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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. I think you will be fine based off of everything I read on here about infrequent users. I'm not an expert but I am hopeful for you.
  2. Thank here's wishing!
  3. I have a question; any information from anyone will be great. What are the chances of a court ordering a hair follicle test in a misdemeanor NON-drug related case? So far I have yet to be tested for probation these past seven months which is interesting (on reporting probation) AND I only smoke maybe 1-3 times total after I call in for probation each month. Again, has anyone heard of courts ordering a hair follicle test for non-drug related misdemeanor cases ? Also, this doesn't have to do with child custody or a family related case either (from what I have researched, it seems like those are the cases that courts use hair follicle tests with the most). Just because this has me worried I'm going to do the Maccujo method at least 10 times, and Jerry-G at least 3...just in case they do surprise me with one. Also, In the past two months I've done about 700mg of tabs or anything like that, just pure MDMA. Will these two methods work for both THC and MDMA metabolites ? I also plan on cutting my hair about 1 inch in the next two months, but first I have to let it grow out a little because I keep it pretty short anyways. Please can someone respond and give me some piece of mind. Thank you so much.
  4. Hello,

    Just like some of you, I was afraid a few puffs would show up in the tests. I passed. I was nervous until i checked this forum. It relieved me when i saw people confirming that the hair test was for habitual users and wouldn't pick up on a few puffs. they were right.

    Am a 38 years old white male, bald, 5'8", 200 lb. Had 2-3 strong hits from a vape device 10 days before the tests. Other than that i was mostly clean since 2010 i.e. had a few puffs here and there 3-6 months apart. I didn't do anything before the test. They got the hair from my chest and cut almost most of the length, left maybe 1/8". I passed both the urine and the hair tests. Hope this helps to others in the same profile.
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  5. You'll be fine. Check my post.
  6. Going through a nasty child custody case. Smoked an eighth 2 months ago in vegas as well as a gram of white lady. She knew i went to a bachelor party there and is rolling the dice on me coming up dirty. I have to now do hair follicle. What are the odds it shows up? I have since done 29 macujo treatments. I dont want to lose my parenting rights. Im very very close to my kids.
  7. Ok so im an infrequent user and have a hair test today. Have smoked twice in the 90 day period literally one hit out of a pipe 86 days ago on game 7 of the rockets warriors ( fuck the warriors) and 10 days ago on Saturday took 3 hits off a joint of some good dodi . A total of 4 hits in the 90 day period. I’ve smoked more before and passed the only thing that worries me is the one being 10 days ago because it is so fresh. Any comments for me, thoughts? Would be greatly appreciated
  8. I want to be blunt that is too much consumption. You will likely fail
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  9. Do you think if I only smoked twice in the 90 day period once 86 days ago one hit out of a bowl and once 10 days ago 3 hits off a joint I should be good? Just worried cuz it was only 10 days ago but idk if that matters
  10. Youll be fine if thats what you only used.
  11. You should be fine. See my post above.
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  12. Awseome info brother relieves me a little knowing I did the same shit 10 days prior . I guess just being 10 days prior since it’s so recent is what scares me but I don’t guess that matters in hair just overall use. I did take a urine test I bought from cvs 4 days later and passed it so I’m praying , need this 34$an hour office job
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    I’ve been reading this thread for a week and just need some reassurance!

    270 pound male. Last smoked June 8 and very infrequently before that.
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  16. I have now completed 31 macujo treatments and 2 jerryG. 33 total. Today i will submit a hair follicle test i am paying for to see if all this pain paid off. My offical test is 3 weeks away. Every time my scalp burns i see a picture of my kids and keep enduring
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    August 23 I was told I was suppose to take a hair follicle. I went in and they said my hair was too short so I waited until sept 4th. Did all this processing up until the day of my test. Hair relaxer two times,bleach and dyed three times, macjuo three times, Plus zydot treatment after my third bleach and re dye; also zydot the day of the test. All of this in a weeks time. Hoping this is enough to pass. Been clean about 40-50 days. Passed a piss test two weeks prior as well.
  18. I took my hft today I will post results as soon as they come back in.
    Hoping I pass and my experience can help someone
  19. I am following up with my LOOOONG awaited results on Hair Follicle........I PASSED!!!

    So so so so happy. What a journey.
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