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Passage of time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wildc@rd, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. Hi Folks....

    Is it just me or does a good smoke affect your perception of time. Last week I got stoned with one of my friends and we sat down to watch the sci-fi channel. There was this film starring Michael Cain (I think it was about Captain Nemo or something) and it seemed to last for hours. When we finally got round to checking the time, only 15 minutes had gone by. What's up with that??
  2. Same thing happens to me. It absolutely drives my wife crazy.
  3. I like it better that way. The slower the time goes by, the more time i have to smoke more.

    These days i have to smoke in the shop. Once in a while i think i'd better hury up and i look at my watch and still have a couple of hours left. I need the extra time it gives me!
  4. Its how we stay so young yet we are wise beyond our years. 20 going on 60

  5. Or 50 going on 20 :D

  6. You sir, are a thread digger.

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