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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone. A Fortune 500 company called me and wants me to take a hair test on October 9th. Last week I started doing the Mac method, but my scalp got real red. I'm giving it a day off today, before I begin with the various things I bought online (some were pretty pricey). Anyway, has anyone had problems with their scalp while putting harsh chemicals on it? What did you do to calm it down? I'll let you guys know how I did when the results come back. There's no sense posting what I used if I fail. Wish me luck! kp
  2. i may have hair test coming up if I do good on my interview. I smoked pot for the first time for a week straight a little over a month ago. Then I quit completely and waited till I tested negative an a urine test, then shaved my head and body a week after the urine test. I have purchased a home mail in hair follicle test that I will send in once I feel my hair is long enough. What are the chances I will have clean hair for the company test which will be in another 2 or 3 months?
  3. Quick question: I go for my hair drug test on Tuesday, Oct 9th. I've used the macujo method around 4 times and my scalp is super red now. I've given it a couple of days to settle down before I start using the crap I ordered online. Does anyone have issues with red scalp after putting harsh chemicals in it? What did you do to calm it down, besides conditioners? Thanks in advance.
  4. Personally, I would never trust those shampoos. But if I fail a hft it will be on record and screw over any job that involves dot...
  5. GUYS,, READ THIS AND FORGET ABOUT ALL 192 PAGES... No offense to all the hard work done by many, in fact THANK YOU ALL to those who pitched in with the different methods listed in here(Although no one replied to my posts asking for help I feel it's my duty to help out my fellow tokers)... Read on..

    This particular post is for THC/hair testing , but I also did home urine tests to monitor my THC levels throughout this process..

    You can read my previous 2 or 3 posts to read the details of my situation/usage background, or read the summary I will provide here in a nutshell:-

    I am a middle eastern dude with thick BLACK hair on the back and a little thinner on the top/220lbs and 5 10" very inactive for last 3 years so I have about 25-30lbs of fat, I have been smoking some high grade cronic bud EVERYAY 2-6 joints a day for over 10 years straight, I was only clean for ~7-10 days when I started using HAIR RAZOR. After researching EVERY other product out there and on this site with mixed reviews I decided to go with Hair Razor(passitkit dot com) and I AM GLAD I DID!!!!

    After doing about 30 treatments(~ 1.5 bottles @ $75 each) within one week I sent in my hair test and it came back NEGATIVE for THC :) I cannot believe this shit, IT WORKS!!! with my hair type and color, usage history and body weight and activity level I still cant believe how fast it cleaned my hair that I am going to do a second hair test to confirm I didnt get a false negative on THC(although I was positive for other stuff but with greatly reduced numbers from heavy use bracket to low use numbers, which I still need to work on) but I couldnt wait to share my experience with THC for now with all those still trying to get clean fast... I will post more details with exact test result numbers next week when I do another hair test so you guys know exactly whats involved and how my numbers(including for the other stuff) are going down with more treatments..

    FYI. I am still testing positive for THC in my urine since I have been working out for the last 2-3 weeks which I expected since it is still being metabolized in my system from the fat I am burning.

    I will admit that I did 4-5 Majuco method treatments at first(Vineagar, Tide, Astrigent, Baking soda) which burned my scalp and ears like hell the more I did it until I finally decided to get Hair Razor(no scalp discomfort or burns after 40+ treatment/6-8 treatments per day) and Wallaaa I am NEG for THC already!! :hello:

    I swear on my love and respect for MJ toking and all tokers I am not a salesman nor am I associated with Hair Razor products except as a recent user of their products, this is a true testimony for all those still struggling to pass, give it a shot and you will not regret it and save yourself the time and $$ looking around for home remedies(like I did for over a week) which may still help the low-occasional toker, but if you are a heavy user or if you got a good job offer on the line I totally recommend getting this product its worth it 100% and you get EXCELLENT consultation to find out how many treatments you need from start to finish, so I felt like I owed it to them too as well as my fellow tokers to know about this AMAZING PRODUCT!!!

    As I said, I will write back again in a week or so with more details including actual test readings from multiple hair tests(for the other stuff I am trying to clean up too) so you know for yourselves, given my background/hair type/consumption level and duration, if I can pass it then youre damn right you can too even if youre a heavy toker like me!!

