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Pass out stories

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonedApe, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Have you ever passed out from getting TOO high? Tell us your stories :)

    So far I've ALMOST passed out twice, but never actually passed out. Now, what I mean by "passing out" is not just getting a mild case of couch-lock syndrome and taking a nap, but rather going completely unconscious, i.e. now I can draw a penis on your face :D

    I was at church the first time that I almost passed out. Worshiping God while you're high is a very unique experience, I recommend everyone try it. I started my day off with some good ol wake and bake. I'm really starting to enjoy cooking edibles, so this time I used some of my canna oil to make scrambled eggs. :yummy: I didn't measure, but at most I may have used 0.5 oz of oil, which would have had 0.25g of bud cooked in. I didn't think this would do much, so I took a few hits from my Vapor Genie, and it was good. I was toking "The Purp" which basically gets me STONED in 5 hits or less (I'm a lightweight :eek:).

    About 30 minutes after eating the herb eggs I start to feel it kick in, and it was STRONG!! I'm standing up doing my thing, when all of sudden my vision started to go black, and there's just a slight tunnel of clear vision that I can still see. So the "blackness" in my vision was only around the sides. I could still see what was in front of me, but it was starting to fade. I knew I was getting ready to pass out because of a past experience I've had in the Texas heat. I tried to focus on my breathing in hopes that I would stay conscious, but everything kept fading more and more, and even worse, my ears started ringing. I knew I didn't have much time left, so I needed to make a decision. I was worried and did not want to pass out with everyone watching me, so I started thinking that maybe I should just go to my car, that way I can chill in there (not drive) and just wait until I'm feeling better. The only problem was that I was WAY too close to passing out, and I didn't think I could even make it to the parking lot.

    I decided to just sit down. It's such a simple solution, but it actually works! I just sat there and relaxed for a few minutes and everything was cool. I tried to stand back up about 10 minutes later, but I almost passed out again, so that's when I started to get scared. I was starting to think that I might have severe couch-lock syndrome and might even pass out in my chair for several hours. I kept telling myself to stay calm, and since church is a little over 2 hours I will probably be feeling better by then. Luckily I was feeling much better later on, so I was able to go about my day normally. The high was great, I was all giggly and everything was amazing. It was still very scary though, but mostly because I was so worried about the negative stigma MJ has, and what people would think of me if I passed out in public like that. I'm just glad everything worked out fine.

    -Go to church high
    -Almost pass out
    -Sit down and chill
    -Everything went better than expected
  2. Back when I wasn't a daily smoker, I went snowboarding with a few friends, normally I could smoke a blunt or 4 and be stoned but good to go, we were building a fat booter in the outback and smoking the whole time, over 3 hours we smoked 4 blunts with over a gram in each between 3 people. By the last one I was gone. Passed out in the snow just before we finished making it. I remember waking up for just a few seconds to see my friend throw a fat front flip 540 before passing out again. When I wake up I'm feeling cool and ready to hit the jump. I tell my friends that and their like, bro we're leaving, you were passed out for 5 hours. I was like wtf!? So I helped build a jump, didn't hit it, passed out, woke up then went home. Shitty I didn't get to throw anything but it was a funny experience.
  3. Passing out is for duds.
  4. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']Passing out is for duds.[/quote]

    I guarentee I can out smoke you
  5. Well, never really passed out in public or outside my home, but one time, me and a buddy were smoking in my room at like 1:30AM and I was going to get a glass of water and my phone, and he asked me to get his too, and he passed out spread eagle on my bed, most irritating thing. I slept on the couch instead of waking him up, figured I was torched, so I was going to sleep good anyways!
  6. [quote name='"BurnAFewDown"']

    I guarentee I can out smoke you[/quote]

    Guarentee you cant No body who passes out from smoking can out smoke me . but lol

  7. Well...there was this one time I smoked AT LEATS 3 grams of super high quality bud and had about 8 stiff drinks and I had been awake for more than 24 hours. Had to take a nap at my friend's bed :p
  8. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']

    Guarentee you cant No body who passes out from smoking can out smoke me . but lol


    Maybe he gets better bud? :eek:
  9. [quote name='"Marrijane420"']

    Maybe he gets better bud? :eek:[/quote]

    maybe no one asked you ?

    lol w.e dont wanna ruin this thread bybgetting off topic. carry on with the stories :)
  10. Well, one time at band camp....:D

