Passing my drivers test..

Discussion in 'General' started by MFred420, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Well guys I'm 18 nd wasnt motivated to get my license..

    But last week I finally took the test passing the driving part but failed the maneuverability part :(

    Im about to go take the maneuverability part again nd I was wandering if you fellow stonets had any tips on not hitting these damn cones!
  2. Good luck dude having a license is one of my #1 priorities, you gotta get around somehow.
  3. why wouldnt you be motivated to get your license when i turned 16 around a year ago i was excited as fuck to get my license

  4. I either drove illegally or had friends ride me around
  5. Use some garbage cans or something and set up a small course in your driveway or an empty parking lot and practice for a little

    Face palm on failing a drivers test...i really dont understand on how thats possible but ok
  6. So you're 17?
  7. toke up before the test :smoke: haha kidding kidding..

    yeah set up some garbage cans and practice.. the only "hard" part is the parking.. everything else is pretty much easy depending on where you're taking it.. maybe try a different motor vehicles around your area that does it a different way..

    anyway good luck!
  8. Practice.. your DMV should have those cones set up all the damn time. Find cones of your own, use other things that are tall (my friend used guitar stands)

    Don't be afraid to stop to correct yourself. In Ohio they only take a point or two for stopping to correct, and you can still pass it. It's when you hit is when you automatically fail. Also, depending on your DMV/Examiner, If you verbally declare that you're going to hit it, often they will let you do it again (think of it as a three-strike rule).

    Use your sideview mirrors, and don't turn the wheel more than halfway, and take it slow.
  9. Huh. I never understood how it is hard to use a steering wheel. You can drive the car around for one minute and you know how it steers.

    If you cant avoid cones, I wouldn't feel very good about you driving in traffic.

    Sorry, I've just always been good at operating machines.

  10. My driving is fine just backing through these cones is a nightmare

    And theres a sign that says you can't practice
  11. Find a Driver's Ed School. They'll have practice cones set up
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    maneuverability part

    Never heard of it.. What does that consist of? Weaving in and out of cones?
    I only had to do -- parallel parking, the driving course, backing out and a K-turn.

    Just setup some cones and practice. That's what I had to do with parallel parking, took me all of 5 minutes to nail it down.

  13. 5 cones 4 set up as a rectangle, one in the middle ten feet up

    You either go left or right at middle cone till back bumper is even, then you gotta go reverse through the cones again

    Btw guys I just passed it!!
  14. Congrats! :hello: Don't be another one of those assholes on the road who are unaware of their surroundings and try not to speed. :p

  15. Good on ya. I didn't realize it was reversing through cones. That can be a bit harder and yeah, requires some practice.

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