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Pass Your Marijuana Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Just2fast24, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Hey fellow Stoners,

    Ok so I'm getting tired of seeing all of these new threads asking how to pass these tests.
    With a little research you can find the most cost efficient methods of passing your marijuana drug tests. The method i use has been used by many, as well as myself. :smoke:

    The price of these Ingredients costs somewhere around $5-7 and can all be found at your local grocery store.:D

    1. Sure-Jell Certo Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin: Around $5

    2.32oz Gatorade (I use the red kind. I'm sure any liquid can be used but I'd stick with Gatorade.

    Step 1:
    Mix 1 pouch of Certo with 1 32oz of Gatorade (SHAKE WELL)

    Step 2:
    Drink the mixture within 20 min (I usually chug the shit haha)

    Step 3:
    Follow up with another 32oz of water (Fill the Gatorade bottle with water)

    Step 4:
    Drink the 32oz of water within 20 min of drinking the mixture (To be on the safe side drink more water)

    Step 5:
    You should piss at least 3 times before the test. It will come out clear. (Vitamin B-12 will help with color if thats an issue)

    This method will give you at least a 4 hour window of being clean. (I've heard some people claim up to 3 days) I've used this method to pass "First Check", police drug tests, and employment drug urinalysis.

    Its up to you whether or not you wanna use this method. It works for me because i can use it short notice. Feel free to post your opinions or other cool methods of passing.

    I do not take credit for this method, but i do feel as a GC member i should help out the community.

    I think this one should be Stickied for future references.

    Thanks GC :wave:
  2. Hmmm I've never heard of that. Thanks, I got me another job so if they decide to drug test me I might give this a shot.

    Gracias senor :D
  3. That's the most ridiculous shit I've heard in a while.
  4. Police drug tests? Why are you applying to be an officer....officer.
  5. Yeah dude no problem. I hope it helps. :hello:

    Have you tried it before? Alot of people say it doesnt work. But the funny part is they never tried it. Im living proof. If you're not convinced take $20 and buy a "First Check" Test for marijuana and certo and gatorade. follow the directions and tell me im rediculous haha :D

    Well im on house arrest at the moment till July 2nd and to be eligible for it i had to pass a urinalysis. Needless to say i passed. haha Ive used this stuff many times.:smoke:
  6. You'll "pass" the test with this method because it will dilute your urine and there wont be enough THC metabolites in it, but most decent drug tests have ways of checking for dilution. This is definitely not the most complete method I've seen.
  7. Ive heard that most employer places check for dilution. But i doubt id pass a facility paid to test employees if i were only diluting. Fruit Pectin actually masked it i believe. I literally smoked a blunt right before one of my "first check" tests. Im just saying this would be a last resort. If you know ahead of schedule by all means stop smoking till your test. but 64oz of water before a test will make you pass? Doubt it.
  8. Many, many people have passed from simply diluting. The only difficulty is finding ways to mask the fact that you diluted, which is easy enough, and there are many guides on this forum and others.
  9. Well i guess that's another method than. haha

    I'm just saying there's other ways also. Ive never tried just drinking water. I'm more comfortable doing it this way. It works for me.

    I appreciate your response to my post though. All opinions are accepted.
  10. How about not smoking, i heard that works but why take the risk right?
  11. Yeah I know. But this is for more short notice.
  12. Sounds like basic dilution technique, which is good enough for a lot of tests. But what does the pectin do exactly?
  13. This only works under one circumstance, and thats if they don't test your centrin levels.
  14. Still not fool proof. Sorry!
  15. lol i know i failed my surprise drug test, cause i smoked the day before, gf job.
  16. Alot of people would disagree. Some say it acts as a blocker of the thc from forming into your intestines, others say it simply masks, i actually believe its a mixture of dilution and masking which is why its effects last soo long. It wouldnt be a known technique if it didnt work. Sure-jell doesnt advertise itself as a way to pass drug tests. So i'm sure somewhere in the net buried under all these arguments about it is concrete evidence. I wouldn't bet my future on just diluting with water but i would using this technique haha like i already have and succeeded. Heres a link where they get into it.

    liquid fruit pectin - Cannabis Forums Message Boards - Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club, Dispensary, News

    Using this method?
  17. Who knows maybe it acts as a dilution bypass. Ive used this to get jobs and im sure my piss was nothing but sure-jell, lil bit of b12, and alot of water. They never mentioned anything bout dilution in my urine. And i smoke like a fuckin dragon.

  18. I'm gonna buy a home drug test and try this to see if it works.
  19. ^
    settle this matter.
  20. Haha it does work. I wouldn't say it does if i hadn't tried it myself. But id like to have his testimony on this.

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