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  1. Hey everyone! This post is my experience with HFT. My boyfriend was who I did this on, as he had a hair test for a new awesome job! He's 6'2 about 250, white, and thick dark hair. We are very heavy smokers! ATLEAST 2grams a day. Atleast. Lol. He had his hair test this morning (July 11th), so we are waiting for results. He found out that it was a hair test a month ago, June 12th. He stopped smoking immediately, so he has about a month of clean time. We decided since he was a super heavy smoker that we should do the jerry G method. The research I had done concluded that every bleach/redye removed 30%-60% of metabolites from hair.
    A week before the test:
    - we bleached and redyed once. Used 40 volume bleach, and 20 volume dye. When washing out the bleach and dye, we washed with toxin wash (the green stuff)
    - waited 2 days, then bleached and redyed again. Also washed out both times with toxin wash.

    At this point, we didn't know how many times we were going to bleach and redye, we were just going off of the pain he felt, how his hair was doing, and what we felt worked best. He wasn't feeling any pain after the second time, only a tingling when the bleach and dye was on, so we decided to do it a third time. NOTE: Yes this is extremely damaging to the hair, you'll probably just want to cut it off after this. He decided he would just buzz it off afterwards, so as long as we weren't damaging his scalp, we would do it again.

    -third time! Waited 2 days after the second time. Bleached and redyed again. Washed out with toxin wash. Amazingly, he wasn't feeling any pain. Scalp was a little sore afterwards of course, hair was dry and limp, but seemed to be doing fine.

    So at this point we are at the Monday before test day, and figure, what the hell? Might as well just to be sure, since he's doing fine and all. Lol. Well we did it one more time.
    -fourth time!!! Everything was going fine, until we rinsed out the bleach and realized little hairs were coming out. Still no scalp pain or sores, just hair was falling out. So when redying I didn't leave the dye on long, just enough to get back to a light version of his normal color. Afterward, he went and got a hair cut, down to 1 1/2 inches. Trimmed body hair just in case they noticed what we had been doing to his hair.

    -day of the test, we did a full zydot treatment.
    After all that, our concern was if whoever was cutting the hair would notice that we have been bleaching/dying, and try and take it from somewhere else. But no worries, he went in, and the decided ask any questions and took their sample! Now the waiting game is on!
  2. I received notice today that on 8/3 I am going to have to go in for a HFT. I took Adderal a week ago, and Percs about 2.5-3 months ago.

    Would it be worth it, bleaching my hair, and dying it? I was planning on doing so before I received notice.

    Even after dying it, what else should I do? I don't care if it strips the new color out, I'm totally fine with that.

  3. This may help someone one day. I passed a hair confirm home test and a quest hair test. I was 85 days clean. I had an edible 86 days and 85 days before the test and I did the Macujo method with Tgel vinegar ultra swim and tide. It seems that the best way to pass is clean time. Good luck!
  4. Update! He passed! With only 30 days clean, and being an extremely heavy smoker beforehand! Bleaching and redying is the most accurate thing I have seen when it comes to HFT! Good luck everyone!
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  5. Ok I hope this helps others as reading these posts have helped me!

    45 yo

    5' 11"


    Light brown hair with Grey poking around,

    Smoked every night before bed from mainly vape pen. I travel extensively so always in different time zones (I'm in sales)

    Drug info.

    Quit smoking on the 1st of July ( thought it would be a piss test and I have great clean friends)

    Smoked on the 9th from a vape pen.

    On the 10th of July I got the directions to the clinic and shit it's a hair test.

    Started to study and spend some money.

    Started Macujo on the 20th once in Morning and once at night. Purchased Nexxus Aloe Rid from It seamed to be the most reliable source but these guys keep saying it is all you need and I don't believe them. I absolutely have no affiliation with them. So now Macujo.

    I have read a ton on this and how people keep saying the Vinegar and Clear and Clean are bad for opening your cuticles but I don't think that's the point. They basically close your cuticles but they scrub everything off of them. Your hair not only has a cuticle but also tons of build up and this made sense to me to get all that shit off your cuticle first. Then the shampoo / tide does not have to work on the hair with tons of build up but this is only my opinion from everything I have read. To add I've read well over 50 hours of good and bad advice. Here is how I did the Macujo.

    Rinse hair in Heinz Vinegar for 30min. (I put Vaseline on my hairline and neck / ears). Put on shower cap.

    Added Clean and Clear Pink Astringent kept in for 30 more minutes. Put on shower cap.

    Washed out with Nexxus twice and left in hair each time for 10 min.

    Final wash with Tide original formula.
    So far this is my dates.

    July 20th. 2 Macujo

    July 21st. 2 Macujo

    July 22nd scalp a little sensitive so in morning only washed with Nexxus Aloe Rid.

    I will update but I plan on dyeing my hair today with 40 but have not purchased yet. I'm hoping to get in 4 dye redye before my test which is on the 1st of August. Updates will come.

