Passed A hair follicle drug test

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  1. One last detail I am white and my natural hair color is dark brown. I have thick hair. As I mentioned drugs that are weak bases bind to melanin. The less melanin the better the odds.
  2. does rinsing your hair with half water half household bleach change the color at all?
  3. It changed the color. That is a good thing you know your hair is being damaged. Bleach has a Ph of 12 and will open (lift) the hair cuticle and that will allow the bleach to oxidize (destroy) the drug metabolites. Bleach is a powerful oxidizer.
  4. Did not rinse with bleach. Left it in overnight. Saturated hair with bleach mixed with water and no rinsing left it to dry on hair overnight.
  5. I have done my homework. If you have 7 or 8 days to prepare. Dye hair with AMMONIA containing dye each day and leave in for 2 hours. Sleep each night with household bleach in your hair.
  7. Make sure to dye your hair a couple shades lighter than your natural color. Don't dye darker. You want to strip out color. Darker will deposit color.
  8. So just an update. I passed and start my new job next week. What I gather from this is the 90 time frame is dependent upon how much you smoked. It seems to be the here and there smoker with a significant amount of time clean will pass. I want to say if you are a here and there smoker and have enough time in clean to pass a pass test you should be able to pass a hair test. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I'll be back!
  9. 6’ 250 lb male - 35 years so I have an old man metabolism.

    Caucasian, Black straight hair.

    Last time used was 02/14/18. Took 40 mg of edibles a day for three days. Lol had a kidney stone and helped me sleep.

    Hair mostly .5 in with a bit on the front that is about 1.5 ish.

    Employment hair test tomorrow, will be 89 days clean.

    Will be hitting my hair a quick Macujo tonight and willl update with results when I get them.
  10. if you're worried or if the test is super important you should really just cut a bit more hair off of the longer parts and you'll be guaranteed good to go. however if those edibles were all the weed you had (as in you weren't smoking daily before then or anything) I'm sure you'll be fine anyway. good luck!
  11. PASSED.

    Background: Here's the deal, I just got into a pretty good m3dical sch00l and someone decided they were frustrated from not getting in and ratted on kids who smoked alittle pot every now and then. Let's get down to it. I'm about 6'0 and 160 lbs, thin brown hair, male, great metabolism. I workout 4-5 times a week and drink a shit ton of water.

    Smoking Sessions (that MATTER): sober from February to March 6th. Every 3-4 days a week after I'd share a joint with my housemate and chill to end the day. Nothing major. Hit a pen every now and then too. But def would smoke until I was blazed and couldn't hit anymore so, yeah. But infrequent as well, usually not back to back days.

    Hell week: Found out my housemates and I would be randomly tested with a 10-panel urine and 5-panel hair test (NOT FOLLICLE) on May 4th. I may have smoked 2 blunts (shared) and alittle white on the 2nd/3rd too. Whatever I'm not a saint, and neither are you (which is why we are here on this thread). I knew there was a chance some sessions could be in the strands so I got to work and feverishly read these threads (seriously these threads are gold, read them, love them, cherish them. they are the key to your sanity). I started dodging the test for as long as I could, but knew it wouldn't hold up for long, maybe a week or 2 at best.

    5/5: from what I read, Macujo method has worked best for infrequent smokers. I did Macujo to the letter but replaced Nexxus Aloe Rid with the T-Sal shampoo. I ordered other products as well for the following days such as Paul Mitchell 3, pure Propylene Glycol (main working ingredient in the Aloe Rid shit, which is overpriced and most likely expired so don't waste your fucking money), as well as shower caps, baking soda, biotin (hair growth), Niacin (flushing of your system), and QCarbo (flush recent drugs out for pure hair growth and clean piss). I am a scientist, technically, so understand you must use pH correctly here in order to get the results you desire. Look up "DrBill100" from old threads. He's a doctor who explained things relatively simply. High basic pH = open follicle, Low acidic pH = clean follicle. Use science to your advantage people! P.S. yes, this was on Cinco de Mayo and I hated my life.

