Passing drug test for probation

Discussion in 'General' started by Brandy42, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. I go see my probation officer Friday for the first time. I told my lawyer that I had weed in my system he said as long as my levels go down I will be OK. I've smoked the past 2 days should I drink water before I Go? If my levels are high will they know I've smoked here Recently?
  2. they usually expect you to piss dirty ur first test and to see the levels going down at the second visit and drug test
    you usually get two fails and then they send your file back to court and the judge decides what to do, they always add more time, more community service hours, more treatment requirements....if you go back t court a second time after that, the judge will revoke ur probation and put you back in jail and you start the whole process over if you have defered. may well just stay in jai;l so by the time the process is over you willl have served whatever jail sentence the judge gives you

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