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Passing drug test??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Futurewifey2020, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. I had been using a THC vape pen almost nightly for a few months to help me sleep. Anywhere from 2-5 hits just before bed to sleep, never more or for any other reason. It’s been at least 3 weeks since I’ve stopped. I know i will be drug tested within the next week. I exercise really regularly, and drink anywhere from 40-120oz of water a day. I eat pretty healthy and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle but definitely have fat stored as I’m losing weight (currently 214lbs, have lost 40 pounds in the last 8 months) should i pass my test? Anything i should do to help pass my test? Thanks!!
  2. I drink lots of water and tea which has lots of antioxidants and for some reason I feel like that’s a good thing. But again, I drink a lot, for example when I go to my fridge to fill up a large “McDonald’s large” cup of water I drink one immediately then refill it to drink before the ice melts. I’ll do this maybe every hour or two. Tea, depending on how sweet, I may bang out a gallon a day if it’s not super sweet. I’ve never failed a piss test even smoking clear up until pissing. Then again, let my old p.o. tell it, I’d “recently” had cocaine in my system when I legit hadn’t EVER touched the stuff outside looking at someone else’s shit in a bag years prior... but i did pass a lab Corp test once while smoking earlier that day, and one time for a job I really wanted I quit smoking for about three weeks when the interview came early and I passed then.
  4. I smoke fairly regularly between pain clinic UA. I always have test from Dollar zTree. Last time I really smoked (for me is 3 good hits out if pipe or beer can pipe) Saturday following the 4th I messed up and took a hit although small. So I will smoke mostly everyday after work and again it is fairly small amount. I was worried about the Saturday hit so zi started cranberry, lemon water and long hot sweat tubs with moderate exercise. I took 4 DT home test. 1 st was diluted (-) second after sweating (+) 3rd (-) diluted 4th (+)after sweat session. That was Tuesday week removed from 4th. 3 days ago took 4 test and same results. Today at 1pm undiluted I have had 4 negative results. I am 5'3" 170. Drink alot of beer and always drink water with electrolytes added when doing sweat sessions. Again I am low moderate smoker who usually cuts it out within 3 weeks of test. In 4 years never failed on which is every 60 days +or- 5 days. Ny no worries window is 17 days. Again fairly light daily smoker who usually stops completely 3 weeks or before UA. Get the 1 test and try different times and techniques. Please stay hydrated it helps your body purge while sweating.
    • Drinking excessive amounts of water to flush out toxins.
    • Drinking tea and lemon juice. Tea is a natural detoxing agent.
    • Healthy eating habits, taking more vegetables and fiber.
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  5. I have herd people take strong cbd pills, keep a pack on you, fail the test and say you these in high amounts for a medical reason.
  6. Buy tests from the store.

    If you fail those dilution or substitution are your only option. No special tea or drink is going to magically detox you. They're all just weak diuretics that do the same thing as dilution.

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