Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. I have not seen anyone fail with a case like that for sure! When I started researching and trying to understand how to beat a HFT, I realized that they test for a certain amount of THC in the hair. So even if you have THC in your hair, if it isn't above the cutoff amount, then you will be fine. So only smoking the amount that you did, you should be fine!
  2. Thanks! That makes me feel better. I had no idea what a HFT was until it was too late. Supposed to find out by Friday, will post results.
  3. Hi All - I posted this in another discussion but had not received a response. Sorry for reposting, but was hoping someone here could offer some feedback/help. Thanks!

    Here are my details/situation

    Smoking history/length of time you smoked
    I've smoked for about 3-4 years. On average about 4-5 days a week, 1-2 small/mid-sized bowls.

    Date of last intake and date of test
    Tapered down to 1-2 times a week by August 11th. as I was starting to look for new job.
    Took 1 hit August 26th - Just one hit, did not smoke a bowl
    Waiting to find out date of the test. Expecting sometime next week, possibly 2 weeks out.

    Grade of smoke used
    Mid grade weed

    23.2 - 165 lbs. - 11-13% Body Fat (I check frequently and it ranges between that)
    I workout 5 days a week - 3 Days of lifting, elevated heart rate, 30 seconds between sets - 2 days of cardio 20min. Always sweat and breathing heavy (not due to being out of shape - I workout medium to high intensity)

    Clean low fat diet. 1st meal is a high protein high fiber shake 2nd meal is Vegetarian protein and typically potatoes or black beans and broccoli - 32-48 oz. of water - 2 cups of coffee... this is pretty much my daily intake with 1-2 cheat days a week.

    Extra info
    Privately held company. They are using a company called Sterling Talent Solutions - not sure what labs that company uses. They post a lot of info for employers about cheating and how they stay on top of that
    If you message me directly I can share who the company that has already hired me for the position. Why they are doing background and drugscreen after the fact is beyond me. I mention all this as I don't know the safe ng cutoff is.

    Took a test today Sept 6th from a test I got from local headshop. It's called MD Drug Screen. Tested positive (dammit)

    Do you think I need to find the 20 ng test since its a privately held company?
  4. Lyricmatie was right!!! Just got the call, I passed, and start my dream job Monday morning! Thanks to everyone in this board.
  6. I vape about 0.01 grams of oil per day. In other words, it takes me 3 months to vape a gram. The concentration is about 80% and I just took a hair test.
    Im 5'10, 230 pounds with kinky hair. To pass the test, I stayed clean for 3 weeks, did 2 extra strength relaxers, ~10 washes with the original Aloe Nexxus, and 2 zydot treatments. About a month before that, I dyed my hair for fun and I always use apple cider vinger on my hair because it helps with dandruff. I also use prescription strength selenium sulfide for the dandruff as well(not sure if it helps).

    What do you guys think?

    They took the hair from the very back of my head where the strands are the thinnest. I get the results tomorrow and Im freaking out! :frown:
  7. I think you have a good chance. When you dyed your hair, did you bleach it? If so, what volume bleach did you use? And when you used the relaxers, how long did you leave them on? From what I've seen those are the best ways to pass. Let us know how you do!
  8. Hello, here is my situation:

    I found our I have an upcoming pre-employment hair drug test, I used about 0.5-0.75 grams of cocaine twice - May 21st and August 1st. So I ordered the Hair Confirm at-home drug test (who uses Omega lab) and completed it on August 30th. Results came back a few days later: positive for cocaine and it's 2 metabolites:

    cocaine cut off is 500 pg/mg - mine was 550
    benzoylcgonine cut off is 50 pg/mg - mine was 77
    cocaethylene cut off is 50 pg/mg - mine was was 227

    This puts me just over the cut-off level and within the bracket of "occasional/low user."

    On September 7th I permanently dyed my hair a dark brown, and on September 10th I put a no-lye chemical straightener AKA relaxer on my hair, for 15 minutes. My hair is much dryer, especially the roots they feel almost crispy in some areas and seem to stick to my scalp. No scalp burns though. But I am fearful to do another major hair treatment at this point.

    I purchased the "old style aloe rid" from test clear and have been using it daily since September 11th, focusing on my roots and scalp. I also have the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo treatments and conditioner which I plan to use on September 18th, the morning of my test.

    Given the several treatments I have been using, plus the gap of 19 days since I did the first at-home test to my actual test, what do you think my chances are of passing? And any other tips or advice is appreciated. I would really like to avoid bleaching and re-dying my roots at this point as I am afraid my hair will break off :(

  9. Passed the hair test but failed the piss test... FML. I couldnt believe it. I havent smoked in 3 weeks and it has never taken me more than a week to piss clean. Im gonna go jump off a bridge now.
  10. Hey Lyric I was going to follow your guide of Bleaching - Dyeing - Toxic Wash x4 then last day Zygot

    Did you use any relaxers by any chance? If so, what products? Let me know if Im missing anything let me know!