    Actually no, never got that high. But when I used to drink there were plenty of times. Passed out on the bathroom floor once after a wicked game of quarters. Another time we were out drinking, closed the place down and walked out to the parking lot. I see my car, I unlocked the door and don't remember getting thing I saw I was driving down the road. Freaked me out. I pulled over and slept it off.
  11. After a 1 1/2 month forced tolerance break I smoked half a joint I rolled of Mazar before biology then when I got in there I was REALLLLLY High then she started talking about people getting blood in their kidneys and shit, next thing i know I'm waking up on the floor with my science teacher shaking me and the whole class just staring at least I got to go home.
  12. This one time me and my buddies were smoking hookah we had a shit load of decent mids so we put about 50/50 in the hookah (half bud half shisha) so we smoked a few bowls and chilled still smoking on the hookah then next thing I know im totally fucked I look at my buddy and he is sitting there munching down on some Doritos and my other friend was off in some other world on his phone. So we smoked the hookah for probably another 15 mins until it was out. I went up stairs to see how my dog was doing since I had brought him over he was laying on the couch so I walked up to him and we started to play I jumped up from the couch and got a huge head rush and just started falling next thing I know I wake up to one of my buddies shaking me.
  13. Only time I pass out is when I am too drunk, and that really isn't passing out, I just get tired and fall asleep. I've had a few times where I've greened out because I smoked on an empty stomach. But I've never just passed out randomly from being too high.
  14. not from being too high, but from taking too big of a rip. back when i was still getting accustomed to smoking, I worked my way up to snap a .15 ish bowl and thought it was badass. that was all my bowl could hold so it felt like I was snapping a full bowl.

    I got a new bowl and it could easily fit 2 - 3x what the other bowl did. i used it maybe 3 - 4 to take a single large snap and be high as balls after. well I decided to fill my bong up with ice cold water and as much ice as I could fit into it and pack a bowl filled to the top.

    my plan was to rip as hard as I could and chug my ice cold drinking water after. well...I took 3/4 of it, cleared most of it, forcefully held that shit in for a few seconds and exhaled. next thing I know I'm laying sideways in the dirt (I was sitting down with dirt to my left and cement to my right) feeling super dizzy and a numb head. I kind of stumble up and look at my now knocked over bong that was fully intact. the only thing that had broke was the bowl. :(

    I realized later I also broke my hose and got a pretty gnarly scrape on my leg and shoulder.
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    [quote name='"420dopeaf"']

    Guarentee you cant No body who passes out from smoking can out smoke me . but lol


    That was 4 years ago, I smoke an ounce every 4 days now... And coming from a guy who asked if weed has gotten stronger over time... Really? Of course it has, and asking why oil is so strong. what noobish questions, and knows nothing.about bongs, I smoke a 1/4 outa my bongs (yes multiple, 4 exactly and my rooms mates have 6, bongs all day everyday) everyday
  16. A few years ago we were smoking in my friends basement for like an hour. Bowl after bowl after bowl. I told his dad I was getting light headed and there was a buzzing in my ears. I started walking up the stairs to get a drink of water and could feel myself about to pass out, but I knew I had to make it up the stairs. I barely made it to the last stair and just blacked out and fell over and they all come running up the stairs. If I hadn't made it up the last stair I would've fallen down the stairs and really hurt myself. It was like 100 out and I don't think I was hydrated enough or something. Felt fine after I sat down tho. Totally lost my high though cause it was scary as shit
  17. I passed out earlier and I just woke up about to smoke more in a lil

  18. paased out twice, once when i was at a kickback, i went to lean on a car, and boom i was on the floor, dont remember anything that happend in the 5 seconds before i passed out, i was out for like a minute,
    second time, i was out nightfishing, qith 2 friends, and while we were setting up our rods, i feel weak, then i see everything infront of me flashing, then i feel dizzy, and i say wtf and fall,broke my glasses =/
  19. My friend cleared a GB we made and as soon as he it, he passed out and fell in the shower (we were smoking in the bathroom) and the shower was on and turned on hot all the way, it was quite hilarious
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    Its one of the 2 times it happened. During the teen years a friend of mine had the house empty for him for the weekend as his parents left for vacation. NOTE - I had barely eaten that day, so my bloodpressure and sugar level was far from its best. So he invited me and another friend of his whom I barely knew. I was supposed to stay there all weekend and as the "host" had 5g of some mids and night was approaching we started rolling it up. Its all good, still tokin and tokin after the bazillionth joint, at one moment we came to the situation where we started to pass 2 joints simultaneously, I passed one and got the other immediately after it. I take a few puffs, start deciding whether I should pass it on but I take 2 more (later to be, crucial, puffs). I start feeling a little bad (we were watching million dollar baby exactly at the scene where the boxergirl was already paralized and breathing with the help of a tube!!) and decide to get up a little, take some air and reset myself a little bit. I then go to the kitchen to get a snack to lift me up a little bit. As I open the fridge, suddenly it starts getting much worse and worse. I realized this is not going to end well so I sort of rush back into the livingroom and say "Buddy, Im not feeling well, really not feeling well". The moment they look at me, Im laying dead on the floor. Next thing I know, theyre holding me up, repeating "He opened his eyes! I had my finger on the call emergency button!!". I also know I couldnt see on my left eye (just like "Clint Eastwoods" dark-colored friend with the unfunctioning left eye in the movie, which kind of scared the shit out of me) and that i saw the whole movie all over again in the thirty seconds that I was out. They told me I had kind of an epileptic seizure, even though it wasnt one. Just to make at least a part of the story somewhat funny: they carried me all the way to the toilet and watched me take a massive dump for 20 minutes (no gay, I needed help every now and then to sit properly) :hello:

    Sorry for long post and eventual typos, I am in our mutual mood, if you understand me...

    Toke on :smoke:

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