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Passed a drug test in 8 days

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FlyingHighHawk67, Jan 12, 2018.

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    *edit* ok so even though i state this later on, people are quick to jump the gun :) this method helped me get under the 50 ng/ml drug test threshold and pass the test. By no means was i 100% clean from thc. I also state later on how although not all of this stuff i did may have helped, i was only fully disclosing what i did in MY personal experience, and you guys can takeaway what you want :)

    There are what seems to be a million forums that are very vague about how to pass a drug test, and for me they seemed to have left me with more stress than before I began my research about how quickly I could pass a drug test. After EXTENSIVE (trust me, I would stay up way later than I should have every night) research trying to find some sort of concrete piece of information, what I ended up doing was after finding some of the best sites, I comprised my own method that included all of the information I found across multiple sites. I will link them near the end. Now, for my stats:
    6 feet 1 inches tall
    Started off at 215 pounds and ended at 208 pounds (you will see why later on)
    Average metabolism
    22 years old
    Was only moving around a lot at work as a server, otherwise didn't exercise before this (shame shame)
    Average build, muscle leftover from when i worked out a lot, but also have love handles and no abs so i have a bit of fat for thc to stick to.
    Was a daily smoker for over a year, then was clean for 54 days due to probation, then caved and smoked for a month daily (tsk tsk), and that leads to today where i passed a drug test in 8 days (for a job drug test, not probation. Probation hasnt tested me yet but i have been pushing my luck, i am quitting til it's over lol)
    Ask me other stats if you think they are necessary.

    Now, one thing I would like to clarify is that I took a 50 ng/ml cutoff test, and I wouldn't say I was entirely clean but I was below the threshold, which sometimes was the frustrating part of my research because I wasn't so much worried about being completely clean but seems as if that was the only information I could find.

    I will list my method first, then I will describe my day by day routine involving those methods (which surprisingly wasn't too vigorous except for maybe the beginning days).

    -I went on a 24 hour dry fast (not even drinking water), because I had read that after 12 hours you start burning fat cells right then and there on the first day. (No your body does not eat up muscle before fat, that would be stupid in survival mode, your body knows to eat fat first so don't listen to some people who say otherwise).
    -Intermittent fasting was what I did after the dry fasting (eating within a 6 hour period while not eating for the other 18 hours).
    -Running (I didn't weight lift although I'm sure it would be fine, but cardio is the important one)
    -Niacin pills (whether or not they work, I used them, I'm just listing everything I did whether it helped or not), multivitamins (i was taking these regardless of the upcoming drug test, so I'm not sure if they help, I'm just giving full disclosure), bentonite clay (optional but recommended in my opinion), vitamin b complex pills, electrolyte powder (gatorade), and creatine (optional).
    -Home drug testing kits
    -Dilution method

    Day-to-day process:
    Day 1 (January 3rd)- smoked a fucking bowl in the middle of the day with friends cuz i have coping issues lol (definitely do not recommend). Also, this was the same day I did not eat for 24 hours or drink water. By the night time I ran just a mile (run as much as you can, I was starting cardio for the first time in a couple years). Got home and took niacin, multivitamins, and normally would drink bentonite clay nightly but my order for it didn't come til after my drug test (my luck). I did eat an omelette at 3 in the morning after the 24 hours was up cuz as you would imagine you are starving and have a weird head feeling or else i would have tried to wait til the next day to eat.

    Day 2- took niacin and multivitamins in the morning (any time i take this stuff i would have took bentonite clay as well, keep that in mind). This was also when i began the intermittent fasting, and the 6 hour period i chose for myself to eat was between 6 pm and 12 am (yeah i know that doesnt correlate with when i ate at 3 am the night before but oh well, i did it cuz it was more of an appropriate time), and within those 6 hour periods i only ate one meal, and do NOT make it a fatty meal, but if you can't eat anything else then do so only if you must but it is not recommended. I made it a point to do my cardio after the 12 hours in which it is said the pure fat starts to burn from the fasting, so hopefully the fat burning would be intensified. Ended the day with niacin pills and multivitamins (dont forget bentonite if you have it, last time I'll mention it, but always take it with your pills if you have it).

