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Passing a drug test, What to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Grasscity., Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I checked twice before finally posting in here.

    Basically I am getting prepared, and although I may not be drug tested, I want to look at it as I will get drug tested, so that I am prepared.

    I am a heavy medical smoker, and for those with the replies just stop smoking, well not going to happen anytime soon.

    I researched heavy on the synthetic urine, and I am getting mix reviews on that stuff. My local head shop has a few products and of course there is the internet stores as well to look at.

    I am not keen on taking detox drinks, for the mere fact of my I do not believe in them. Sure some may work, but there to many variables with people's body fat and metabolism and the way the body handles stuff.

    So any input on this be great.

    From the negative side of synthetic urine, I am hearing stuff such as being able to tell that its synthetic... and so on....
  2. your fucked.
  3. if your a medical smoker, then you really should be ok as long as you have your card. remember, you dont use it recreationally, its medicine to help your illness. As long as you dont come into work blazed, you should be ok
  4. First of all, Seasoned is not the place to ask questions. Threads like this belong in apprentice.

    Secondly, whomever thinks that by having a MMJ recommendation you're covered on DTs, you're DEAD WRONG. Not a single state that has MMJ has built in protections for patients against job or housing discrimination. In other words, you ain't covered.

  5. Doesn't matter if you have a card, it's still a drug, and illegal. Nobody will give a fuck about the card.
  6. Whoa. Hold on.

    Grasscity has an account on Grasscity?

  7. Sweat it out by working out or sitting in a steam room, and get a drug test at ritaid to see if you pass.
  8. Yeah, that does sound a bit like copyright infringement...

    As for the other, drink a LOT of water and get lots of exercise (sweat a lot and hopefully lose some fat content)
  9. man. yer fucked unless you can smuggle some clean peepee in :smoke:
  10. #10 NasaJoe, Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 29, 2010
    I took a drug test today using my Brothers clean urine. It was so unbelievably easy! He peed in a ziplock bag, I put it on my dash as I drove over. Once i parked i got the air out of the bag, zipped it up good and put it in my pants. I made sure to where jockey boxer briefs that were tight so it wouldnt fall out.

    I signed in, she went over the procedures and told me I have 3 min. I locked the door, poured the pee in the cup and that was that.

    I was considering detox drinks, or T-breaking with naicin but after some careful consideration I figured that it must be pretty easy to sneak someone else's pee, and it was. :smoke:

    EDIT: And on another note. I think its absolute garbage that they can screen Medical MJ users for marijuana but cant screen for other medications prescribed by doctors. Privacy abides to all patients except MJ patients? CA's system is totally flawed.

  11. Next time I need to take a drug test I will do the same ^^

    Thanks man.
  12. Lol, to some of the responses out there.

    Ok well I was looking for along the aims of synthetic urine.

    Yes, even if you have a card you are still screwed although there some places that to take into consideration, but this will not be one of them.

    I am not going to do the steam room running and drinking water thing, I did that when I was young and its not my thing.

    Basically I can use someone else's clean urine, which I know of one person who doesnt do drugs or use synthetic urine.

    Oh and to reiterate I did apologize if this was in the wrong thread section, I didn't have a blue genie to help guide me in what section to post this, so I posted it in the place I felt was best.

    My question is to the synthetic urine works, and have you used it and if so what brand and how long ago and what kind of testing?

    So many variables so that I am asking... thanks for those who have been helpful.
  13. This is definitely wrong. It's discrimination. Just like they can't NOT hire you because you're a felon and the likes.

    But anyway the way I ALWAYS have passed a drug test is by working out a few days before your test (if you know when it is). Then two or three days leading up to your test drink gallons and gallons of water (to dilute your pee). It will also work the day of if you have enough notice. And take many creatine pills (you can find these at GNC for relatively cheap. It's basically Muscle Milk stuff). And take a bunch of vitamin C and B before your test to turn your pee yellow.

    They test your pee for THC and if it comes back above 25(or 50 depending on the clinic) ng/ml then you test positive. The more liquids you drink the lower the THC content will be. The catch here is that they test your pee for a chemical called creatinine. Which naturally occurs in your urine. It is the end result of creatine in your body. The water will also dilute the creatine levels in your pee. If it is too low you come back as diluted and have to retake the test.

    The kicker is that there is no top threshold for creatinine. Only a bottom threshold. So you can have as high of a creatinine level as you so choose. So this method will dilute the THC out of your pee and boost up your creatine levels extremely high so you won't come back as a diluted negative.

    Hope this helps!

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