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Passin J's with a cold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Yarostafari, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. This question has been a mystery to me for quiet some time now, so I decided to ask the city. Anyway most of the people that I blaze with on daily basis have a cold, due to a huge blunt session that we ran while couple of people were sick. So my question to you guys is can you get more sick while already having the flu and smokin with someone who also does??

  2. I dont pay any mind to being sick when smoking, your body wil fight whatever is it most likely anyways.
  3. Yes you can.
  4. i wouldnt say it could get you MORE sick, but you could definately get sick from it. if you all caught it at the same time as you say, you should all have the same strain, so once youre over it, you should have all the antibodies needed to keep it from comming back.

    whenever me and another friend used to get sick at the same time, it called for HUGE sessions together hahah.
  5. yeye we still blaze it up:smoke:
  6. You'll probally get the strongest version of the sickness so I'd stay away from it.
  7. I know its off topic, but I just had coxsackie virus, so I put all my pieces into decon (baggie full of talbe salt & alcohol)
  8. Nah, you won't get more sick. You probably all have the same strain. Once you're all sick, just keep smoking. Fuck, bowl colds don't even scare off me and my friends. We can't help it, we just love blazing together.

  9. ???What are bowl colds?​
  10. the act of catching a cold passed on to you by hitting the bowl that someone with a cold was hitting. if that didn't make sense there's a reason. and i think you all know what it is :cool:
  11. you won't get more germs into your body or anything. the main thing would be smoking in general. it will make your nose stuffy for awhile after the cold is gone. also you risk getting a sinus or chest infection which is really the worst thing in the world for a stoner. basically making it hurt so bad to smoke that you'll have to quit for weeks both so that you have a hope of getting better and just because it will cause so much pain its not even worth it. believe me i've been there. i don't generally feel like smoking when i'm sick with a bad cold or the flu anyway. if i were you i'd take a few days off on a tolerance break and hit it back up once the worst of the cold is passed. it may seem hard now but trust me better 2-3 days than 2-3 weeks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback dudes, Im almost 100% maybe another day or 2:hello: BlaZe on!
  13. i think it means getting a cold from smoking out of bong somebody used who had a cold
  14. Gratz on 420 post :hello: :hello: :hello:
  15. it's best to just deal with minor exposure to bugs and such while toking

    you build a strong immune system that knows it's shit toke on up
  16. x2

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