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  1. I'm not using any methods either, other than frying my frying my damp hair with a straightener for the past couple of days. I've read on pro-hair testing sites that the only studies conducted that produce "fake negatives" are with heat, moisture (steam), bleach, and re-dye. All of these methods can damage hair, but who knows if the damage would be enough for a negative? I shaved my body hair a little over a week ago. I'm worried about cutting my hair to an inch bc there has been stories on here where 5/8 of an inch was considered an invalid sample, which resulted in an automatic fail. I go in tomorrow with 110 days clean. I smoked around a quarter a week before getting clean. I will post testing experience and results
  2. Good luck im waiting on my results my reasearch shows 1/2 inch is the cut off for acceptance when i went in they said since i didnt have body hair they take what they could get not sure if they could even test 1/8 inch of hair properly but it reasearch is right thats less then 15 days back ive had two hair cuts since my hair grows fast but not frequent user i personally think when u piss clean and its out your blood wait a week get a cut then get another one before the test my opinion
  3. You're totally right about the 1/2 inch cutoff part. I eavesdroped on the quest computer program that instructs employees how to conduct the test, and it said "if head hair is less that 1/2 an inch, cut body hair". It also stated in all caps "DO NOT EXTRACT HAIR FROM PRIVATE AREAS". I trimmed my head hair to 1 1/2 - 2 inches. Kinda bummed that I didn't at least cut it down to 1 inch. Also, I asked the employee to measure and cut my hair if it is over 1 and a half inches (lied and said my lawyer requested this). The employee refused to do this, giving me some run-around about the period of detection is based on how the body breaks down substances. If I fail, I will certainly cut my hair down to an inch before getting another test done. I have within a month to get a negative. I will post my results when I get em.
  4. Should of done 1/2 inch i dont know what they testing an 1/8 of mine 30 days half inch so mine will show 15 days or less crazy
  5. Psychademics takes 3 to 5 business days for results
  6. I passed. Anyone with 110 days clean shouldn't have to worry.
  7. How long for your results to come in
  8. Only two business days. I went through Quest tho, not psychemedics
  9. I told myself that I'd post my experience whether I passed or failed because it could help others like me. But I'm Happy to share that I PASSED!!!
    my husband and i both had to take hair tests for dependency case regarding our daughter. I have dark brown hair down to the middle of my back. My husbands is medium brown and about three inches on top. We Would be considered a heavy users of opiates and I am a moderate user of blow. We stopped using 7 days prior because we knew we'd be getting a urine test as well. Although, that would make no difference to the hair test because the metabolites would still be present in the new hair growth.
    I only had 4 days to prepare, I read every forum and scientific/medical journal I could on the Topic to decide the best approach. In short, dying, bleaching, and relaxing (in order of effectiveness from least to greatest) are the best ways to rid your hair of drugs, and this is scientifically proven so don't let anyone tell u otherwise. Each time you do it you remove a percentage of the drug concentration. I did my own combination of everything I read to increase my chances of passing.
    My husband decided just to use the relaxer once because he only used blow twice, and he'd had prescriptions for opiates so he just wanted to lower to concentration.
    I had opted for the bleach because I was afraid to completely ruin my hair. But also knew this wasn't as effective as relaxer so i would need to do more. Day one, I bleached my hair for 45mins, soaked My hair in methanol for 20mins, washed my hair with tide a few times, used a Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment, then I had to dye it twice to get it back to original color before meeting my caseworker the same day. For the next two days I just washed my hair with tide a few times while in the shower, and conditioned as usual. The fourth day I bleached for the second time, but only a half hour. Did the methanol soak. Another clarifying treatment. Then I dyed again.
    My scalp is sensitive and that's all i could do in the time I had BC at this point i had slight chemical burn and several blisters. we went to take the tests and they had somehow only put in for the urine test for me and a hair test for my husband. So that bought me another couple days. In those two days I got extremely nervous, bit the bullet, and decided to use a relaxer because, according to the scientific journals, they CAN decrease the concentration of drugs from the hair by 50%-75%. (And what's more important? My hair or my daughter?!) i mixed and applied it as directed but only to the back of my head where I knew they'd take from because I knew this would severely damage my hair and that I'd possibly start losing it. I left it on almost 15 mins. This fried and felt like it almost melted my hair. I literally watched handfuls of hair wash down the drain. It broke my heart because I love my hair. While my hair was wet the hair was very weak and would break when I touched it, but it strengthened when it dried. The more damage you do to your hair the better your chances are of passing, so I'd felt that I'd definitely succeeded. I just prayed that it would stay on my scalp long enough to get the test done and not look super suspicious.
