Passing out on meth

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  1. Ok, I've always been open to try as many things as I can, and last night I tried some crystal for the first time. We only got 20$ worth (.2 maybe?)and spread out smoking it from 7 to about midnight. I laid in bed last night for about 6 hours before I had to get up for class, and here after atleast 28 hours with no sleep I'm getting nervous about not being able to sleep tonight.

    All day in class today was horrible, so horrible I vowed never to try this devil drug again. I just hope I can fall asleep tonight so I'm not all cracked out again tomorrow. I've probly got about .5 of some fire, so I definitely plan on smoking that... do you think that will be enough? Any tips?
  2. the weed will help man
    but i really recomend seroquel
    or some good sleeping pills
    if worst comes to worst buy some mids or shwag and smoke mad blunts
  3. Getcha a nice couchlocker budd, some benzo's, and a LITTLE alcohol (WITH GREAT EMPHASIS ON LITTLE), and you oughtta get some shut eye :wave:
  4. haha man meth is just all bad.

    guess you learned that the hard way, i think the .5 will be fine though keep tokin up brotha:bongin:
  5. Ok thanks guys, unfortunately weed is pretty much the only other thing I have access to right now. Hopefully it gets the job done. Today has been hell I can't imagine tomorrow being the same. But I definitely learned the hard way, to all you out there who haven't done it my only words of wisdom would be stay as far away from it as you can.
  6. Smoke your weed and fall asleep on the burn out
  7. And may you never let that hideous drug darken your door again.
  8. Trust me, you didnt have to tell me that for me to stay away from that shit.
  9. Amen to that! Meth is one of the few drugs that i will NEVER even consider trying.
  10. Yeah, well I'm a big coke fan so I didn't think trying a little bit would be too bad, but O boy how completely wrong I was. It's like I'm hella tired and have been since fuckin midnight last night but my eyes won't shut, and my mind won't stop racing. All day my heart was beating so fucking hard in class it was moving my shirt. I feel like I have a fever and I've been clammy all day. I can literally feel those disgusting chemicals fucking my body up and I hate it. I never thought I'd get such a strong hate for something after doing it once, but I'm damn glad I did.
  11. Maybe you just got shitty meth?
  12. Nah, I think pretty much the opposite. That mixed with my zero tolerance sure fucked me over
  13. fuck meth, but smoke all that bud at once and pass out
  14. As much as I have no issues with crystal, I've gotta say that I'm kinda glad to not have Afgooey here.



  15. Drink a shit ton of booze man and just pass the fuck out. Anyone else love that feeling when you just get completly hammered and as soon as you hit your pillow your out in 2 seconds literally.
  16. well i definitely have never done meth, but it sounds to me like you got really shitty meth.

    like bath tub meth.

    crystal is supposed to be a super clean high according the people that i know who did it. and a few reports on here.

    but what do i know....the only meth i have ever consumed has been in bad X pills.
  17. ya the only meth i've had experience with was cut into rolls. but i honestly just railed a xanax and smoked a fat blunt and then BAM. sleep was soon to follow.
  18. I'm not gonna lie, I've done meth before.
    And while I was high, it was enjoyable. But the crash was the worst feeling I've ever felt.
    And I get really paranoid, delulsional and I hallucinate on the comedown, even after one use.
    Shit sucks. I've vowed to myself to never do it again. And I won't.
    But like everyone's saying, the best thing to help is lots of mids (you don't wanna waste dank on softening a comedown) or some good sleeping pills (muscle relaxers OR benzos OR non-benzo hypnotics, etc; just don't take more than one kind at once).
    I wouldn't suggest alcohol on the meth comedown, just because I've done it and I was vomiting uncontrollably. =P
    Good vibes. I hope you get past that nasty shit soon.

  19. it was just the blunt that put you to sleep then, and a waste of xanax.

  20. what happened to afgooey? did i miss something since a day and a half ago ?? banned???

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