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Passing a drug test in 30 days when ive smoked for 3-4 years

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by GeorgeB, May 4, 2007.

  1. hey i have to take a drug test by governmen inn 30 days, ive smoked everyday for about 3 years.......im guessing i should go buy some clensing shit, but im asking if theres any hope in me if i dont do that if i get on a "Pass DT Diet" now..?

    thanks a lot guys :wave:
  2. you have 30 days? you'll be fine... start upping your aerobic exercise routine (not anything extreme since you have plenty of time. I'd say run 3 times a week), also drink plenty of water.

    Do all this and you should be under the cutoff
  3. is lifting weights ok???? i cant run worth shit , half a mile i would seriously have 2 go to the hospital.
  4. haha, i still say with 30 days you should be fine... any exercise (including weight lifting) will help your cause. if you don't like running, try doing short distances on a stationary bike, that's low impact.

    edit: when you say for the government, is it for a DoD or contractor job?
  5. the more you sweat the better. As long as youre sweating lifting weights that can work. But i bet running will make you sweat more. Or chill in a sauna lol. sweat and drink plenty of water. the idea is to flush out your system. If you quit for now i guarantee youll be clean in 30 days. I use to smoke one bowl a week when i was on probation. I got tested once every two weeks. I would drink water like crazy didnt really exercise. i passed every test. But i would smoke that one bowl the day i got the test and stop right away until i gt tested again. so everytime i got tested i was looking forward to a bowl when i got home :D
  6. its to turn my record clean...i got spmj..now im goign threw somethin 2 get it off, and my first tests in 30 an if i pass it i wont have 2 takke nemore i dont think
  7. look up the drink called strip for passing piss tests. my friends owns a head shop and he sells them and me and tons of my friends have used them and passed every piss test (inlcuding some on probation). I think they cost like thrity dollars and you drink them two hours before the test. works like a charm
  8. with 30 days, he doesn't need a detox drink that isn't guaranteed to work. He has plenty of time to work everything out of his system.
  9. 30 days should be enough with out doing anything. But if it is important just drink alot of water the next month, and try to go to a sauna on your free time, very relaxing aswell.
  10. I think for peace of mind drink lots of water and on the day you take the test do the detox drink, why chance. If its important to you then there is only one good way and that to obstane and the detox. I used a product calledTest Pure and it has a 300% money back guarantee. Here's the website if your interested: www.naturallypure.com

    Best wishes.
  11. Honestly 3x the money back is a little less important than a failed DT in my book.
  12. synthetic urine anyone??

    P-Sure or UrineLuck

    I've used both for great success. and justice.
  13. what could i eat to get it out my system faster? anything? ive heard cranberry juice helps.:wave: :smoking:
  14. can get a little tricky seeing as how this is an observed test more than likely (govt test).

    GeorgeB- cut back on sodas and junk food and general. lots of water
  15. stop smoking, work out, drink water, and shave all your body hair :p
  16. i passed a full government lab test with only 2 days...
    i smoked Thursday Friday Saturday, then on had a test out of the blue Monday afternoon.

    the trick is to get a very high flow of water through the body. burn as much fat as you can the next 27 days. on the last 3 days work as little as possible. the THC matabolide they test for is in your fat, so burning fat will be the key to getting it out of your body. but if your have burnt off alot of fat just before your test the metabolite will be in your piss, and thats bad.

    so work your ass off for 27 days and then rest 3.

    if you have a low body fat (like me) its really easy to pass.

    if you are obese 3 years of build up may be very hard to get rid of.

    Ps i'm not sure if matabolide is the right word, if any one knows what i'm trying to say correct me.

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