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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. ok im a african american male 5;10 185 i have dreads that cum pass my neck my test is today ive last smoked 2 weeks ago i only took a few puffs maybe 2 to 3 times a week for like the pass 3 months an b4 then i didnt smoke. ok so i went to walmart an got hair dye bleach paul michell shampoo denorex extra strength shampoo with 3% salicylic acid. ok i wash my hair with the denorex first then the paul michell now im bleaching my baby hairs they are about 2'' long so im praying they dont cut my dreads or im f**ked ive cut all my body hair soo wish my luck guys i go in at 4 an ima dye an wash again wit the denorex b4 i leave ill keep u guys posted i really need this job i can be making up to 17 an hour an thats good for ard here :)

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    0k i just got back ima just pray till they call me an let me know later guys!!!!  :unsure:
  3. ok yes u can u just need to follow one of this methods an go for it but it is very likely u will pass if u have short hair on the back of your neck i would focus on treating that part of your hair an just tell them thats where u would like them to get your hair from ok i just took mines yday an im scared as heck but try it an pray pray pray an u should be fine :metal: let us know how things worked out for u
  4. Thank you I spoke with the drug testing company yesterday sounds just like a piss test now so now idk if I should just do it just be safe or not I will def let everyone know if it works and what happens
  5. any word koolaid?
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    not yet but im shaking in my boots!! lol hopefully by 2mor pray for me guys thanks
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    Drug Test:    Monday, July 1.
    I have smoked April 1st (first time), april 29 (second time), then around June 1 & 2 i smoked twice. I was clean before April, then went around 3 weeks and smoked again. then went clean for a month, smoked twice, and now i am clean for almost 4 weeks. 
    My hair was around 6 inches long, cut down to 3 or so inches now. my chest and armpits are shaved on a normal basis. im 5'11" , 180, 17.
    -I also have done Baking Soda then Tide (twice)
    -T/SAL (daily washing for almost a week)
    -and have done apple cider and clean and clear once. 
    I also have Zydot Ultra Clean for the day of the test. 
    What are you guys' input on me passing the test?
    will let you know when results are in.
  8. Ok guys..... im really late on this but better late than never.
    Took my hair test may 5 after a terrible 30 days of worrying. At the time i took the test I was 60 days clean. I went in with hair that was around an inch long and the lady told me right away it wasnt even close to long enough. That being said, she shaved my pits and treasure trail. At this point i thought for sure i was fucked. Id spent a ton of time treating my head hair (bleached twice dyed twice dr greens wash away precision cleanse PG and even some stove cleaner which is sodium hydroxide) my head was obliterated. Went home and shaved my head with a razor because of how bad my hair looked. Anywho, I waited five days (pissing my pants on the reg) and reported to work after that. Nothing was ever said and i landed a sweet ass co-op with a massive oil company. Bottom line----------there are a couple methods out there that may help..... but you honestly need time. If you dont have time. Bleach. Stay away from any acids (vinegar) as they will destroy your attempts at cleansing the cuticle. Id go further into depth about the chemical processes that I personally believe are essential, but im not a pro at this either.
    Finally, I know how much this shit sucks guys. Just remember that pass or fail life will go on. 
  9. So I have to take a hair test from Qwest on Monday after being clean for 98 days.  I have long dark hair and can't cut/shave it.  What's the best way to ensure I pass? Any help is much appreciated!
  10. yea yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hello:  i just got the call! :yay:  i got the job 17 an hour!!!!!!!!! yea!!!!! :metal:  this stuff really works!!!!!!!!! the bleach is the key trust me i just passed i start safety training 2mor!!!!!!!! o yea!!!!!!!! thanks for ya prayers an if i can help yall in anyway i will ima keep up wit this post ok guys later :smoke:
  11. I smoked about 3 or 4 times in the past 95 days. a few hits, enough to get me high. I had cut my hair to about 3/4” length yesterday and the last time I smoked was about 50 days ago and before that a few weeks prior. What is the minimum hair they will take on my head if I don't have enough hair elsewhere on my body? What is the likely hood I will pass a hair follicle post employment offer test? 
    I have soaked in apple cider vinegar, Salicylic Acid clean and clear, tide detergent, T-Sal Shampoo(Salicylic acid shampoo) baking soda paste mix 6 times, also used a mud cleanser and toxin wash that I got from the first post. As well as some coal tar shampoo regularly. I have cut my hair to 3/4 of an inch and last use was over 50 days.
  12. you will be fine bro u gonna pass easy
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    Alright yall. Here we go.
    Male, pitch black hair about 2.5 inches.
    I have a test coming up soon. I was a HEAVY HEAVY smoker (emphasis on HEAVY) for 2 years. I quit November 1st, 2012.
    I slipped up on November 28th and 29th 2012 and had two small sessions. On May 1st, 2013, I (unknowingly) smoked a hookah that had little traces of weed in it. Took 4-5 good drags out of that fucker. The hookah owner said that he scraped whatever bits of weed he had left in his almost empty grinder into the hookah bowl at the beginning of the session. 2 people were smoking that for a good 45 minutes before I even got to it. The coals were pretty much dead when I smoked it. I didn't get high, though I felt some placebo effect maybe since I was freaking out after he told me.
    THAT BEING SAID: My stats right now are looking to be 260 days clean on the day of the test, with slip ups 230 days ago and 80 days ago (if you want to even count the hookah incident as a slip up, should it be?).
    THIS IS MY PLAN: 5 days before the test, I will start my treatment. It's pretty much the Mac method with a little bit of GMAN, a tad bit of Jerry G and my own flavor mixed into it.
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Clean and Clear pink 2% salicylic
    Tide Laundry Detergent
    Neutrogena TSal 3% salicylic
    Dish soap
    Baking Powder
    New clean towel
    New comb
    DAY 1 - DAY 4:
    1. Vinegar in hair. Leave in 20 minutes.
    2. C&C in hair. Massage 5 minutes. Leave in 20 minutes.
    3. Rinse it all out with water.
    4. Tide in hair. Leave in 20 minutes.
    5. Rinse it all out with water.
    6. Wash hair with Neutrogena TSal 3 times.
    I'm going to do this once every day during the 4 days.
    1. Wash hair with dish soap.
    2. Baking powder + ammonia paste in hair. Leave in 20 min.
    3. Rinse it all out with water.
    4. OW treatment.
    5. Zydot treatment.
    6. Clean dry.
    Then haul ass to the testing facility without having my hair touch anything but air.
    To anyone who is experienced at this, could you let me know where I stand with the odds of passing/failing my test? And if my treatment looks to be promising or not?
    I will also keep you guys updated as the test date draws closer.
    Edit: I plan on getting my hair cut to around 1.5 inches the week of my test.
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    I havent smoke in a little over 6 months and iv recently been given a change at a job that can kick start my career!!! And they hair test!!!
    Will i pass!?  the last time i smoked i smoked like maybe .2 and the tiem before that was a couple months back.
    Im an overly paranoid person so im sorry if my question sounds stupid or the answer is obvious.
    im medium height and weight like 140lb.
    low body fat.
    lots of body hair....
    hair is about 1.5-2 inches right now
    I cut my hair down to 2 a couple times already.
  15. Hi all 
    Have a young daughter whom im have to fight for contact and received a letter saying that i will have to do a drug test, i have smoked cannabis quite regularly but have stopped now as my daughter is my number one priority, also had a mate put just one line of coke in my drink maybe a week ago would this even show up? dose anyone know what type it would be? i live in the Uk if that helps? also have been thinking if it is a hair test could i just shave my entire body (i mean everywhere) and say it was for charity? would this even work? 
  16. Wanted to let you guys know what happened. I prayed a lot, went in to take the test they said they didn't have enough hair to take off the of my head which is at 1" they needed at least 1.5" had to take a urine test and passed with flying colors since I haven't done anything in 2months. now I just have to wait for all my body hair and hair on my head to regrow but now that I just got my signing bonus and a fat salary I can deal with the humility that I had to shave my body and cut my hair. 
    Just an update. I got my result back and i PASSED. Fuck the system. Anything is possible!!!
  18. So I've got a job lined up, but I don't know how they plan to test me...so I'm going all out to make sure I pass anything they throw at me.
    I've been smoking daily (maybe a bowl a day) for about 4 years. I have a pretty slow metabolism. I quit smoking yesterday when I got a call back from the store manager saying I got an interview.....I should've stopped sooner, but I was told the position had been filled. Guess the new hire didn't work out.
    It's extremely important I pass, I work in the medical field and I could lose my license to practice if I fail. :/
    I am being interviewed this Friday.

