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Passed Labcorp Drug Test With Quick Fix In Texas 2013

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DatDudeTexas, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Im a new poster but I have been reading this forum for the last couple of weeks because I needed to pass a drug test for an internship. Yes, that is correct, an internship. Not a real job, an unpaid internship....
    I obvisouly couldnt pass the test and Im an everyday smoker so there was no way I was going to get clean in time to pass the test because I really didnt expect them to test me. I knew of four people that had used sythetic urine before so I thought that was my best option.
    I went to the first head shop and was so desperate to get some sythetic urine I bought the only brand they had. It was called Sythetix5. I was glad to at least have some but everyone else I had talked to used Quick Fix so I wanted to find that brand. I had time so two days later I went to another head shop and bought Quick Fix formula 5.7-1.
    I was extremely nervous leading up to the test. I used a friend to help get the internship and I didnt want to somehow get them in trouble by failing a drug test. I decided to practice with the Sythetix5 that I wasnt going to use the night before the test. I practiced heating it up, etc.... Little did I know all of that wouldnt be needed.
    I was able to schedule the drug test at any LabCorp location near me and I was able to choose the time and date as well as long as I took it by the day I was supposed to start. I schedule the test when I knew I could get off early and prepare.
    I got off work the day of the test and came home and got ready. I heated the Quick Fix in the mircrowave and tucked it under my nuts an hour before my test. I took a shot of vodka to calm my nerves and headed on my way.
    I was so nervous but I shouldnt have been. It was so easy. I went in to the testing center and was greated by an older lady. She asked if I was ready and I said yes. She had me empty my pockets and gave me the cup. I was able to go into a restroom alone and lock the door. I couldnt believe it. I poured the Quick Fix into the cup, peed a little into the toilet, and headed out. I signed the info and never looked back.
    I started the job two days ago. HR already has my drug test results and I passed everything.
    Quick Fix worked for me so I wanted to tell my story so others like me who are searching the internet for solutions might come across this.
    Other details
    I live in Dallas, TX.
    I used Quick Fix 5.7-1 and my batch was P1W-13
    I called Quick Fix to double check my batch
    Labcorp Drug Test
    Single sample
    Just wanted to let everyone know.

  2. Not luck. I know multiple people personally that have passed using the same method
  3. I think he meant luck as in you got to go into a lockable room and didn't have a big black guy watching you piss.
  4. Well yes, then I would consider that luck but I dont believe they can watch you for a regular ol pre-employment test anyways.

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