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Passing a DNA test using Detox Drinks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokey81, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. I have looked through many forums for the answer to the proper way to use detox drinks. I have a method thats worked every time and Id like share. So you have that dreaded piss test coming up. I prefer Strip NC the fruit punch flavour. So basically 2.5 hours before the test and I follow this every time to a tee and its never failed me. So 2.5 hours before I chug the bottle then refill the same bottle with water then chug that too. I make sure I piss 4 good full pisses then about the time I get to do the test I only give them the sample from midstream which means start pissing in the toilet then fill the cup. If it goes to lab don’t stress the vitamins and creatines in the drink will make it like its normal and won’t come back as a diluted sample. You can also drink gatorade or vitawater or take a multivitamin bout half hour before you test to help with color and dilution.I should note these drinks will flush your system meaning it will give you the runs but this method has worked everytime at least 10. I used the fake piss before some do work like quickfix but I have had it not pass by its integrity and also its a pain to keep at the right temperature. Hope this helps. Good luck

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