    Day 3- I actually did no cardio today but i would recommend still doing cardio. Took the niacin pills in the morning as well as the multivitamins. Ate one meal within the 6 hour period of 6 pm and 12 am (feel free to eat more, i was just wanting as little calories as possible so my body would focus on fat for fuel). Ended my day with the niacin pills and multivitamins. Also, 5 days before drug test is when you can start using creatine but it doesn't help as much as you would like it to, but it is to help creatinine levels for when you dilute your piss, although I didn't start this until 3 days before since I didn't find an article about it til that time.

    Day 4- niacin and multivitamins in the morning, ran a mile and a half, ate one meal within 6 hour period, and took niacin and multivitamins again at night. Creatine is optional.

    Day 5- took the usual pills, ran 2 miles, actually ate 2 meals within the 6 hour period, and took the pills at night as well as usual. This is the day where i discovered how to "dilute properly" so that your pee is yellow instead of clear when you piss. This is also where the electrolyte powder and b complex vitamins came into play (not necessary to take days before, but it is good to practice and get timing down).

    Day 6- took the usual niacin and multivitamins. Ran 2 miles (LAST DAY OF CARDIO AND ANY WORKING OUT). Ate twice in that 6 hour period again. Took the pills again at night.

    Day 7- took the usual pills, no more cardio. Ate only two meals but i was no longer following the intermittent fasting and was eating at 12 pm and then at like 7 or 8 pm, which is a normal day for me. Also, you DO need to eat fatty foods starting today so your metabolism isn't burning fat that has thc and is instead focusing on the food you put in your body. Took the pills again at night.

    Day 8 (test day)- i did not take the usual pills cuz i was paranoid the niacian would burn my fat and that it would show up in my piss. i had the luxury of having my test at 3 pm in the late afternoon, try to get it as late as possible if you can. If not, just do all this on an accelerated schedule. Take the usual pills, eat fatty for breakfast and for lunch. Take the b complex vitamins and electrolyte powder (creatine optional) about an hour (may vary with each individual on the timing) or so before the test. This is where you are also diluting yourself where you are pissing water, but the goal is to be pissing yellow water, which is why practice is necessary. Go take your drug test and piss some yellow water and hope you pass, they told me my results instantly so i knew i was good to go.

    These are the days I drug tested myself:

    Day 1- first void, didnt pass.
    Diluted myself and got a faint line. A line is a line, meaning you passed regardless of color intensity (unless it is a ghost line, i would consider that failing).

    Day 2- did not test

    Day 3- failed first void, but passed after diluting later in the day again. (I do not consider it a waste of test strips to test diluted samples unless you are strapped for cash, cuz you could still fail with a diluted sample and besides, practice makes perfect)

    Day 4- no testing

    Day 5- tested first void at midstream and got the faintest line, but was not a ghost line, so i considered it a pass personally. Still diluted later on and got a darker faint line.

    Day 6- tested first void at beginning of stream because i was confident from the first void of day before, but got a ghost line this time and considered it a fail. Passed later on with dilution method.

    Day 7- no testing

    Day 8- tested my first void at home in midstream and got a really faint line that i considered it a pass. This is also the real test day, so of course you STILL NEED TO DILUTE to increase chances. Also took the vitamin b complex, electrolyte powder, and creatine powder. I drank a mix of water and the gatorade powder mixed in the water til i was pissing maybe every 30 minutes. The piss i let go before the test was somewhat clear but had yellow, so that was a good sign my next piss was gonna be yellow. Sure enough, at my drug test i pissed super yellow and passed my test.

