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Passing a drug test from Walgreens

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kif Khalifa, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So my friend got caught smoking due to his sister going on to his Facebook and reading all his messages ..and now he isn't sure to smoke cuz his mom is crazy strict and actually crazy and said I'm giving you drug test :/ can he still smoke and pass those drug test like right after smoking
  2. use someone else's piss. and what a snob sister
  3. Haha& right ! That's really low for a sister to do that
  4. ^He was serious about using someone elses piss. that works.
  5. Tell him to fill most of the cup with water from the toilet, then piss a little in it to give it color and some smell. But also tell him not to use the very beginning or very end of his stream, that's the most "potent". I highly doubt his mom will watch him piss, and I highly doubt she'll check the temp of the water. This will probably work best especially if she throws it on him randomly.
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    what will happen if you fail? I mean if his parents kno about the messages that clearly state he was smoking it should be pretty obvious to them he will fail it. My parents said their gonna drug test me and they never did. and then one time they were seriously about to pick up one when i said dont waste your money Im gonna fail anyways. after that they didnt really care anymore. I think they just didnt want me to lie about. I guarantee when your friends parents were your friends age they were smoking more then more then a wildfire in a wheat field!
  7. I did the same thing to my mom. She bought a test and I was like "You and I both know what the result of this is going to be, right?" but she made me take it anyway...the next thing I said was "Look Mommy! No meth!"...she wasn't amused.
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    Someone else's piss. I used to have to take drug tests for my mother as a condition of living in her house after i had a serious unmentionable problem. If she wanted to test me I would say "I dont have to pee. Let me take a shower first it will help." Then i would warm the pee in its container inside another cup filled with the hottest water from the shower.

    Adding bleach could work bc it's just a Walgreens test but I'm not sure.

    If he does the dilution with toilet water like someone else suggested, it could work, but may not. Brings his chances closer to 50/50 IME.

    As I'm sure someone else will tell you, the best thing for your friend to do is refuse a drug test. Unless he's not 18 his mom can't force him. He may need to quit until he moves out.

    As I'm sure someone else will say, thank possible God that my mother smokes!

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