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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. I think you will be fine. I recently had a hair test and I had taken percocet couple of weeks earlier. It never showed up, the tester told me that it could take up to 3 weeks to show up!
  2. Well today marks day number two of the maccujo method and it seems to be going well. I hope it works cause it sure feels like it will. I wrote last time saying that the clean and clear didn't burn as bad as I thought or heard it would but this time I thought my head was part of hell it burned. I will repeat in the morning just incase they want me to take the test after the interview so wish me luck.
  3. Alright, so my situation isn't as urgent as a lot of folks but I need to figure this out sooner rather then later. I absolutely can't fail my drug test and my life will be forever fucked if I do.

    I foolishly railed 2 lines of cocaine. This was on approximately February 3rd. My hair follicle test is on May 1st. Like I said, I absolutely can't fail this test and am willing to do whatever it takes to pass. I was thinking that two small lines probably wouldn't show up, but I'm way too worried to sit around and do nothing. I can honestly say that this is the only drug I've done since December and I only did two lines.

    Given my time period, how should I go about cleansing my hair?
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    There is no proven way to cleanse hair other than 3 months or so of time. There are many expensive products that claim to work; they do not.

    I'm not sure if it'll show up or not, but you should have known better. I wish you the best, but if you fail try to take a lesson from it.
  5. That is three months though.
  6. Yes it'll be close. I've heard of people passing in 2 and failing in 5 though.
  7. The only thing that showed up was the coke, I had a scrip for zanix, and percacets, they didnt show either...So if your a coke user I dont no what to tell you, good luck all...
  8. Ya, well it was just a one time use and I really didn't take a lot so I'm hoping for the best.

    I'll look into it, thanks.

  9. They do not test for prescription drugs. The typical assay includes heroin, cannabis, alcohol (for urine tests) and cocaine.
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    Drummer is right about the cocaine. From reading every single post in this thread, and following the topic thoroughly here and elsewhere, the trend shows that cocaine is by far the most stubborn substance when it comes to hair tests and therefore the only thing you have going for you is time and cutting longer hair shorter to literally clip the drug use time line shorter.

    Percocets are an opiate which will give you a positive for heroin and I don't know of any companies that will discriminate between prescription and illicit use, they're both going to return a positive.
    However most the results posted in this thread and others have shown positives for weed but not opiates in users of both substances which leads me to believe it either doesn't bond to hair as well, or deteriorates much more rapidly.

    For the last time get out of here and stop pitching your product. There have been several posts stating hair razor failed to work as suggested, and there is a 100% failure rate amongst cocaine users who have tried -any- method posted here, your product included. By including a sales website in your signature you have verified your troll/spammer status once again. Just get out and stop misleading people.
  11. One other idea I just thought of... I need to get a tooth filled. Would going to the dentist (novicaine) and bringing a note work to get out of this?
  12. Hello everyone....

    Found out a week ago my hair test will be tomorrow morning. So for the past 6 days I have done vinegar, clean and clear, baking soda, tide, neutrogena t-gel, and aloe rid.

    Tonight I am going to dye my hair then tomorrow I'll do one last round of mac method, then right before I leave I'm doing Zydot. In terms of my history...in the past year I had a few brownies (about 30 days ago) and 20 mg of adderall about 2.5 weeks ago. Wish me luck!! I'm So nervous.

  13. If I were you, I'd be more worried about my hair falling out....

    I cant believe the stuff some people put on their hair to try and rid it of drugs...the drugs aren't 'on' your hair....the drugs are 'in' it...that's why they call it a hair 'follicle' test
  14. So are you bald now from exposing your hair to a ton of chemicals?
  15. No, actually. My hair lightened a little but I conditioned it and it's really not as damaged as I thought it'd be. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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    drummer69, I have a question, in earlier posts you mention that you had quit a month on 2-2....
    Then later say you had quit for three months! Excerpt from 3-29:
    Which one is it? It looked to me that it was more like two months of no usage. Do you have slow growing hair? My husband wants to start looking for work (lost his job recently) but has both used white and smoked regularly-1X a week and 1-2X a day. Nothing special on either of those...if that matters. His last use was two weeks ago (m and c). He was hoping to start looking in his field in about a month and a half....shaving his body hair down in about a week so it won't look noticble if his hair should be too short (trimming it again two weeks after that), if and when the hair test gets done. Hiring processes can take two weeks to two months in this field. Probably in the longer range to be quite frank. He only keeps his head hair an inch, if that. Not because of this bullsh*t business, because that is how he likes his hair.
    I'm super worried that this two to four month lack of use will still cause a big fat FAIL.

    Does anyone think that the redye method would be a better to make sure? Maybe do one in a week and then one when he gets an interview...and possibly a third on test day or day before. He has thick med. brown hair, but summer is coming and we will be opening the pool in May. Should he just shave all body hair now? Then it will be clean however how much hair (body) grows back in two months? Any other suggestions?

  17. All signs point to an unavoidable dirty for cocaine, while 2+ months clean & "the method" should alleviate him of marijuana concerns.

    This is based on months of research and posted histories and results by GC members and those who posted on a similar thread on a similar site.

    Everything I've found and the people I've talked to (I've really gone to extremes on this, talking to people in the medical field, calling labs posing as a private employer, hitting books at the local university library, internet research, etc...) have led me to believe that the hair tests can show ~6 months back usage of cocaine, where marijuana has been showing up ~3 or less with and without using "the method."

    Time and time again users of both cocaine and marijuana have reported back with dirty results for only cocaine, so as I posted before it seems to be the most stubborn substance to deal with, where it seems that opiates don't hang around very long at all, and weed being roughly the midline.
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    So basically, just don't start looking for work until the say the four month mark? Say July? Oh what a web we weave! Thankfully he has another job, it just isn't nearly as much money.

    Thanks for the input.

    Theoretically, if he shaved his head and didn't use (it will have been three weeks actually on Friday), when the hair grows back he'd be clean correct?
  19. I thought I would share this: Elsevier: Article Locator

    In this work the study of the disappearance of cocaine in hair is reported. The subject of the study is a woman who stopped the consumption of cocaine after a period of drug abuse of over 1 year. Hair samples were collected over a period of 10 months. During this time the absence of cocaine intake was monitored by the toxicological analysis of urine, performed every 2 days. After decontamination with methanol, the hair sample, cut in two segments (0–1.5 and 1.5–3cm from the hair root) was added with cocaine-D3 (internal standard), hydrolyzed and extracted with chloroform/isopropanol (9:1). The extract was evaporated to dryness, reconstituted in 25μl of ethyl acetate and analyzed by GC–MS in SIM mode. The obtained results show that the incorporation of cocaine in hair decreased during the first 3 months after the last consumption and after this period of time no cocaine was found in the hair sections closest to the root.

    You can read the full work up here if you join: Elsevier
  20. Update: I passed!!!!!!

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