Passing out after T-Break

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  1. Hello blades, recently I have been wondering why I don't have many interesting stories to post here other than the occasional crazy get crunk and have fun threads that nobody really cares about.

    I have been a heavy smoker for years now, blazing every day and was regarded as a huge hitter, milking bongs and taking large hits to the face and zeroing them.

    I took a 14 day break when I went camping. I biked a lot, it was hot, and I have a extremely fast metabolism and only weigh 150 pounds, I am in perfect shape and have lean muscle.

    The first time back blazing was with my good friend, he packed me a good-sized kill hit on his beaker bong with some very nice no-name headies. Usually I could clear this no problem. I took the hit, and my friend asked me if I had 'killed it' I had, but as I shook my head my eyes begin to fade and the colors faded. I began to think extremely fast and has no consciousness. My friend said is lasted around 3-4 seconds and I had fallen with his bong. Nothing had broke, luckily. Before this I had never passed out before, ever. I had played football for years and nothing came close to this. Very terrifying. I figured I just took too big of a hit and my tolerance had lowered much more than I thought.

    Has this happened to anyone before? Kind of freaking me out.
  2. Your tolerance fell. Pretty much the point of a T-break....
  3. lack of oxygen to the brain? Perhaps you stood up as you took the hit causing a rush of blood.

    Sounds like a successful T-break. Keep calm and smoke on
  4. How hydrated were you? When people faint from weed it is due to a combination of low blood pressure and not being hydrated enough, both of which weed exacerbates.
  5. I hadn't eaten much that entire day. Definitely not my normal caloric intake, but I felt fine prior, and even after I felt completely fine. Just startled.
  6. happened to me once had a very low tolerance and took a blunt of purp to the dome wit my guy was going back to summer school classs str8 passed out from the heat cause we hotboxed and i was feeling dizzy in da car

    we go to get out boom lmaooo....
  7. I had one similar experience. I was in a bathroom with a couple friends hitting a bong. This was back when I barely smoked, so one big hit off of this thing got all of us completely baked. My vision started fading, it started with a few black specks, and increased to the point that i could not see anything from the bottom half of my vision. I felt claustrophobic, so I walked out of the bathroom, tripped on the half-inch lip into the hallway, and went head-first into the closet door opposite me.

    I was high :smoke:

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