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Passing a UA Test (Heating and Maintaining)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Belacttu, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. It's kinda cold in this part of the forums.. don't think I've been over here in quite a while.
    Anyway, on to the question:

    I have a mate who I've known for almost twenty years who I also got in to smoking when he was laid off over the winter clear until April this year. He does pipeline work and although he's no more subjective to TRUE random screenings than someone in retail, he gets paranoid. I get it. As a result, when we hang out, I smoke and he drinks or on the rare occasion I have something in, we trip. He really wants to get back to smoking but his concerns about being tested stand. I've gone through just about every way in the book including stories I was told when I did retail by customers who always had synthetic on them (that also worked in a form of construction).

    Apparently he spent a great deal of time finding the best synthetic (since if somehow he had a random which is so unlikely unless he were to cause damage or be injured on the job) it'd be hard to get fresh, clean urine from a donor. He purchased some $60 kit that had chemicals to heat the urine, a bottle with a temp strip attached and quite a bit of urine.

    His question that I couldn't even answer crawling the web: can he heat the synthetic urine by simply leaving it taped around his groin area? On rare occasions I would have to test, I would use a bottle warmer in my car then just pop it on my leg, using a temp strip once inside to make sure it was good. But I actually didn't know the answer to his question and had a hard time finding anything online that consisted of warming it that way.

    So, GC: Does anyone know or have you ever tried to warm and keep SU or a sub warm by just having it attached to a very warm part of your body? What were your results?

    MY THEORY: Since he works outside and is constantly on the move being construction and the average human body temp is just shy of 97 degrees, I would imagine it would STAY warm and around the same temp as your body. But I don't know if it could warm itself from room temp to body temp by just being on his body. His concern with using the chemical that heats the urine is just paranoia but again; I understand. And hey, if he can find a fool-proof, comfortable method that works; I'll have my favorite smoking buddy back!
  2. What does your friend plan to do, tape the bottle to his body? I would find it much easier to put the warmer on the bottle and put it in my pocket. If he's told to empty his pockets he should just empty one pocket. They will not give him a pat down. Just my opinion as I have done it like this several times.

    Besides who wants to pull tape off of their balls? No thanks
  3. I don't know how they do it but I've met a few who do. Well, to their thigh I should say. Sounds horrible to me but I guess they just get used to it lol.

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