    5/6: another Macujo with a baking soda bleach concoction added after the Tide step. It is very important to dry your hair completely before adding the concoction for 30 min. DrBill100 explained this well if you find it in another thread or you can just trust me. Like I said I wasn't risking my acceptance here so everything I did was calculated and to the letter. From here on out on this day and moving forward to the test, I drank 1.5-2 gallons of water a day, went to the gym for an hour, went into the standing tanning bed with the "concoction" in my hair, straight to the sauna to where I couldn't take it anymore. The UV rays damage the follicle after awhile and with that high pH of bleach + baking soda, we are cooking. This plus the sauna heat kept the follicle open and I washed it all out with T-Sal and PM3 in the gym shower (HOT water). OH! That Propylene glycol I ordered? I put that shit in about 1/4 with the T-Sal. Basically like my own version of that boujee ass inflated Nexxus bullshit.

    5/7: gym, tanning bed with baking soda bleach shit, straight to sauna, straight to shower to wash out with T-Sal Propylene Glycol mixture, then PM3 to end it. came home and did a fucking macujo

    5/8: same as 5/7, except I get a scary email about basically if I don't contact them the next day they will eat my acceptance and soul in 1 gulp. I was terrified, but stay strong if some shit like this goes down.

    5/9: same as 5/8. I had this shit down to a science at this point. I contacted them and apologized for the stalling, I had some things going on. The test was slated for 5/10 at AnyLabTestN0w (which is Omega, who was bought by Quest). From my research, Psychemedics > Quest/Omega > LabCorp. Psychemedics has a much more efficient drug extraction method than the others, it's patented and legit. I would do the GroMan method if I knew I had to do psychedmedics, just a heads up. I also swam in the pool after the methods this day (about 10 laps, pH of 7.5. Your hair is about 5.5 pH, anything helps.)

    5/10: continue drinking my water, but no gym. Just modified macujo meaning macujo plus a baking soda/bleach after. Shampoo with T-Sal and PM3 before/after Tide. I actually added pure propylene glycol with each shampoo wash step, including with the T-Sal. Once this is over, I put way too much bleach in the baking soda mix and had some chemical burns. Did not give a fuck. Here is what I think is the most important step. My final step, was USING THE ZYDOT. It is legit. Takes 30 min. I didn't leave it in conditioner-wise, I followed directions exactly (leaving it in is just sketchy, you prob already have burns on your head, which is sketchy enough). I drove straight there. They did a 10-panel first. I pissed so dilute she almost rejected it, but said, "since we are not sending it to the lab and doing it here, it's fine). Passed that with flying colors. Then the hair test. She took all from around the crown. Some alittle in front, some from behind, left of it and right of it. ONLY from the top, not follicle. About 1.5 in. and she took enough that she could twist it around and have it be as THICK as a pen. So, keep that in mind.
    Side note: BE NICE. He/She can fuck you and take from the front or areas where you didn't treat. Be respectful in life, it is how you get what you want.

    5/14: I receive a lab call. didn't answer from being terrified. they emailed me the negative results!

    Advice: do not get fancy and change up the methods too much. Stick with the 30 min of vinegar -> 30 min of C&C --> 10-15 min of T-Sal with Propylene Glycol (I changed this due to the pure fuckery of price) --> 30 min of Tide detergent --> wash with T-Sal + PG and PM3. Swimming helps, UV tanning bed helps, saunas help. Continue doing your research. What works for me, may not for you. Last thing, pray. Some can fail from being clean for all 3 months and some pass with not smoking for a week. May the luck of God forever be in your favor and may no company or person every judge you by a damn plant that grows from the earth that you smoke. Peace!
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    Update: PASSED (Assumed. No call from MRO or company in 2 weeks).


    First smoke ever: Early February. 3 hits. Pretty sure didn't work much. Maybe felt something.
    Second smoke: February 20th. Took 7-8 hits off a vape. Don't understand all these 1-2 hit guys... are they actually getting high off that little? Is the amount of hits I had considered a lot? Maybe I just didn't inhale correctly. According to the friend, was decent quality. Felt buzzed but nothing crazy. Really didn't even see the point.