  11. Hey! I didn't use any relaxers. Are you just using the zydot 4 times? If so, how many times are you going to bleach and redye?
  12. Hey Lyric thanks for the quick reply. I was going to Bleach and Redye four separate times. then wash it out with toxic wash also 4 times.

    On the last day i was going to use the zydot product.

    Is that exactly what you did?
  13. Yes that is what I did. How long do you have? Beware about your hair after the last bleach and redye if they are pretty close together! But it worked like a charm:thumbsup:
  14. No idea yet I haven't accepted anything yet and I will try to push it back as much as I can before I have a final drug test date. Do you remember what brand of bleach and dye you used?

    You were the most recent success story so I am going trying to follow the same exact steps.
  15. Ok Team, I'm currently awaiting results and I'll post once I have them but like many people, I'm trying to give back to this wonderful community.

    I quit my job on July 18 and that was my last day of smoking. I smoked everyday (I live in Washington) usually from a vape pen but at night sometimes I'll have a half of a joint or so.

    I applied for jobs and stayed clean assuming a UA, like everyone else here, and accepted a job on September 8 that didn't require a drug test. Of course, I pull out the ol vape pen and for the next 6 days go back to my usual few hits a few times a day. OF COURSE, on Friday the 15th, I get offered (out of the blue) the proverbial "dream job" and that requires a HFT. FUUUUUUCCCKK.

    I decide to go with macujo since bleach and re-dye and relaxers are a firm no-go on this head. SO, I'm fortunate to live near the actual Test Clear office so I go directly there and for a mere $258 purchase the old formula Aloe Rid plus Zydot. Friday afternoon I gather white and apple cider vinegar plus Tide and TSal shampoo. My mac was as follows:

    Completely soak hair in hot water
    Completely soak in white vinegar OR Apple cider vinegar (alternated bc desperate)
    Lathered TSal while vinegar is in hair
    Shower cap
    Wrap in towel and sit for 30-40 and tried not to wallow.
    Wash with old formula Aloe Rid TWICE (followed directions, combed through and let sit 3 minutes)
    Then Tide

    Did this 2x Friday, 2x Saturday, 2x Sunday and once Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning (day of test)
    Starting Saturday night immediately following the Tide, I added a baking soda paste and let sit for 30-40 with shower cap and towel (for insulation.). I did NOT use conditioner of any kind. I changed all my sheets, new brushes, towels, the whole deal.

    For the fuck of it I added purple shampoo twice in there somewhere bc I figured it had ammonia and couldn't hurt. I also noticed my regular shampoo and leave in conditioner both have PPG has active ingredients.

    On the morning of the test (today) I did a compete Mac followed by the Zydot followed to the T.

    I wore my hair half up so as to guide the tech and sure enough, she took three samples right from the area I had hoped for (just below the crown.). She also didn't get too close to the scalp, I still don't know how to feel about that.

    Hair is being sent to Pyshemedics (fucking AWESOME) but the tech said they work on weekends so maybe I'll hear back early next week...?

    34 y/o female
    Regularly professionally processed hair to my shoulder blades
    Regular tobacco smoker (plus active runner-don't ask...)
    Fair-haired plus gray.

    Also, I noticed the tech didn't really mark with foil the 1.5", she more like wrapped my hair in the foil and that's it. Tried not to sound paranoid so I didn't really ask her if she was going to trim/how will the lab know which end is up/ etc.

    I'm trusting the process and that I did all I could and was willing to do. I'll update again once I have results, I know a lot of ladies will probably appreciate the feedback if they have long hair and can't bleach/re-dye like myself.
  16. Does bleaching your hair multiple times cause permanent damage? I don't mind if it comes back after 6months or so.

  17. I would recommend putting a relaxer on your hair aka a chemical straightener and then bleaching it a week later. Both relaxing and bleaching are excellently options for ridding the hair of metabolites and it is much better for your hair to relax first then dye/bleach a week or so after
  18. Sorry I should have further answered your question... bleaching many times will damage your hair much more and you can achieve the same if not better results by relaxing then bleaching a week after
  19. What relaxer would you recommend I buy? How many times should I relax the hair?
    Is Bleaching and Dyeing (x3) sufficient to remove the metabolites?

    Thanks and I appreciate you responding out!
  20. H
    I don't have access to the link now but the referencing link I used is a scholarly research study to prove the effect of relaxers in reducing cocaine in the hair. And from what I read, cocaine is harder to get out of the hair than marijuana. In this article they used Silk Elements brand relaxer. The no-lye prep formula was able to rid metabolites of cocaine moreso

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