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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by telluride toker, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Ok, so a few months ago I was at Bluegrass festival and me and a bunch of people were smoking insane amounts of weed. Like, more weed than I've ever smoked in my life. So we're in the crowd dancing and someone passes the pipe to me and I take a HUGE hit and the next thing I know I'm on my ass and people are helping me up. Same thing happened once in Mexico but with very little weed. I woke up it a pile of fans. It was really weird. Anyone else ever passed out while toking? I don't think it's the weed, but more the lack of O2.
  2. by any chance did you have a like almost a seizure on while on the ground??

    one time when i was on 4 grams of shrooms and tons of weed, i was playing arcade games in a bowling alley, and all the sudden i was laying on the ground after getting the biggest head rush of my life. buds said i was like kicking my legs and shit on the ground, as if i was trying to walk?

    then a couple months ago my friend took a toke and all the sudden fell off my bench, and landed on the ground, doing the exact same trying to walk while laying down motion...

    last week, my buddy was smoking, all the sudden fellback, and again did the exact same thing on the ground. its really wierd.

    i wonder... maybe this towns got something in the bud!?

    (but im pretty sure it has to do with oxygen, not weed. I had smoked a quarter and took 4 grams of shroom. One of my friends had just taken his first toke of the day, and my other bud was on his second or so joint, so all the amounts were totally differant.)
  3. i didn't go into seizures or anything. My friends said i started looking "A little weird" then just fell over.
  4. It has happened to me before

    When it happened, it was a hot summers day, i was dressed in a t-shirt and trousers, i was with two of my mates, and we decided to smoke a mix up a tree, so we made the mix, sorted the bong out and then got up the tree and started smoking, we didn't have a lighter so we had to use matches (horrible i know). Well about half way through, i smoked a normal, decent sized hit, and then the next thing i knew, i was on the floor, with my mates telling me that i just collapsed. I then proceeded to run home and got a massive munch on! I was ok then!

    I also collapsed when i was coming down off phet, i was smoking a mix, but i think that that was due to the phet.

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