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  1. If it was possible to put bleach in the cup prior to the test. Would that produce a neg? or chlorine, vinegar? Might be a dumb question but need to pass tomo and :smoke:
  2. is it a cheap home test? or is it lab test?
  3. If it's a home test then you could skate by, just make sure whatever you use is the right temperature, I took one a few days ago and it had a little sticker on the side of the bottle that tells you if it's the right temp or not.

    Also if it's a home test the easiest way might be to dillute, that's what I did a few days ago and passed, I just stopped smoking for a week and drank so much water that my pee was totally clear.
  4. I have access to the tests and the cup. Called icassette. Piss in cup then put drop on cassette typa deal. Ripped right now and get patted down...
  5. If you have a clean friend, double condom up some of their urine and tape it to the inside of your leg as close to your sack as possible. Kinda gross but I did it once and it worked... keeps it the right temperature, but it's kinda a problem if someone watches you do it though.

    If that's not an option, do what I did and just drink so much water that you are peeing every 20 mins or so. Pee many times before the test untill your urine is clear, give them midstream pee, and maybe take some vitamins to make your pee yellow again. This will make the thc content in your sample as low as possible, possibly under the threshold for testing positive. I do it all the time, but I keep my levels a lot lower than I used to.

    As far as I know there is nothing that you can just put in your sample to "hide" the THC.
  6. I was thinking bleach, vinegar, or something like that would break it down :/ any other ideas? Getting tested tomo
  7. nope, none of those things will break it down. Like i said, I dont think anything does, outside of expensive stuff you can order online (spike or something like that).

    how often/heavy do you smoke, how is your metabolism, how much do you exercise? all of these things contribute to how fast/slow thc gets out of your system.

    will anyone be watching you take the test? if not make some flat mt dew/water mixture or something that looks like urine but isnt and just substitute.

    some kinds of beer might work, but the problem there is that it would smell like beer lol
  8. drink a bottle of ReadyClean 2-3 hours before your drug test.

  9. BOOM heres your answer..
  10. get clean piss from someone and take it in a small bottle. 5 hour energy or lotion or a pocket shampoo bottle. stick it behind your junk before the test too keep it warm.
  11. I'm on probation and get tested 2-3 times a week, nothing will probably work for you except clean piss,
    get an empty 5 hr energy keep it warm, and drop it in the cup.

    Bleach will destroy the test in a way that no lines will come up, not a pass.
    vinegar is a myth it will not work.
    And depending on the agency a dilute can be a fail, so as i said best way is to substitute clean urine in.

    Also know that if its a probation or legal related test getting caught using any urine but yours can be a felony depending where you live.

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