    I went to Labcorp, where they took a quarter sized chunk out of the back of my head. A lot more than what i was told would be taken. And They actually left about a quarter to half inch of hair still on the scalp. I've been on edge for the last two weeks, but I just got the news yesterday that I passed with flying colors! not a trace of anything! And my husband only tested positive for opiates in small amounts to coincide with his scripts.
    My husband was able to condition his hair and bring it back. I, on the other hand, had no chance of doing so. So, i shaved it and am now rocking an undercut.
    Of course there are no guarantees to pass, but there's definitely hope. If I can do it, so can others. My only recommendation to do it differently than I did is to use the relaxer before bleaching. In the salon world, they always say to color a perm/relaxer, never perm/relax a color. If I had followed that rule I'd most likely still have a full head of hair.
    I wanna thank everyone who's posted their results. And wish luck to all of those still preparing for their tests or waiting on their results.
  10. BTW, before anyone tries telling me that this is a weed forum, i shared in this forum for a couple reasons. I know my DOC is off topic, but #1) I got some very helpful info from here and wanted to give back. And #2) I'd read a lot of failed results for heavy smokers. But, even for the heaviest of smokers, MJ metabolites don't bind to the hair like opiates and powder, So I wanted to share my results to give them hope. I'm confident anyone can pass, it just depends on what lengths your willing to go to.
  11. Wow. Gave me more confidence
  12. Anyone ever use sub solution for a recent drug test?!?

  13. In need of advice!!
  14. so you threw tons of crap at it not know if or HOW dirty you were ? hair mudd is ground up aspirin it did nothing . as for the rest you think did something i ask again you did not post your use levels or activity level as this determins just HOW DIRTY you really are .
  15. So I decided to post on here after I got the results of my hft. I smoked twice about a bowl or high grade each time in past 90 days. I'm a very infrequent user. So hope I can put others minds at ease. I'm 6'0" and 170lbs white male with blondeisg grayish hair. I contemplated on Mac method and just killing hair I bought all the ingredients. Washed my hair with hot ass water then tsal mixed with selsumblue menthol shampoo.. had 28 days clean washed hair like that for 3 days (prob didn't do anything) but nonetheless passed psychomedics hair follicle.. hr dept called within 48 hrs asking when I could start... So for all those who slipped up once or twice don't have a heart attack. You will be fine.. seeing they called me so fast I'm def taking it I passed there Elisa or whatever (initial test) right away.. oh yea I'm 30 with fast metabolism. Got to lay off the greenery for a bit but thank God I got this job. I'm in AZ and they are starting the hair follicle testing now. SO anyone applying to work in mining industry be careful. Best of luck to all!!
  17. For infrequent smoker loophole.. Yes correct
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    I am in the process of doing a pre-employment HFT. I'm a very light/infrequent smoker. When I first got the job offer, I was expecting a urinalysis. I had smoked like two small bowls over father's day weekend. That Monday I go the job offer (yes, extremely dumb of me). I started chugging water and taking those dollar store home piss tests. I passed those, so went into a testing facility for a quick test..passed that. Great. Friday of that week I get the info for my pre-employment drug screening and found out it was a HFT. I may have smoked 5-6 times in the last 90 days, each time a small bowl, including the father's day weekend. So Monday morning I went to the same testing facility and got a personal HFT done. Since I'm balding and I buzz my head, they took a sample from my chest. I got those results back yesterday and came up negative for everything. The test was done by Omega Labs. This morning, I just gave a sample for the HFT that will go to my potential employer. They use Psychmeds. I guess my question is if I passed my Omega Labs HFT, should I be stressing about the Psychmeds testing?

    EDIT: I was looking over the copy of my paperwork for the HFT from Psychemedics. I came across something odd. In the section where it says "Tests to be accomplished" it says HAIR H:AM CO OPOM and that's it. In the client default test section it says HAIR H: AM CO OPOM PM TC. Am I crazy, or does it look like i'm not even being tested for weed?
  19. Although there was no response to my post, just here to update my situation in case its of any help to anyone in a similar situation. I seem to have passed my Psychemedics HFT, as I got an email today saying my background check came through and I was cleared to start at my new job. I THINK I probably came up negative, based on the HFT I did on my own dime. Either that, or the company I got the job with doesn't care about weed. So, occasional smoker with 5-6 bowls in the 90 day period, 2-3 of those bowls 9 days prior to my official HFT. They took chest hair and no treatments were done. Based on all of the information I found online, I was pretty sure I'd be negative, but you never know.
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