Passing a piss test and misinformation

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  1. My mate was clean for a couple of months and smoked every night for a week. 3 days later after getting shipped back to work he got a random drug test issued and passed the following morning. He said he simply drank lots of water and took a multi vitamin the night leading up.

    Why is it all over the net I read minimum 30 days to pass a urine test. Are these people ill informed or is there truth to it? Have you guys had any experience with passing on short notice?
  2. i personally haven't had any experience with piss tests but i heard you can EASILY pass a urine test in less than a week of not blazing. honestly though, i have no real idea thats just what ive fucking heard...
  3. i smoked and passed a piss test 2 days later with flying colors. drank about 2 gallons of water leading up to the day and drank 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar 3 hours before the test. doesn't work if it gets sent to the lab though.
  4. I passed a drug test about 2 weeks after totally bingeing. I just drank loads of water took vitamin b and the day of drank a lot and drank a detox juice from the nature store. Came up clean as a whistle.
  5. Let me say this now blades!


  6. So drinking water never works even though we have people above saying that's what they did?
  7. Lolo honestly tho.
    However, I'm pretty sure it's luck of the draw with those. I have a friend who tokes regularly and was tested one day and somehow passed

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