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Passed out? Arrhythmia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iCreate67, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. I am still fairly new to smoking. I am a 50 yr old female. Today I accidentally took a really big hit off a bong (others distracted me and made me laugh and mess up). After a couple minutes I was really feeling it and got up to start dinner. I remember having a hard time with the food and feeling very high. Also, my lungs were burning and I felt like I had heartburn. Then next I know those with me were picking me up off the counter and asking if I was alright.

    I know the feeling of heartburn can be a heart attack symptom. And I see Arrythmia can happen from smoke and maybe cause a person to pass out. I could talk and remember things right after, just high and tired.

    Has anyone else had this happen?? Kinda freaked right now. I always hear THC can't kill you but I could have reacted to the smoke right?
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  2. If you're truly concerned that you had a heart attack you need to see a physician. You just took too big a hit, imho. Perhaps it's better if you don't smoke any more so it doesn't happen again since you're freaked out
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  3. Ive always gotten headrush standing up after bong hits and the like. If you feel yourself passing out the best thing to do in my experience is sit down, take deep breaths and be aware that it can happen if you get up too quickly

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  4. It's true weed can cause arrhythmias but they are usually the kind that's not terribly deadly, like the supraventricular arrhythmias. I suppose if your heart rate was fast enough it could cause you to pass out but it would need to be going probably well over 160 bpm. I can't see a scenario where weed would make your heart go so slow you pass out, it has too many backup pacemakers for that to happen. Surely you checked your pulse, eh? I think you took a extra deep breath, held it, and it caused a vasovagal reaction where the Vegus nerve can slow the heart enough for you to pass out and it had nothing to do with the THC.
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  5. Oh, I know that the THC has never caused a death. I figured it was a side reaction to a stimulus. But I just wanted to hear if others have experienced the same.
    But thank you! That was a very interesting reply! !
  6. I always wait at least 20 minutes after the last hit before I try to do anything. I have to check my phone for the time because the passage of time slows way down for me. If I'm feeling pretty high I will sit or lay down and sort of do a mental self diagnostic. Like for instance, I wanted to make some quesadillas and I had to mentally go through all the steps before I got up and started anything because I knew I would feel funky and get lost in the process.

    I often feel light headed and it feels like I would pass out if I stood too fast. Indica strains are the worse for causing momentary dizziness when standing for me. If you plan on making food or interacting with others I would stick to a Sativa or heavy-Sativa hybrid.
  7. Ha ha ha, I love your post!!! I remember as I was pulling the chicken out thinking "This is going to be very difficult." Then I passed out. They made me sit on the couch and tell them how to make enchiladas. I wanted to go to sleep but they made me keep talking, because they didn't know why I had passed out.

    One time I stared at the 1-sentence instructions to margarita mix for like 5 mins, because I couldn't make sense of it, lol.

    I think this was more of a Sativa blend, because that's what I like as it makes me just think mare and not so sleepy. But I took way too much!!

    Gonna take way less from now on, and not smoke alone for a while.
  8. Sounds like a booze/pot mix. If not think about cutting back on the bong rips. Roll up a j or pack a bowl. Take small hits. 1 hit off a bong vs 3-4 rips off a j could make the difference for you. You wouldn't chain smoke a pack of butts if you weren't a daily smoker. If you did you'd be sick. Same deal.
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  9. Lol.. I liked the bong better because it wasn't as "smokey". But I see what you mean!!
  10. Probably just got a hardcore head rush. When I was in school we used to do "elevator bongs". Drop the bowl and stand up while inhaling. I've passed out doing this several times. Wow I was a dumb ass kid.
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  11. You'd know if you had a heart attack my dads had 4 and I've seen him have 3 of those, you may have had an anxiety attack that feels like a heart attack lol
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  12. Some people, especially women, can have heart attacks and never even know it. But I'm not saying I think OP had a heart attack, my money is on a vasovagal reaction.
    I also used to do that thing where you bend over and deep breath until things get tingly and sparkly then hold your breath and squeeze your chest until you pass out. I quit when I started seizing, not that I was awake to notice.
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  13. A lot of GC blades passing out this summer ...
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  14. [QUOTE="I also used to do that thing where you bend over and deep breath until things get tingly and sparkly then hold your breath and squeeze your chest until you pass out. I quit when I started seizing, not that I was awake to notice.[/QUOTE]
    We did that in Jr High too around '79. That's kind of what this felt like.
  15. Lol... what's that?
  16. We did that in Jr High too around '79. That's kind of what this felt like.[/QUOTE]
    I did it in the early to mid '60s when I was at that perfectly stupid age where I knew everything and nothing could hurt me. Now I know I can get hurt.
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