Passing a drug test with MB Detox

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  1. Need to pass a drug test on a short notice? Visit us at
    Also, feel free to ask us any questions about drug testing in this thread :rolleyes:

  2. What about random testing? It am I just fucked? Haha

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  3. Are there any vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements that someone could take regularly that would help metabolize THC and other markers (marijuana only for purposes of GC)?  I saw in a past thread someone remarked that you can simply overload on water and until you have clear urine, but I did not think that would have a passing result.  Even something that reduces fat cell THC retention (taken while or before smoking).  Also, most tests are in the morning and at an off site location.  The last thing I want is to feel like I'm going to piss myself for an hour because I decided to drink 2 gallons of water before a test  :bongin: .
  4. Well, the best way to pass a random drug test is to prepare in advance and to get synthetic urine or some masking when the test comes, you are fully equipped:)
  5. It depends on how much time you have before the test.
    If you have at least several weeks, there are three things should do: 1) Hydrating, which helps to flush out the toxins out of your body 2) Low-carb diet, which helps to burn fat cells 3) Exercise (which also, obviously, burns fat cells).
    As for vitamins, here are the best ones that will boost your metabolism:
    1)Vitamin C 
    2) Green veggies 
    3) Vitamin B3 (niacin supplements)
    4)Healthy fibers (grains)
    5) antioxidants (green tea)
    Also, you might wanna checkout this product:
    As for overloading on water, it's better not to do so, especially if it's a day before your test. It'll just dilute your sample, and it will be considered invalid. Actually, with weed it doesn't really help because it's stored in your fat cells. With cocaine you can just flush it out with water as it's water-soluble, but with marijuana you gotta workout to burn your fat cells. 
    If you don't have enough time, your only options is a masking agent (or substitution).
    Hope that helps! :smoke:
  6. 1-2 liters of cranberry juice 3 hours before. Pee twice and the next one will be clean. Cranberries are a natural antioxidant and will mask your urine for a short time

  7. Ah, fair enough. Where would I buy some of this stuff? Haha

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    This place is running December deals. they have the flasks and the undergarment belts too.  Plus The actual penis called the whizzinator! 
  9. Fair enough. Haha where can I buy synthetic urine or a masking agent??????

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  10. why did MB get banned mods?
  11. He said it was for advertising outside of the advertising section. 

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