    Any advice is super welcomed!! Thank you. Off to do the first dye!
  6. You should be fine! Especially with the dying and redying. Beware though, your hair will most likely be coming out by the end! Good luck :)
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  7. I'm thinking about relaxing my hair first then doing a dye. Thoughts?
  8. From what I have read on forums like this and others, those are extremely effective! We did not use a relaxer though. If you do the relaxer, I would recommend only dying hair 3 times just time make sure it holds up well enough!
    My boyfriends hair help up fine until the 4th bleach and redye, that is when we noticed it starting to fall out. Which wasn't a huge deal for him, as he planned to buzz it all off after the hair test, but we just wanted to make sure enough hair stayed on for the test takers to not get suspicious, for them to have a long enough one for a sample, and not be forced to take the hair from else where.
  9. Hey all, so I got into a nursing program I've been trying to get in for a while. It's a top program with tons of opportunities for the future. Unfortunately I'm out of the country on a service trip and could not make the 72 hour deadline for the urine test, so they are making me take a hair follicle test. About two months back i smoked 3-4 times in the span of a week because I got a really good job I've been wanting for a while, and I thought I'd have enough time to pass the drug test for nursing school....funny how things bite you in the ass.

    Besides that I haven't smoked at all in the past two years, and before then was an extremely infrequent smoker, maybe a couple times a year. Do you think I have anything to worry about? I've been researching like crazy, but the internet is very inconsistent and I just need someone to tell me everything will be okay haha. I'd be okay using cleansing shampoos, relaxers etc. But I don't know if I could afford to bleach/redie it, and don't know if my situation warrants something like the MacCuj0 method. Any help is well appreciated, I've worked extremely hard to have something like a drug test get in my way when I've come so far.

    Thank you all in advance!


    EDIT: I also am fairly lightweight and usually only 1-3 tokes gets me high, so overall consumption of weed was very light.
  10. Honeslty, from everything I've read about light smokers I think you should be fine. But, I would rather be safe than sorry haha. Macujo isn't damaging to your hair, maybe doing that once or twice? Then I would be really confident that you would pass. Given how much you did smoke, I would assume you'd be fine but with my luck when I think I'm safe is when I'd get screwed. Lol
  11. Hair razor provides ALoe Rid Shampoo and TREATMENT gel for free .
  12. HELP!!!!! So I did the Mac method 8 times and. Leached and redyed my hair 4 times. Last time I smoked weed was 140 days ago, used to smoke heavily. I did a little bit of Bl$w 94 days ago.. shaved my head bald 10 days after. Took 2 xanax 45 days ago... had to take a Hair follicle test and it's taking more than 3 days to get the results. I also bought aloe rid, old formula and used after bleaching and Mac method... I feel like I'm not going to Pass. HR says results come back normally in 48 hours..... I'm freaking out right now. I want this job. I have light brown thin hair, 35 year old male.
  13. your a idiot shaved your head then bleached it ? jesus just set it on fire first off weed doesnt transfer well if you where clean why cut hair and if you cu thair why bleach it . ??? next youlll be saying how your stupid mac method WORKED when you where not dirty anyway ... and aloe rid is just shampoo its free with hair razor could have done a 40.00 treatment of hair razor NO BLEACH free aloe rid and be done in a day
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  14. I bleached it 3 months later.. I shaved my head 10 days after my last use to start fresh.
  15. So it helped! I've passed!

    26 years old female, 5'6, 145 lbs. Medium frequent smoker (Weekends for sure, sometimes during the week). Gym 2-3 times a week.

    Stayed clean 3 weeks before test. Ordered expensive ass nexxus aloe rid shampoo from testclear. Dyed my hair (no bleeching, just color) 2 weeks prior
    Day one : macujo method 1 time
    Day two : macujo 2 times
    Day three : macujo 2 times
    Day of the test : macujo 1 time and and zydot ultraclean shampoo.

    Worked for me, no bleeching, so less damage. I still need to recover my poor hair from all the vinegar sh*t, but I'm so damn happy!

    Good luck for everyone!

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  16. Hi, new to the forum. Just wanting to get some reassurance.

    I just had to take a surprise HFT for a new awesome job. I've known for two weeks I had a drug screen coming, but figured it was urine. I was not worried at all. Then when I git there and found out it was an HFT and the nurse started explaining how it worked and how far it could back I started getting a little nervous. I have a lot of friends that smoke but I rarely ever do and when I do its 2 -3 puffs Max and I'm done.

    So I remembered I was at a poker game back on jun 22 and got really drunk. My friend that I rode with smokes and I took 1 maybe 2 hits of his bowl on the way home that night. That was 74 days before my HFT. Before that, I can't remember the last time I smoked. Months and months, probably more than a year. Never been a daily user.

    I've had at least two hair cuts since then. Hair was about 1.5-2 inches long at time of sample.
    6'1" white, 230lbs, moderately active.

    Should I worry about 1-3 puffs 74 days ago with no history of daily use?

  17. You should be fine, no worries :thumbsup:
  18. Thanks lyric. Have you heard of other similar cases that were like man that people usually pass with such small usage?

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