    I got:
    Apple cider vinegar
    Clean & Clear astringent (Salicylic Acid 2% in liquid form, no soap)
    Some generic brand laundry detergent. I checked the ingredients and they look the same as Tide.

    I put the apple cider vinegar on, left it for a good 5 mins and massaged it in. I use ACV twice a week in my hair (it's actually good for it haha) so the burn was really a tingle now that I'm used to it. I mixed the salycilic acid solution with a few pumps of regular face wash (like a cup of the solution and 3 pumps of soap) and scrubbed that in really well. Things start to smell really funky and my asthma was kind of reacting to it, but I left it in for a good 5 maybe 10 minutes, then washed it out with laundry detergent and warm water. THIS PART HURTS. The warm water will sting much worse than anything else. My hair felt like straw after this, so I did two rinses with Aussie conditioner just to get the slickness back in.

    I'll report back this weekend to let you guys know how I was tested and how it went.
  19. What do y'all think.....
    I had to take a hair test today. I have been 14 days clean. Took a detox drink to rid the thc from my body. I have done the Mac method 4 times. Also I bleached and redyed my hair yesterday and the day before. After each bleaching I washed my hair with pm3 shampoo. Also after redying it each time I used pm3. Before the test I did zydot ultra clean shampoo twice the morning of. I am a heavy smoker 140 lbs. I recently have lost 60 lbs so hoping that also helped. I have short brown hair. What are my chances of passing do y'all think. I'm am just nervous. I should be getting my results back by mid next week.
  20. Does anyone have experience with Test'In Detox Shampoo from www.passyourdrugtest.com ?  The team over there seems to be very knowledgeable and the reviews on their site were great but I figured I would check a different avenue. I pontentially have a hair test comming up in for a few jobs I have been interviewing for.  I have not smoked in about 40 days but was a HEAVY daily smoker for about 8 years prior the to the last time I smoked.  Took an at home urine test today and passed but I am worried abou the hair test.
    I appreciate ain insight!

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