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Passing a HOME drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PEACE_ESKIMO, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. so, it's been a while since Iv posted here.

    i get this new job delivering pizza, and my employer has this dt policy that's a complete joke.

    upon my interview, he straight up told me that he gets some benefit for only employing people who can pass a drug test, then showed me the test. it's a fucking home test :p

    it's obvious to me that he knows and doesn't care that i smoke, but probably expects me to detox for this test.

    for home tests like this can i just chug water? btw its one from walgreens
  2. I'd assume like lab tests your test just comes up invalid when you chug water, also you'll feel terrible after a few gallons. Just go to GNC and look for detoxification products, since you're on the internet you should research which have the best success rates. I think they even sell detox products in some adults stores nowadays too
  3. Is it a piss test or mouth swab test? the swab tests... you can just stop smoking for 1 day and pass them... piss tests you will need to mask or dilute..
  4. If it's just one of those simple tests that gets dipped in the cup of pee and a little line shows up, you will be fine by having watery pee. Those tests just say whether or not any thc is in your pee, and they can't tell it's diluted. Not like a lab test, where they analyze and quantify everything that's present in the sample.
  5. its a pisser, and yea its pass/fail, no invalids....

    gotta take in 20 mins..... chuggin away

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