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passing a hair DT?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by esdub, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. is there any way? repost ASAP please. thanks.

    p.s. i searched but only found questions about what part of your body the hair is from.
  2. I don't know of any ways to beat it. Shave?

    I do know hair dt's are illegal for jobs in a lot of states. You should look into that.
  3. Either Shave all your body hair...


    Ive heard of shampoos and stuff that will make you pass but i have nothing on their credibility, just that Ive heard they exist
  4. its not for jobs... its something my parents are making me do. and i heard if you shave your head they just take it from your arm pits or your legs or arms or something?

    is there a way to beat it?
  5. it would be suspicious if i shaved all my hair after being told i was to have a hair DT..? (not a question)
  6. ^^^ don't shave cuz they can pull hair from down below.(which will also come out positive)
  7. OK so any ways to fool the test or remove THC from hair?
  8. Try going to your local GNC (General Nutrient Center) they sell shampoos that'll prevent toxins (THC or any or drugs) from going into your hair for a few hours. It's pricey but it's the only thing that'll work for you. Shaving will not work LOL don't even bother trying it. They'll either assume you'll test positve since they know you tried to shave off your hair or get hair from other parts of your body.
  9. it prevents it from going in or it takes it out?
  10. It doesn't "take" the toxins out of your body. The THC toxins are in your blood and go into your hair. Basically what it does is washes the toxins out your hair and then prevents the toxins from going back into your hair for a couple of hours, but after those couple of hours the toxins go back into your hair. There's no product out there that'll remove the toxins out of your blood stream. Only ones that'll temporary block the toxins. Hope all this helps you. If you need more help you can PM my yahoo name it's b1ll.c0sby
  11. dam bro i dont got any advice but that shit would suck parents doin hair drug tests now good luck with that
  12. You could just say that someone put it in your food at a party or something if all else fails LOL
  13. Um... isn't the THC secreted into the protein in your hair? I thought that's how it worked. I don't think you could wash it out.
  14. shave.. everything.. eyebrows.. face .. head .. nuts .. ass .. legs arms armpits feet toes nuckles .. glhf ;\ ..

    ..bascially im sayin no offence but ur fucked.. if there givin u a hair test THEY WANT TO KNO BY ALL MEANS NESSARY the shits not cheap and is very accurate .. im sorry but its true..

    now i heard of a shampoo that might work but i dont know any details on this shampoo i just read a post and it said somethinga bout it .. ask what kinda shampoo in another post '/ reply?
  15. I had to take one for a job, stopped smoking for two months, got a couple haircuts inbetween, passed it, started smoking half an hour after haha
  16. This is drastic measures but it does work... go to the store and get some hair bleach and bleach all your hair... it will turn it blonde/white looking, but THEN also get some hair dye that matches your hair exactly and re dye it. No one would know the difference and your hair would be clean.
  17. except when they test it and go its been bleached
  18. why don't you take a strand from your friend, hold onto it and pretend to pull it out?
  19. if its your parents just tell them you smoke, seriuosly I don't understand why everyone is so afraid if their parents find out they smoke.. everyone here is an adult? Quit letting your parents run your life

  20. I second that opinion. I should quit letting my parents pay for college, car payments, help with groceries, etc. (Theoretically, still in high-school. Could get kicked out?)

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