    Enough said for now and good luck to y'all!!

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    Your usage is not that high at all but this sounds like an important deal going on for you.. My honest opinion, if you can spend 75$ for one hair razor set + 40$ for ups overnight to get the product by Monday morning and spend all of monday doing 8-12 treatments I guarantee you will be clean 100% without a doubt, I think you can get a saturday delivery too if you order by 5PM EST but its more $$.. Otherwise, stick with the 91% alcohol bc it DISSOLVES THC like no other home remedy.. However, you need an alkaline product(Baking soda) applied to your hair right before applying the alcohol to open up your hair follicle before applying the 91% alcohol(or get 100% alcohol in Acetone) and continue using the T-SAL..

    My 2 cents, good luck!

    ** Make sure the baking soda is FULLY rinsed off your hair before using alcohol, otherwise they will neutralize/cancel the effectiveness of each other out

  7. I just bought nail polish remover, I'm thinking it's as effective as alcohol since it has mostly acetone in it. But I didn't think to use the baking soda first so I'll do that this time. should I use the vinegar at all? what about the crushed up aspirin? and I was thinking, as far as the 90 days go back I said only have the 1 j a goo.d in my system, (july 9), so I shouldn't have much thC in my hair. as far as the hair razor I can't afford it, and I read that they can test for those shampoos which makes me nervous about using them
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm in desperate need of some advice. I have to take the dreaded HFT in about 60 to 90 days for a very prestigious job I was recently offered. I have been smoking medical grade MJ for the past TWO years, averaging a gram or more a day. About 2 weeks ago I decided to quit smoking altogether and start looking for work. It turns out the first job I was offered pays a significant amount of money and requires the hair test to secure a position. When questioned during the interview, I was asked if I could pass a HFT dating back one year (I know, this was the second question of the interview). This leads me to believe they might be looking to take body hair rather than hair from my head. Unfortunately, I'm not sure. Lucky for me, I am not a very hairy person. I have no chest hair and thin leg hair. So they may have to settle for the hair on my head anyway.

    I was in the military and kept the hairstyle after getting out a few years ago. So my hair is usually less than an inch long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really do not want to miss this chance at an amazing career because I decided to smoke pot while I have been in college. Does anyone know of a sure way to pass this test, especially considering the amount of time I have to prepare? I prefer advice from someone with FIRSTHAND experience. However, all advice/tips will be considered.



  9. First thing you need to do is get clean. If your piss is clean, your hair growing out is. Then you coils just shave EVERYTHING and that hair is clean. If you have 60-90 days, you should have plenty of time for it to grow out.
  10. Yes you are right they both contain alcohol, I went with pure acetone bc it had 100% in it bc of my heavy use.. I know from previous posts that some light users passed using the original order of steps in the Mac method(Vinegar, tide, then baking soda) but Vinegar is acidic and closes up the hair and pores while it still cleans the hair.. So some other ppl started doing a the Mac in two different variations of applying the steps in two orders..
    1. Do it like it is described in the Mac method on page one
    2. Reverse the order, and some ppl were doing the baking soda in two diff steps(will burn) but i recommend.. So you basically want the hair follicle to be opened(by using baking soda + some heat is good for better effects) and then apply your salicylic acid(found in the astrigent and a similar form is also found in the aspirin but a little different, so yes use the crushed aspirin as well) some ppl mix it with the baking soda but i do not agree with that.. since it is somewhat acidic and the baking soda is an Alkaline (will neutralized eachother) so separate steps for baking soda and crushed aspirin for sure.. So in short, and for the second variation of the mac method do this, by leaving each product for 15-30 seconds in your hair..
    -wash hair with Tsal first to clean any external THC from sweat etc so it doesnt get in the hair when you use the baking soda
    -Baking soda+ heat(lightly blow dry while head covered to keep moisture in hair)
    -Astrigent with salicylic acid
    -Baking soda again + heat
    -Alcohol( will burn like crazy)
    -then you could add the aspirin after rinsing the alcohol
    -use Tsal again, or Paul mitchell 3 or both.

    alternate between the two variations and you should be fine, esp that you only have a small amount in there the alcohol and astrigent should dissolve it good..

