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Passed the pee part but snagged for high bloodpressure

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mechanic, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Well i had a pre employment dot test np there but the physical for my medical card i have high blood pressure any tips for lowering bp pretty quick iv already cut soft drinks/ energy drinks. Only drinking water .thanks in advance take care folks
  2. If you smoke cigs, do not have one for at least 45 minutes before the appointment.
    Take your time and arrive well before the appointment, no rushing.
    a few calming breathing exercises just prior.

    They wanted to put me on BP medicine a few years ago. I told them it would be lower for the next visit.
    All I did was the above and it dropped 15 points off the top.

    Healthy stuff, I don't know, sorry.

  3. Uh... if you have high blood pressure shouldn't you see a physician?
    I have high blood pressure... regardless.
  4. very much appreciate the reply my friend i skipped my usual monster but the cig was a must il definitely drop em for some time before my next test got til Saturday to get it straight funny can sort out the drug test and get tripped by bp lol thats my life
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  5. I have borderline high bp normally i think stressing about new job knowing i have to have good bp jacked my results i dont have medical insurance so dont have a normal doc but i have it sorted out now already down 20 points so just got to chill out til Saturday :)
  6. Hopefully, your next job will come with health benefits.
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  7. the Russian method works well

    Walk into a gay bar drunk and aggressive shout lots that you have high blood pressure(in English)
    any blood emitted by yourself
    should indeed lower the pressure
    good luck I haven't done that in years but I have normal pressure as Mr Green ....will advise lol
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  8. yes that was a big part of accepting this job good insurance and benefits.
  9. Well cutting cigs and caffeine helped out i passed today i think alot was mental like man i gotta pass or i dont get job other day i was like fuk its just a job kinda worked my mind set into its no big deal it worked out so
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