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Pass the test

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dkj0329, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. I am a 19 year old that gets tested by his father every week. (I know. And i dont even live with him.) I had to quit smoking just two weeks ago but I pretty much NEED to start toking again. Is there any possible way i can pass these drug test within a several day time spand?

    I exercise everyday and go in the steam room. (causing me to sweat a lot)
    I can easily get my hands on Niacane (500mg)
    Drinkiing a lot of water with antioxidants i heard works. Is that true? Obviously like anybody else i can drink a gallon of water a day if I wanted to.

    Anyways i need to know how much water to drink, how much niacane to take (or any other supplement), along with the amount of sweat needed to drain my system of THC. Any suggestions?
  2. would you mind explaining why your dad drug tests you and your 19 and dont live with him? haha wtf
  3. im in the same boat man! talk about some BULLSHIT. threatens to not pay for school if i fail
  4. yes that is what my dad is sayin too! hahah
  5. because i got caught at 17 and he has drug tested me ever since.

    Also I am going to college now nd he is threatening to not pay for it if i fail.

  6. Just stay clean and when you get into college, smoke up.

  7. Tell your dad that he's a jackass if that's true.
  8. I was on probation 2 years and had to DT every month....passed every one with flying colors using this...Herbal Clean Master Tea...main thing to remember is these detoxers only mask the thc temporarily...they don't clean you everytime you have to take a test, you have to drink the tea...

  9. Niacin is ur natural fat burner. your body producess a certain level to help burn fat naturally!! Thats why if you go the niacin way you need to stop takin it for a lab test a day or so before b/c the lab test can pick up the extra amount of niacin in your body! and as for the 19 yr old gettin drug tested by your dad if its an at home test you should beable to just dilute yourself with water enuf to pass the test. the at home drug tests dont pick up extra amounts of "chemicals" in your body!

  10. Is your dad testing you with cheap ass tests? I'm pretty sure that you can smoke everyday and pass those just by flushing out with lots of water. Lab tests are much harder to pass, thats where your niacin and antioxidants trick comes in. If your trying to pass a good lab test your going to need to take some time off. I have a DT coming up for a job and I have been clean for 3 full weeks.
  11. yea bro, it sucks for the situation you are in with your dad testing you so much. i'm kinda in the same boat. my b!tch of an ex girlfriend wrote a note to my parents ratting me out even though she is a huge hypocrite, so as punishment i was forced to quit, give my sh!t (bowl, bong, papers, blunt wraps, etc.) away, and to top it off i am subject to random drug tests.

    the best advice is to drink water and lots of it. take green tea extract pills (which boost metabolism, curb appetite, and burn calories), and just sweat alot. with just that plan i managed to easily pass home tests while toking a few days before the test.

    good luck dude, hope it all goes well for ya man:smoking:
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    How big of a set back would it be to take one hit? I am going to be dosing up on friday on some cid and I would love to take just one rip, I will have been clean for 2 days shy of 2 weeks and I dont have a set time that I need to take my drug test but I want it done within the next 2 week after that. Would it set me back like a week or just like 3-4 days? I am 6'2" and 165 not skinny but not fat or anything and I have been biking like an hour a day? Oh ya It will be a lab test, what type of precautions should I take for the 2 weeks prior to my test? Sorry i know you guys dont like these threads but nothing says what one hit does mid break
  13. ready clean worked for me.
  14. damn i wish my parents had money to send me to school. sux my ass was encarcerated by 17, so i never really had that chance to go to college, so i join the roofers union and its been smooth sailin ever since cept for the year and a half i did as an adult. i got a test in 2 weeks im on day 3 clean. its a rate job 28$ an hour you know i'll be clean. the second i get outta that test i'll be smokin!
  15. Go to the store and buy this shit called sure jell, it will be in the canning isle next to jello and that kind of shit, buy the pink box drink a bottle of water then pour the sure jell in I am big so i use two fill it up with water shake it up and chug but you got to eat all these gross chunks at the bottom then take 1 more piss then wait like 1 hour take the dt pass everytime.the sure jell coats your fat cells where the thc is stored making it like pissing the first bottle of water.

    i promise it works i have done it before
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