  11. i'm looking for advice, i know within a week i have to take a hair follicle test for a job as a dealer at the horseshoe casino. i bleached my hair once and redyed after about 20 days clean, cut my hair. now i've been clean 54 days and have cut my hair down to 3/4 of inch now i used omnicleanse after bleaching but haven't done anything to my hair for over a month, am i in the clear? or should i be doing more?
  12. also im 5'9 180 pounds light brown hair barely exercise and was a heavy smoker of high end bud daily for years.
  13. About me, I'm 24 yrs old, I'm 5' 11" 220lbs. casual smoker, not often anymore.

    I have a hair follicle in the morning, I was able to postpone it from 2 days ago, making up an excuse because I thought it would be a urine analysis. I did the Macujo Method twice, once on Monday, and then today on Tuesday, and I also bought the Stat! hair Shampoo Kit from my local head shop.

    My head is on fire, and burn and hurts and all of that, but I'm hoping it's all going to be worth it, and I pass. I am posting because I have read so much of this forum and others about this method and others to see what kind of information I could come up with, with only having 2 days to prepare.

    I've read almost all positive of this method working, but I assume it's all based upon how long you do the method, usage, etc. So I hope when I post again I can say that I did pass..? I will keep it update to let anyone know, and if so, that would mean there's hope, I'm just an average guy not knowing anything about this stuff and this being my first hft. Thank you to all you who have posted and helped me!
  14. I took a hair follicle test on Monday. The only real problem I see is that I came directly from school that day and had gel in my hair. The tech had me wash it all out with baby shampoo. I am worried about this because some baby shampoos can show up as a false positive in drug tests as marijuana. This was just discovered in June of this year:

    Study: Chemicals in baby soaps can trigger marijuana-positive drug tests | The Raw Story

    Should I worry about this? And if I do get a false positive, is this fightable? I've also been sick with the flu for the last 2+ weeks (could be west nile virus) and have been taking Robitussin everyday. My wife read somewhere that that can give a flase positive for meth. Ugh. Anyone heard that?
  15. I took my hair test on Monday, and my results should be in, I just haven't made it to go pick them up yet. The guy used a foil piece to trap my hair in, and I noticed after he cut, that the hair seemed drastically shorter than the rest of my hair. Could he have cut it an inch or more from the roots? My bf and I couldn't find the spot where he had cut, so I'm not entirely sure, but that made me nervous. But can they do that?? When I asked him, "I thought it was suppose to be by the root", he said "close enough". I'm getting the results tomorrow, so I'll post them, but shit, I'm nervous. :/
  16. If he cut it one inch from the root you are actually in luck, if I not mistaking you smoked a small amount recently recently(less than 2 months ago right?) If so then you are definitely in luck.. One inch of hair = 1 - 2 months missed which are the most recent ones.. from there they will only test 1.5 inches so thats 3 months prior to the last 2 months so thats between 2-5 months ago and I believe you said 2011 was the last time u did before the most recent incident? if I am right about the time line then you got lucky!!!

    HannaC, follow the steps I left on here a few days ago, you can cut out the vinigar, replace it by Acetone its the most powerful thing to dissolve THC, but use the baking soda FIRST to open up the follicle then apply the acetone.. use TSAL as a shampoo cleanser before and after each treatment.. Simply anything with propylene glycol(penetrating agent) and Salicylic Acid(cleans THC as well) is what you want to use...
    Now if you have time, I would totally recommend HairRazor(from passitkit.com), it cleared ALL the THC I had in my system way before completing my full treatments in only 2 - 3 days after starting it, even though it was the highest amount of drug I had in my system, i mean waaaayyyy more than ANY other drug I did(10 years of smoking heavily daily vs. 3 months of much less amounts of "other" stuff) I have thick black hair(middle-eastern) and no excersize... If it could clean out the THC from my hair there is no doubt it will clean it from all other types of hair, i cant speak for African Americans tho they may have even thicker hair than mine....
  17. OK, youre not leaving me with much options here :) I understand that most of these procedures are destructive to the hair, even the HairRazor will leave some damage after doing multiple treatments IF you dont apply some leave in conditioner afterwards.. So ALWS use some leave in conditioner preferably with olive oil in it once you are done whatever treatments youre doing for the day...So the only other things I can think of that will help are...
    To open the hair follicle so you can allow the cleanser to work better would be(pick only one at a time):-
    1. Hair relaxer
    2. Bleach and re-dye(good thing to do on it's own, strips the melanin dye in your hair, which is where the drugs bind and stick to you hair, do more than once if possible)
    3. Warm/hot water/sauna(water vapor) opens your hair follicle also, but not as good/strong as the other 2 mentioned above..

