Passed a home drug test. Should i still be paranoid..?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. I passed the home urinalysis with a faint pink line indicating THC was not detected.
    No line means i tested positive.

    Should i still worry about my real drug test on Tuesday..?
    & should i continue to exercise detox etc..?

    Please help... thanks in advance

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  2. Continue the exercise and detox to be safe
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  3. if you have an important drug test come tuesday, then in my professional analysis you should continue to not smoke...

    hope this helps! :)
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  4. Just don't smoke weed again. You're joining the military.. that means you pledge allegiance to your government and the law. If you get dishonorably discharged.. that's gonna ruin all of your plans to get the chicks flocking at you.
  5. drink eat shit workout nap
    (a full days worth of each activity taking no more than an hour each)
    and repeat
    get that system cycling siulate as many "days"
    passing as you can manage and dont smoke anything
    its just a theory but its worked for me
    blessings bro
  6. You should be ok. I noticed you posted a lot of threads this week and I really hope you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons. To better yourself and I think the best thing for you is that you get to travel and learn a lot of stuff. You seem kind of lost now, but maybe doing it will test your will power and I think you can do it. You are just scared, but I think you will be alright. No turning back now since you are under an oath now, so good luck!

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