    Links from which i comprised this method (some of these i pulled a lot of information from, and others maybe just a sentence or two. Does not hurt to read them all especially if you are that worried about passing)

    How to Dilute Your Urine to Pass a Drug Test - Prof of Pot
    (teaches you how to dilute properly and add the yellow to your piss)

    Pissing my life away - passing a piss test in 5 - 7 days
    (Didnt take so much info away from this one, this guy had similar stats and passed in a similar amount of time so i gained confidence here)

    Four Common Myths about Drug Testing - Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight
    (Another boost of confidence, read that chronic users usually did not test positive past 7 days.)

    How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

    Calculator | Marijuana Central

    Of course, I already tried my best to summarize all the tactics I found from each of these and put it on this thread, but extra information can't hurt. The bentonite clay is something I didn't research this time around but already knew that it "possibly" helped from a drug test i took a long time ago, so feel free to research it yourself.

    Sorry for the long thread with a lot of information, but hey, better to find all the information on one site rather than digging deep site after site looking for information and then finding the usual fucker (who probably knows nothing about weed) saying "you are going to be dirty for 30 days, you are screwed bro," when clearly since i passed in 8 days that wasnt the case...

    If you have time, USE IT, don't smoke a last bowl like i did. I'm aware this isn't a method that is set in stone and that the amount of time someone else will pass a drug test can vary. It is worth noting that i passed every test that i diluted, so make sure you piss yellow when you dilute (again, can be achieved with vitamin b complex and electrolyte powder, and PRACTICE). Try not to be stressed (easier said than done cuz i was stressed as hell) and sleep at normal times. I'm aware that there may have been things i did that didnt help but didnt hurt (like the multivitamins) but my point was to fully disclose my entire process and not leave out potentially a vital piece of information. Do not use your first void of the day or the beginning of your piss stream for the actual drug test, only use it on home tests to guage how clean you truly are, and try to piss as many times as possible before the test while trying to make it yellow water piss. Most importantly I want to express that this is a way to help pass a 50 ng/ml drug test, and by no means am i claiming that i have 0 thc in me, cuz i know that i still have thc inside my body.

    DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS, i will do my best to answer in a timely manner. Also, my links aren't the only credible links, never stop researching :) good luck guys and gals!
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  2. Well thank you. This is the exact thing I have been exploring and reasearching myself. I will read over your experience again including the links. Thanks again. Today’s pot climate is changing rapidly and many of us will be in need of a way to get clean in a timely manner. Knowing your own body and how it metabolizes is crucial. Excellent write up my brother!
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  3. I couldn't have said it any better, knowing your own body is key
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  4. What were your doses on the niacin, b complex and clay? Also when you said you smoked for a month straight before this, how often per day and roughly how much?
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  5. I believe my niacin was 250 mg per pill, but i took 2 in the morning and 2 at night, so 1000 mg a day (i left the bottle of niacin at a friends so I'll confirm that later on but i did take 4 pills a day). The b complex i just took 1 pill cuz i found out through practice that it made my pee yellow enough without making it a glowing yellow. The bentonite clay i would just follow the dosage on the bottle. The niacin was the only one i took more of than what was recommended. And for how much i smoked, i live with roommates so that probably worked out in my favor as obviously the amount would be cut in half or in a third depending on if one or both roommates smoked with me. We would normally get 1 g and just smoke at night, so my portion was roughly .3g, but we did smoke 2 gs probably about 6 or 7 days out of that month where we smoked one g in the afternoon and the other g at night. So i, myself, would be consuming about .3 to .7 ish gs everyday since it was spread amongst roommates. Some days it was blunts (most of the time), others it was joints (only a couple times), and the rest was bowls (more often than we smoked joints). It would usually be just one smoke session at night, but sometimes had a session in the afternoon as well, but like i mentioned that was only when we got more than one g, which only happened about 6 to 7 times.
  6. Correction, they are 400 mg niacin pills
  7. Right on. Thx. Another question, read some of the links, why did you choose bentonite over activated charcoal ?
  8. I had a coworker tell me he smoked everyday while on probation and that the bentonite clay made him clean in 24 hours. He told me the brand and everything to get (which is Great Plains Bentonite Detox in it's liquid form), but for me personally it doesn't make me clean in 24 hours and i never truly got to test it to see how fast it could potentially work. It could possibly be just another thing that might not help but wouldn't hurt to try. When i was smoking daily for that month, everyday i said "this is my last night" and i would drink the clay and take the pills and such, but then smoke the next day lol. By the time i truly quit i was out of the clay and didnt have it as part of my detox process. So i pretty much chose bentonite clay cuz i already had it. I read the activated charcoal thing as well but i was in between jobs and couldnt just keep buying more things. But if there is ever something people think that does help they can throw it onto this thread and help refine this whole process into something more effective. My process is not the gold standard nor is it absolute so if there is something that people know about that works, then they should go ahead and tell everyone here so hopefully maybe we can get it less than 8 days!
  9. Are you saying you took 1600mg of niacin a day? Man I took a 500mg thinking it was a 250mg and omg I spent the next 2.5 hours flushing like a lobster. Skin burning and itching. Horrible. Gotta get some baby aspirin to take ahead of the niacin. You get flushed at all? Intense!!
  10. Funny you mention that, cuz i was kinda loose with it. There were a day or two where i wasnt home to take pills in the morning so i only did at night, or vice versa. I tried to take 4 a day but 2 was my minimum. And i say it is funny you mention that cuz i never got the itchy sensation til my day taking them lol. Wasn't pleasant I'll admit but hey, if it helped ima do it. I'll try the baby aspirin next time if needed, or will regular aspirin be fine?
  11. The baby aspirin just dissolves quicker and gets working for you sooner.
  12. I'm just going to go-ahead and call BS on this whole post.

