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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. among other things i went to a lab to see how bad off i was. the cut off was 300mg mine came back like over 4,000mg. (not THC) I wasnt even close. I cut my hair did a relaxer and took 3 more test and they all came back negative but i also have a lot of time clean but my hair grows really slow but i honestly believe relaxers and bleaching and re dye do the best job
  2. I think the more damage you do to your hair the better.off you are. I used the allclear with.over two months of clean time and still failed.
  3. [quote name='"BaldSoon"']among other things i went to a lab to see how bad off i was. the cut off was 300mg mine came back like over 4,000mg. (not THC) I wasnt even close. I cut my hair did a relaxer and took 3 more test and they all came back negative but i also have a lot of time clean but my hair grows really slow but i honestly believe relaxers and bleaching and re dye do the best job[/quote]

    I agree, bleach the shit out of it
  4. I've read alot but haven't seen too many post about perscription drugs. I'm an occassional smoker but haven't smoked for at least two months and I cut my hair every two weeks with a #1. But I also like to pop pills once in awhile and that has me worried.

    Last week Tuesday I came accross half a perc (5mg) and downed it (yeah that didnt do anything) about two hours later I get a call from a new job saying we're good to go all we need is a drug test (hair follicle). I about fell over but still agreed because at first I thought it would be a ua until I got the paperwork later.

    I also popped a perc a two weeks ago only 10 mg. But I also popped adderral for 3 days about a month ago. I've cut that hair since but it still has me worried.

    Anyone know if those will show up seeing as they're not that much?
  5. What up all? Well I have been reading this thread for a while now and just wanted to share my story. I have never been a big smoker and out of now where I smoked with my buddy for the first time in what was possibly a year or more about 40days ago. Only took like 2 really good hits off a water bong. but I was toasted, needless to say. I was supposed to get a job offer and thought it wasnt going to come thru anymore, and come to find out it ends up happening that I get the job offer and now all thats stopping me from starting is this hair test. I passed a unine test about a week ago, and like i said never been a big smoker havent smoked since then except cigarettes here and there. I've been doing the g-man method the past couple of days going on 4 times after today and my test is tomorrow. I've done a lot of research that says if you can pass a urine test most of the time you should pass a hair test with no problem as hair tests are more commonly used to identify regular users and heavy users of opiates,methanphetamines, coke,etc. and is hard at identifying low dosage or one-time users. I'll let everyone know what happens, in any case thoughts???
  6. Thanks for the tips, but with all the stuff in my hair I would think I'd go bald after that.
  7. Here's a quick little factoid just in case anyone was wondering.

    "The detection of marijuana is currently less sensitive than the other drugs in identifying low level drug users, but is considered approximately equal to urinalysis in identifying marijuana users.

    With that said it almost seems like hair foli. tests are done due to the fact of harder drugs staying in there hair longer as opposed to urine. which is to say that coke goes thru your blood and urine faster than it does your hair. as to why the comparison is equal for thc to that of a urine test. I'm sure though like anything else it really depends on quality of said substance, and amount of usage and other various physical characteristics, i.e. metabolism,hair length,weight etc.
  8. That is the point. The funny thing is the reason that i chose not to smoke and do something else was because i knew that it would stay in my system like 3 days for a piss test but smoking could be weeks....then came the hair follice which is the opposite. Im not sure about if you piss clean that means your hair clean .....i dont think that is correct....i would bleach and re dye at least once. I know i know but its better to be safe than really sorry and it cost like 10-15 bucks
  9. i wonder if we will ever hear from you after the test? i hope so i would like to know results good or bad
  10. For sure dude, What I meant was yes THC does stay in your hair long, but a few variables like regular use, body, height, weight, hair growth and cut since use, things like that. From studies I've seen, one time user/occasional users are harder to detect in hair then regular constant smokers, even then I've read tons of hard smokers have passed it using the g-man method... As for me Like I said, used only once before that was a year or more, been clean for 40 days and tested clean in urine test. My hair is really short, and I don't really have alot of body hair, not even pits lol. So I know in reading this thread there are always alot of different variables and everybody's situation is different. I'm just telling my story... I appreciate the advice though, and just passing along what I've learned or heard about since I started this process.
  11. I will mos def let everyone know my results, I already have my start day of work so hopefully I make it to that day and no more worries. this is like scared straight for me lol.
  12. Another weird thing I read on my test forms was that if my hair was too short they will have to administer a urine test so I'll definitely give updates and let y'all know how it goes. I pray so :)

  13. I totally agree and with only taking a couple of hits it seems pretty slim you have enough metabolites in your hair to push you pass cut-off

    but im one of thoes people who think its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it
  14. and its dudette :)
  15. Found out that I have to go for a HFT tomorrow morning. I did an All Clear treatment yesterday and left the shampoo in for 30 mins, and then left the gel in for another 30 mins. Followed up with a baking soda paste for a few minutes. Today I have done the mac method once, then another baking soda paste but left it in for 30 mins this time, washed with Paul Mitchel clarifying shampoo, then did another All Clear treatment same as yesterday (30mins, 30 mins), and one more mac method. Tomorrow morning I plan on waking up early and doing a final mac method, a final All Clear treatment, a quick baking soda scrub and using the Paul Mitchel shampoo. I was going to do a bleach & dye, but I don't have the time to go to a salon. I feel that I've done everything I can do, so now I'm just praying it's enough! 20 days clean as of today.
  16. Fingers are crossed for you....
  17. sorry, my bad duddette :D wish me luck tomorrow p.s. my head is fryed I hope all goes well cause this job is going to change my life hopefully
  18. Congrats bruh.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Everyone please wish me luck! I'm going in about an hr to get tested. I'll post results when I find out!

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