    After doing one of the list above, now time to cleanse the hair after opening the follicle:
    1. Clean and clear astringent (Salycilic acid)
    2. Crushed Aspirin, has a different form of salycilic acid(cant verify this myself but I read one african american person tried it on here and worked for him/her)
    3. TSal shampoo, and not TGEL!!! (can be found at walgreens or CVS)
    4. I will list Acetone again, pls read on..

    What ever you do from the second list to cleanse your hair will basically dry the hell out of it, thats how you remove the THC metabolite out of your hair, now to help your hair recover from this destruction you MUST use a leave in conditioner with olive oil (or simply mix olive oil in any leave in conditioner you have) to help your hair heal and recover from these procedures, even the acetone..

    For a final bleacing, try this, buy a small 30 volume cream developer and mix it with Quick white powder(1oz packet) and leave it in for 40 minutes if you have blonde hair, 50 mintes for brown or 60 minutes for black, then re-dye back to your original color. This is supposed to help reduce drug concentrations from your hair even for heavy users. Same concept, you are stripping the melanin dye from your hair along with whatever drugs are stuck to it...

    I wouldnt go too crazy given the small amounts in your system, but better be safe than sorry.. If you already did the mac method a few times I would think youre hair is clean by now, but a few bleach/re-dye procedures wont hurt your odds at all..

  18. They should be, assuming you are referring to the piss tests.. However, if youre not doing a piss test it wont matter.. Your body could still have THC in it and still be able to pass a hair test if you cleanse your hair properly, the piss test will only tell you if your body is clean or not, meaning whether more THC will be entering your hair or not... I am personally doing them just to see, but really it has nothing to do with hair tests if you are cleansing, if you suspect that your hair may be too short for a hair test and there is a possibility that your test may become a urine test then by all means get it checked just to be safe..
  19. I passed!! Huge weight lifted off my shoulders. And I had smoked half a j of good a few days prior to the 90 day cut off (and I'm a big girl with a slow metabolism). Before that I smoked for a week of swag at the end of june/beginning of july, mid/early june and before that mid march.
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    I have not received the results yet, but I'd be really surprised if I haven't passed. My back story is that I've got thin, brown hair and toked on the best herbs of my life about 6-8 weeks ago. Before then, I hit some mids out of a water pipe nearly every day. After that 2 weeks of the super sticky icky, I returned to occasionally hitting the mids out of a water pipe, since I was actually expecting to take SOME form of a drug test. Also, there was an opiate or two and an anti-anxiety med or two thrown in that mix of recreational use...

    ++++ Here's what I did ++++

    [[All of this preparation took place starting at NOON the day prior to testing, which was done first thing in the morning, about 8 or 9 am. I wish I had started sooner, because my forehead was pretty red the day of the test, but my scalp was fine. I think the redness came from the baking soda paste running down my forehead, while I had the bathroom heater on. Would definitely use vaseline for those parts, if I were you, as well as the bleach/dye parts.]]

    - Cut hair to "business cut" length (similar to a fade with the longest part being the bangs at ~1.5 in)
    - Baking soda paste for 20 min
    - Paul Mitchell (3) Three clarifying shampoo for 20 min
    - Baking soda paste for 20 min
    - Expulsion detox shampoo for 20 min


    - Baking soda paste for 5 min
    - Loreal 40 Volume Developer & Kaleidocolors powdered lightener for 40 min
    - Expulsion detox shampoo for 15 min
    - Rinse & repeat Expulsion detox shampoo for 15 min


    - Repeat Loreal/Kaleidocolors bleaching process but for only 25 min
    - Omni "swimmers" detox shampoo for 15 min
    - Rinse & repeat Omni detox shampoo for 15 min
    - Tresemme clarifying shampoo for 10 min
    - Tresemme deep clean conditioner for 5 min
    - Rinse & repeat Tresemme deep clean conditioner for 5 min


