passed out while eatin a taco

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by d R o, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. craziest thing happened and a friend got some really good dro....soo we smoked about 2 bowls worth...just to get started......after about the 2nd hit on the second bowl we packed......hes like......dude im too stoned already i cant... so im like w/e dude soo we walk to taco bell...about a block away... hes startin to get all pale...and his lips turn purple.. we walk into taco bell and he gets a drink and a taco...he gets them both and starts eatin them before he sits down all the sudden he looks at me....and falls flat on his back smacking his head onto the high as a kite soo im crackin up........ theres about 5 people on cell fones callin 911 (( im still crackin up ))_ finally he wakes up....dosent know where he is....and gets the hell out of there.... (( im still laughin my ass off )) ... cops come...we get out of there in time.....he almost broke his elbow...and he was almost bleeding from his head haha scary day
  2. how can u almost be bleeding?
  3. haha that's awesome i f-ing love taco bell

  4. lol yea thats what i was wondering
  5. his head had this huge bump on it....and it was cut...but it wasnt bleeding

    lol man shut up i was high when i wrote the story
  6. Taco Bell serves grade F meat. That's right, dog food is higher quality meat than taco bell.

    Having said that, it's still pretty damn good.
  7. ^^

    i think dog food is grade c because dogs can get very very sick if you feed em the wrong stuff although i do know that the taco bell's in my area use grade D because i worked in one of em once pretty bad for you but pretty good tasting
  8. hell the taco bell by my house kicks ass the coolest ppl work there one time while i was really really really stoned i walked in there and ordered my food and got my food and sat down before i realized i had a half full bag stickin out of my shirt pocket
  9. The taco bells around my area fucking suck. One time i went in there pretty high and the guy ripped me off by giving me wrong change back. he took five bucks from me but i didnt notice untill i left.
  10. That sucks you should have went back in there and raised hell

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