    I'd chalk your passing to a shotty test, and I think it's pretty irresponsible to make claims or spread false info about passing drug tests in 8 days.

    IMHO: 30 days no matter what.
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  13. It's more of a guideline than saying "8 days no matter what." Go ahead, dont believe it and dont try it. I had a drug test in 8 days, i was above the cutoff level when i stopped smoking, did all this stuff, and on my first void a couple times by the end of the process pissed under the cutoff level. So either i metabolize thc fast cuz I've been smoking awhile despite some breaks, or something within this helped. By all means dont even try it and say it doesnt work :) cuz you know, that's how proper research is done right? ;)
  14. Just weird how i passed in 8 days and not 30... and how others (with this method or not) have as well... and again, i never said 100% clean :) also said not all of it may have worked, im just listing everything i did, cuz cardio is a proven fact, the rest is to see what happens, and i passed. So be a hater, im the one who got a better job for myself by going this far. And obviously i pointed out many times how the dilution method is the most important part.
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    The fact that you wrote “30 days no matter what” just shows that you really have no idea what your talking about. Everybody is different and the rate at which you metabolize THC is based on weight, Bodyfat% and metabolism and how much fat burning exercise you do(Thc is stored in fat) all these determine how fast you metabolize THC. And of course, how much you smoke and how often. We all detox at different rates, so saying 30 days no matter what, means you have an opportunity to learn a few tricks through this thread because you are a little naive to the topic. No offense.
    By fasting you force your body to tap into fat storage. Combine that with rigorous exercise (which also forces your body to pull from fat stores) and using niacin, which promotes metabolism, you can speed up how fast you burns the body fat( again, where THC is stored) dramatically compared to just waiting it out on the couch while eating crap.

    All the dilution tips are all for the day of (and night before). By just running to the store and picking up a handful of test you can quickly prove this to yourself ( of course you’d have to have stopped bud for a while) The amount of THC is the same but the amount of urine is not. You can massively dilute your urine which will bring down your average THC% per sample. ( if you pour one cup of sugar in a quart of water and compare it 1 cup of sugar in 3 quarts of water... get it?) The creatine, electrolytes and B complex all give your sample what the techs will be looking (testing for), like specific gravity, creatinine levels and color.
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  16. Like I mentioned I was about to do my own test. Here is the results. Passed in 4 days. But haven’t smoked in many moons and only smoked a small amount..