    - Baking soda paste for 3 min
    - Loreal Paris mouse dye, which matched my original hair color, for 30 min
    - Tresemme deep clean conditioner for 2 min
    - Tresemme clarifying shampoo for 3 min
    - Tresemme deep clean conditioner for 2 min

    + HOUR BREAK (preferably, do this last part the day of test)

    - Check color. Repeat previous redye process if necessary (not for me, because of b.s. paste + precise color match)
    - Expulsion detox shampoo for 10 min
    - Paul Mitchell (3) Three clarifying shampoo for 5 min
    - Omni detox shampoo for 10 min
    - Omni detox shampoo for 5 min
    - Nexxus Deep Cleaning condition mixed with 2 busted multivitamin gel caps for 10 min


    - Hair color was slightly faded after the clarifying shampoo, so one more redye would have been preferred, but I didn't have the time or the desire to fry my head any worse than it already was. Or you could just expect the color fade and get a darker hair color to begin with!!
    - Hair was actually taken from multiple patches on the side & rear of my head. No hair test will pluck your hair. They will all be using scissors to take a certain amount of WEIGHT of your hair. I have seen it said that they only need 1/2" of hair, which is essential for them to pull the hair tight and then snip as close to the scalp as possible. The back/sides of my head, where cut, was no longer than 3/4" in length. Multiple patches were taken "for my benefit", so I didn't have one large hole. Someone I know had hair length @ 1/4" and they had to take it from his pits, which he washed.... but maybe not enough?? He sure didn't use bleach like I did.
    - The best note I can give you is to try to get all of this stuff before a Sunday. I was actually called on a Saturday morning and didn't look for supplies until Sunday, knowing good and well that I had some "mystery test" on Monday. There was ONE barber shop open, who cut my hair. There was ONE beauty supply store open, who provided me with the proper type of bleach (developer & lightener); it's also important to note that walmart/walgreens DO NOT have the proper bleach.
    - If you do find yourself looking for this stuff on a Sunday, then don't forget about a mall. I found the clarifying Paul Mitchell Three shampoo at TWO salons inside the mall, which I was completely unaware of during the Sunday that I was in need. I eventually found them, though... because no other salons ouside of the mall carried the Redken deep cleaning shamppoo or Paul Mitchell Three. Walmart also has Tresemme clarifying shampoo, which might be good enough??
    - I basically needed a whole day to hunt & gather "the goods". I needed another whole day plus that very same night in order to "throw it all together"..
    - I shaved my chest, pubes, legs, & face.... in that order. Not that the order matters at all. Took me a couple hours, at minimum, to chop all that hair off. Females will obviously be able to do much better than me since I have never shaved my pits & legs before, and rarely do I shave my pubes. But I didn't want any THC metabolites somehow making it onto my hand(s) and then back into my hair. NOT COOL!
    - Another option is to shave everything but your armpit hair, scrub the heck out of it.... and then they have no more surprises to take from head, legs, chest, or whereever else.
    - I was very anal about remembering to NOT use the same towel twice and was running out of towels, but I had an 18-pack of hand towels that served my needs just fine... always having a perfecly clean towel with no THC metabolites to jump back on my head.
    - The baking soda paste is definitely important, IMHO. I would just stick to 5-10 min, however... instead of 20~30 min (or when it dried).
    - I would also try to accomplish most of this in a bathroom that has a heater. My mistake was keeping the baking soda paste on for over 20 min, while the heat was pummeling me. My forehead was very red.
    - The brand of detox shampoo is largely irrelevant, IMHO. Bleach/Re-Dye > Detox Shampoo. But.... I used two different types since they were "ONLY" $30 a piece. 1 store sold Zydot for $45; 1 sold Omni for $30; another sold Expulsion for $30 & Omni for $45. The choice was pretty clear to me. DOUBLE DOWN!! :) Others might not be as fortunate in a time of need, so paying $45 or even $60 could potentially be worth it if you don't have time to order online. My buddy was able to use some of the Expulsion, and both bottles are still over half full. So I'll be prepared the next time there's a test. But I won't be toking for quite some time now. :(
    - Virtually every woman I saw in the room had bleached/dyed hair... so I don't feel so bad about about any of this. I just think this whole testing thing is a bit biased against men, who don't typically dye their hair. But what do I know...


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