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Passing a court ordered test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jack of Blades, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I have no idea if the cut off they use, if it's 50ng or even 15ng. Anyways, I have to go in to take a test tomorrow and the last time I smoked was last monday, so it'll be 8 days since the last time I smoked. That was also the first time I had smoked anything since I got arrested months back. I'm about 5'7 135 so I'm a lightweight.

    I took a home drug test and if I read it right, I passed it, but the test I'm taking at the doctors is probably a more accurate one. Y'all think I can pass?
  2. Also, the judge said I had to take two tests in a lab and I already took one a few months ago if that matters.
  3. idk man anythings possible i guess. but i mean if you just smoked about a week ago i dont see how you could pass. but i think the judge needs to get off your ass and be more worried about people who are actualy harming society than someone who smokes a harmless plant.
  4. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I passed a 50ng test, but I don't know if I'll pass the test tomorrow. Does anyone know if it's gonna be 50ng? Idk if they use GC MS or immunoassay.
  5. Sounds like you should be fine but I would be extra careful. Drink some alcohol (if you have some and if they dont test for that, otherwise skip out on this) as it increases your body heat making you sweat slightly more and also makes you piss which is key. Also be sure to drink plenty o water... i'd say at least a gallon. Just don't overdo it and give yourself water intoxication (yes that can actually happen). Finally try to do some exercize or go in a sauna or do something that makes you sweat. And try to eat as little fatty food as possible and that will maximize your chances. Don't go with the whole niacin thing, that's all urban legends.
  6. yeah just excercise, sauna and drink a 12 pack of beer and like...2 bottles of water before tmo.

    you will prolly pass

    and do the whole "use middle of your pee" thing if its unsupervised

    couse supposedly your pee has least THC when you're midway through the urinating process

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