fucking trolling and you must not be very intelligent if you can read this and say it's a troll thread, seriously..
  6. Yeah IMO i just think you should try taking fewer hits to see what happens instead of going all rambo on the bud and breaking bongs. But what ever floats your boat
  7. Weed lowers your blood pressure which is why you are passing out. You probably get lightheaded as well and fluttering feelings before you pass out. Make sure to sit down when you're smoking and take more time in between hits so you can get more oxygen into your system.
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  8. Let the thread die he is an obvious troll that makes up ridiculous stories because he's under 18
  9. Deleted double post
  10. I passed out one time when I took a gravity hit (stand up really fast while taking a hit).... I was with my homies and we were smoking out of a gatorade bottle. I took a fat hit and then stood up and all of a sudden I started feeling lightheaded. The next thing I know I wake up on the ground leaning up against my homie and the couch and all I hear is "bitch, you fucked up" then I started laughing really hard and pissed myself a little. Hahaha that has to be one of the funniest things that happened to me.

    I think you're problem op, is that like people have already said.. you need to slow down...
  11. nah he needs to blaze way waay more and build up tolerance
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  12. Learn how to "Man-Up"? :confused_2:
  13. I never passed out when smoking- just about an hour or so after I finish. Then I wake up hazy and "whaaat"
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    I smoke dank and have a low tolerance and i never have passed out, sounds like you cant handle weed.

    EDIT: i just saw your other thread, about smoking out of cans and aluminum. Stop smoking out of that shit
  15. troll (cough) (cough)
  16. Can this kid please get a ban? He's made at least four troll threads today...

    And come on, he said he made a $200 glass bong
  17. No, What he needs to do is inhale more oxygen in between with tokes. I had this problem when i would blaze in a hurry , like "omg ima get caught" so i would take hits furiously without stopping, would end up light headed and with a headache, shitty high and a waste of bud. Inhale oxygen when taking hits...Trust me. n' Take it slow!
  18. My girlfriend did the same!
  19. i was smoking with one of my friends then he just passed out for a few seconds it was pretty crazy

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