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  1. If I took cranberry pills everyday and smoked only on the weekend would I pass a test?
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  2. How about just not smoking on the weekend for a while?
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  3. Cranberry pills are going to do very little except put pressure on your kidneys, and smoking on the weekends is going to just introduce more THC into your system. It can take anywhere from two to five weeks for THC to leave your system depending on the amount you smoke. The only way to get rid of THC is to stop completely.
  4. No. You will test positive for THC.
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  5. Probably not but theres other ways to pass a drug test or just take a T break for a little bit.
  6. There's detox drinks out there that, from what I hear, taste like shit, but they get the job done in , like ,an hour. My friend got it on the very day of his piss test and passed that shit.
  7. If such a drink existed it would not only be hellishly expensive, but also not be over the counter. Your body gets rid of THC in the same way it gets rid of other toxins that build up under the skin, through gradual sweating and urinating. You would essentially have to overclock your kidneys in order to get rid of it all in one hour, which would probably kill you.
  8. Why is this even on this thread? It's about music now if you asked it in a nice rythm or poem that's different.
  9. depents if you wich grade the drug test is if you wourkout the thc will be stored in your fat so it can stay a long tilme time therfore i mean a buff dude or a really good atlethe if your mon give you that thest you dont even have to detox you can fake the sample i suggest you stop smoking buy yourself some chewing gum (for stress ) and get some good sleep smoke when you can dont smoke if you have a drugtest but if you really want to stay i drink 7 liters of water ery 24H for about 72 ours before you take it stop
  10. Dude you clearly have no clue what your talking about. Don't give input if you have made up shit or something you heard someone else say.

    Original poster. I worked at a test clinic for 5 months. A thc test is just that. A test for thc. Meaning if you smoke you will pop regardless.
    It takes anywhere from 8-18 days to have thc leave your body for an average person that is height and weight proportionate depending on the amount you smoked and how physically active you are.

    It could take up to 30 days if you are overweight or lazy. No joke that's just how it is.
    With that said the best way to speed the process up is water. And I don't mean sip on water all day. I mean drink water to the point it's uncomfortable. 3-4 gallons a day. This will definitely take days off of the test.
    Another option is collecting pee from someone else keeping it in a sealed jar. On the way to the test put it on the dashboard for a few minutes to warm it up. Then tuck it in your underwear somehow (might have to break out the tighty whiteys for this one. But your nuts will keep it at the proper temperature. Then when you take the test pour that into the collection cup. Make sure you actually take a piss in the toilet for the noise factor. If I didn't hear someone pissing I knew they cheated.
    But those are your best options. Someone elses. Or better yet stop smoking for 20 days
  11. Can you find out what that drink was called and where he got it?

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