    Test Day: May 9th
    Facility: Quest Diagnostics
    Type: 5-panel (Expanded Op)
    Took the entire strand of hair- no cut. Hair length is to my collarbone. (Hope they cut it later once it gets to the testing center?)
    NO PREP.
    79 days clean
  13. if you've only ever smoked 2 times in your life, you probably would pass even without that much clean time! from what I've heard, for a significant (detectable) amount of the drug metabolite to be deposited into your hair, it would have to "overflow" (not scientific at all but I'm not sure what the official explanation is) from your blood/fat storages. you're definitely fine :)
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  14. Okay, thanks Zurflu. Easing my nerves enough that hopefully, I can sleep tonight. And today makes day 7 without any word so starting to think maybe I really did make it.
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    Hey everyone. I am 6ft 180 pounds, kind of active and drink alot of water and cranberry juice regularly, along with some tea. So I used to smoke 4 days a week throughout the day randomly using a wax pen before my 90 day window. That was for about two years in which i quit for a solid 4-5 months. Before that i smoked heavily for years.
    Within the last 90 days since February 16th:

    February 23rd: ate a gummy edible around 15 mg

    March 8th: ate gummy edible around 7 mg

    March 16th: Hit wax pen twice

    and haven't smoked since

    It is now May 17th. I have been using modified macujo method the last 4 days by using apple cider vinegar, clean and clear, T/sal shampoo, and Nutriox shampoo. I have to test sometime next week around May 24th. I ordered Aloe rid shampoo from test clear and zydot. I also got a 40 vol bleach and plan to do one bleach and redye and up until the test use aloe rid shampoo with macujo method.

    I was also wondering does excessive sweating after my macujos reverse its affects? Should I avoid exercise?

    If i had to guess I would say I'll be a total of somewhere around 70 days clean when I take my test. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advanced for any tips. I am stressing big time.
  16. Let me clear the air for all these people freaking out over a hair test and they’ve smoked like 3 times in their life....
    Stop tripping.

    This test is designed for frequent users like myself and if you don’t smoke daily then go worry about something else. Only way you’ll get caught is if your hair has been growing for 10-15 years and they get lucky for some reason and find the strand with your illicit activities.

    I tried bleaching, Macujo, and several other hair products like the mud for $150 , and none of it worked.

    I’m a bad mofo, and I sat through 3-4 days of grueling pain on my head. Like putting gasoline on a fire. My head was scabbed for weeks and it was sore for months.

    Do yourself a favor and tell the employer that’s doing a hair test to go fuck themselves. Employers that are that concerned with what their employeees are doing outside of work on their own time most likely aren’t the people you want to be working for.

    But then again, to each their own.

    Think of how costly those tests are - $150 or so per test. If your future employer is that concerned about finding out if you are a user or not , then most likely than not down the road they will eventually know anyways. Then where are you?

    Moral of the story, be yourself and stay true to your identity. No more discrimination towards cannabis users. It’s 2018 and the world isn’t so naive as it used to be....
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  17. They will take hair off your brows or armpits if you want to go that route
  18. PLEASE HELP......ok all, i know this forum covers alot and i mean alot of info to assist in hair testing for mj and dont cricify me for this but i havent been able to get much response from anywhere else. seems like alot of people here are friendly and knowledgeable, so.......i was injured a few years ago and was put on hydrocodone. used it as needed for a while and by october of 2017 i didnt need much anymore so i started weening myself off. went from 12 doses a month or so, down to 6 by december. and by january 10th of 2018 i had taken my last one. otherwise no other drugs besides 2 10mg edibles that i tried for my pain somewhere around 9 months ago

    so been clean of the hydro for around 124 days now. after day 95 or so of being clean i simply needed a haircut so i shaved it down to 1/8 of an inch and its been growing since. also shaved my armpits, chest and legs and everywhere in between to basically bare skin since then also. waiting to hear from some prospective jobs in the coming months and the company does hair testing cause they deal with FAA regulations and such. hair will probably be around 1 inch long by then which they will accept because someone i know just got employed there also and thats as long as his hair was. and i know its also just a 90 day screen.

    so with all that being said, is there confidence that i should have no issues with any hair test come june or july? just dont know if it takes some time for residual metabolites to deposit in hair and work their way out. im not overweight. little chub in the gut area lol. otherwise up and active for around 16 hours a day between work and doing things in general. ill be pushing around 160+ days clean by potential test time. thank you all and hope a few people have some insight and comment.
  19. 160 days clean you'll be fine no need for a big explenation lol

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