    So I’ve been experimenting. Bought several home test kits. Both 50ng and 20ng. I had zero thc in my body prior to this experiment. And when I say zero, I mean zero. Years and years since I’ve smoke.

    I loaded a one hitter (the fake cigarette one) of good bud and it took two hits to finish it off. This was my test amount. Long story short. I tested my urine at least once a day.

    Day 1 (morning after) FAIL

    Day 2 FAIL, but used the dilution method for 4 hours and retested later that day an got a super super faint line.

    Day 3 super faint line ( any line is supposed to pass. It was there but barely)

    Day 4 PASS. Nice dark test line using a 50ng test strip.So I Immediately tested with a 20ng test kit and passed that also with a faint line.

    So that is a pass in 4 days. Again smoking a (one) one hitter only.

    I did however use a strick diet and workout regiment. Complete 24 fast the first day. (Got that idea from FlyingHighHawk) Then only ate in between a 6 hour window the next 3 days. Ate clean and nothing fatty. Heavy cardio everyday. A few other things that I won’t bore you with.

    I’m still testing this out and plan on continuing trying different things. The point of this is, to figure out what that “magic number or amount” is that I can smoke and be clean quick. It obviously will be a tiny amount but I want to know it. We will all be different. I’m very lean and very active so my metabolism will be different then yours. Just trying to share my data.

    And as a side note to FlyingHighHawk, don’t take your bentonite with your vitamins or medication because it will just adsorb (yes, aDsorb) everything released from them. Take the bentonite in the morning at least an hour before eating or taking anything on an empty stomach and again before bed about 2 hours after you’ve eaten.
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    I had to take pre employment drug test for marijuana. I'm over 50, 225 pounds, 6'1. Been smoking since I was 27. Went clean for 1 week prior to test. During that time drank at least 50 ounces of water per day. Walked one mile per day for 3 consecutive days for light sweating. Did not exercise the remaining 4 days prior to test. The day of the test drank 16 ounces of Gatorade, 20 ounces of water, took one multivitamin and one 1000 milligram of B12 to color urine. Took a home test and passed. Took lab test and passed. No need to buy detox products.
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  18. I mean you can pass in 8 days probably.. Basically you deluded your piss.. Thats how you passed. I'm sorry if I'm getting this wrong but I just skimmed through quickly. I been 2+ weeks sober and did a piss test in the morning the other day and passed. But I felt like my piss was deluded because it was clear so I did one after an exercise and pissed a few hours after then I got a REALLY faint line maybe no line at all on a Walmart drug test compared to the stick... I'm not sure if it was the exercise which caused this because the one in the morning I took I haven't worked out in 24+ hours and I ate a shit load of food the night before.. I'm gonna be retesting next Tuesday and skip the exercise again 24+ hours beforehand and see how it comes out. I might just try the Certo method because that'll be 3 weeks clean.

    To throw in I'm a very fit person who eats healthy and drinks nothing but water, coffee, and tea.
  19. Sir, I have to disagree with you that the Clay didn't do anything. Yes, I know you were smoking while taking the Clay. That doesn't stop the Clay from taking out the THC-COOH that is in your GI tract; in return, lowering your overall count allowing you to detox in eight days.

    I use Activated Charcoal (Carbon) because there are research papers that explore this issue and how Carbon interacts with THC. Here is a link: How To Use Activated Charcoal Pills For Passing A Urine Drug Test to a good article that uses some of these papers on this topic. Please, review it and let me know what you think about it.
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    I didn't know it was that simple to pass a drug test after a while using.. Maybe they should invent something more serious :D Well, it obviously depends on what you've been using and in what quantities. I know from my friend a story when he almost got caught after using and he escaped the test by telling the police that he is on medication. They didn't really believe him so he did a test by himself after a while from and the police let him go.

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