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Passing a labcorp!!(pic included)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jaxxx, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. hi guys!! I recently got accepted into nursing school and have to past a labcorp test sometime next week(haven't scheduled it yet bc im so nervous).I was a heavy smoker for the last couple of years(couple blunts a day, some to myself) I stopped smoking on July 15, 2017. 23 days later I took a first check home test and BARELY got a line. After five minutes there was literally no line and about an hour later u could very very faintly see a line. (I included the picture). Not sure if it's a "ghost line" or what but I sent it to the lab so I will see what they say about it in a few days. I am soooo nervous if I don't pass my lab test I cannot reapply to the nursing program. Please tell me your experiences & if you guys think my home test was negative or positive!
    112 lbs-female... thank you!!

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  2. That looks pos to me
  3. I would re test you immeditely if i saw that test. What time was the test taken? Also how hydrated were you, how many times did you pee before hand and did you pee right into the cup or did you pee a little bit then pee into cup mid flow? Ha sorry personal questions but generally all those factors will help me guage your situation better. Oh and the past month since you stopped what is your diet like as well as water intake?
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  4. Oh yeah and for those tests dont believe anything you see after 10 minutes, i think the instructions mention its void after 10 minutes
  5. I took at late in the afternoon like around 2. But I believe that was my second pee of the day and drank about 2 bottles of water right before taking it. Peed in the toilet a little first and then the cup then the toilet. I'm gonna take another home test next week but I thought after 23 days I should have had at least a faint line on my home drug test.
  6. No. The test you used is very very easy to pass even with extremely light dilute. It claims to be a 50ng but i passed one of those exact tests today then had a friend who works in a hospital give me a iCUP test(google those, they are expensive for a reason) and failed it with no doubt and immediately, this one also being 50ng cut off. You would he considered a heavy smoker in a drug testing setting so if you didnt pass after a month specially with a cheap drug test you better not let labcorp run your urine because the employer can have tests done to receive a more detailed report rather than showing negative or positive it will show numbers and anything above a 0 will be a fail obviously. In the end you seem to have a solid amount of time to get clean for a cheap test but for a real test you might as well be upfront and just explain why you would be dirty and promise you will remain clean. I can preach, but i assume were adults. Goodluck on your travels stranger.

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