Passed drug test in 5 days

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Ringdingdong87, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Regardless, it's the truth.
    Do you know how long it takes to teach someone to just read a tape line?
    It's all about the money.
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    The first few years I had to make my own appt. and the testing facility was quite busy but I cleaned up fast . Last few years I would get an email and would have 15 days from responding to it or it would turn into a hair test. The latest came 157 days early and from a new company and I have not responded to their email but instead wrote HR asking why I am being tested again so soon and HR has not responded. Playing a bit with fire but even though the new background check/testing co. has sent a second , what looks like a 2- week auto generated , tickler I have continued to ignore it under the excuse of waiting on my own response from HR . Technically my next test should have been in July sometime . in reality,, I think the new testing company is being overzealous in starting up. I will sub if I need to or if they want a hair test, I probably have a clean 1/2 inch as well as an excuse of legal weed consumption during the holidays almost making a hair test possibly better . Not sure how the latter would fly though. Not on purpose but I generally go a year between haircuts and when I do I go from quite shaggy to butch so it would not be surprising to those around me . :)
    To answer your question though, prior to the latest and with some exception it has been like clockwork as the notice would come a year later almost to the day .
  3. You for real?? Its called AT HOME DRUG TEST KITS mate.. where u from ethiopia?
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  4. I
  6. i tried drinking 5 litres before i tested myself the other day after a month off it and still failed :(

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  7. His question was legit .
  8. THC is stored in fat cells so of course you didn't pass. You would have to either use a lot of exercise or have immediate liposuction to pass that quick.
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    You got lucky, plain and simple. Part of my job is to give drug tests. There's something fishy or that you are not telling us about this.

    One question I have is you said 5 days clean in the title then went on to talk about feeling bad for people who cant get clean in 3 weeks. So which is It? 3 weeks is feasible. 5 days, something is fishy about your story.

    Any pics of the tests and the packaging it came in. What was the expiration date. Was the control line showing up along with the drug line? 2 red lines of any shade of red? Did you drink lots of liquids and empty your bladder before taking the tests or was it the first pee of the morning? Any thing else relevant that you tried?
  10. Lol something fishy... i was explaing that i have done this all before.. i was a heavy/chronic smoker for 7 years.. i quit for 2 weeks and 3 days and i was clean.. test panel have 3 indicators... u need 1 line in control and 1 line below for negative.. the third is if the test is not ligit and nothing will come up in the other 2 panel that should showed test is ok amd negative.. after quitting for bout 1 momth i blazed 4 days in a row 1 joint a day... then tested my self with a 5 pack of testers everyday from the 2nd day.. as for worl reason i like to know how to maintain cleaneses now... very strict d&a in aus.. 5th days i was neagtive... and when i was 21 now 30 i had to quit for a job after smokimg everydays for 2 years... and guess what 2 weeks i was clean..
  11. Jist
    Just read my og post and noticed i hit 4 instead of 5 days.. dont burm me to the stick for it... i dont talk shit
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  12. So 2 weeks and 3 days, not 5 days like in the title, that's where the fishiness comes in . 2 weeks is totally believable, I've passed in 2 weeks and I'm a heavy smoker. It's not something to count on though, more or less a fluke. You got very lucky
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  13. Well yes i have done both.. 5 days is true as well as i stated i had smoke 4 js for 4 days in a row and clean in 5 days.. i have done all 3 of them
  14. No
    Yes lucky coz im thin with nobody fat and fast metabolism so yeah guess u could say lucky... :)
  15. Everyone is different to many factors to put into the equation telling everyone not to believe that it takes a certain amount of time is just false information.
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  16. Exactly my point to this thread thank u
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    5 days is a fluke and not something to bank on. You're proof of that or you would be clean in 5 days all the time. So telling people not to believe it can take longer is horrible advice. There could have been a couple reasons you popped negative that day. So you used 3 tests starting from the 2nd day, 1 test a day until day #5. On day 5 one test showed negative. Did you test yourself the following day? What about the next few days. You could of popped dirty even after the negative test on day #5
  18. ive been off it 5 weeks mate its doin my nut in lol

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  19. So you disagree with me because of your inability to comprehend what I wrote. I will add that to your inability to count. Is it your metabolism then that causes a spastic disagreement of my contributions here or just embarrassment?
  20. As I received a third generic tickler from the the company my company has employed to do background checks/drug testing. I tested myself again today and the "pass" line was distinct and I deem myself good. Just filled out the paperwork which will get the process moving and get me closer to that celebratory 2-paper joint. WooHoo.
    So...230 lbs, low-body fat...Yes a 50yo can have a 6 pack, daily smoker (weekdays--couple pinch hits in the morning, couple at lunch, joint+ in the evening//weekends--pinch hitter in pocket getting utilized all day...joint+ in the evening). Needed 20+ days to get clean. (ghost line at 21 days, distinct pass line at 24)
    Tried "Certo" method-its bullshit so far but did the test 5 hours after drinking and they suggest 2-3 although there are videos claiming success after much longer).
    This is the first time I have not just subbed in 4 years. Feel pretty good ...but I have always been a pretty clear-headed stoner (compared to those I smoke with). Nice tolerance break though.

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