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Pass A Piss Test With Azo Standrads!

Discussion in 'General' started by *gR33nv00do*, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. OK guys last week i decided if i was gonna smoke or not ... ( im on probation ) so i searched all of grascity forums and i found something.. AZO standards... so i bought them and a at-home piss tests... so it said to take 4 the day b4 the test so i did... and i drank hella water and the next day i woke up pissed about 3 times thne took the test... i passed.... the line that said clean was very faint but it was still there... so that means its clean... ( BTW I AM HIGH RIGHT NOWWWW SO IT WORKS FOR SURE OK!) yea and if tht didnt work i would have used CERTO... mix 2 packs withone gal of water and kill it and piss 2 times and then the 3rd and up are clean... k see ya
  2. yea i recently had to take a drug test and i did a bunch of research to find out what the best way would be. many people swear by the AZO Standards, but i've also read that the primary reason they work is just the massive water consumption, which can work by itself without the pills. but regardless, if ur taking like a real lab test, u gotta worry about dilution and shit, but if you take a few vitamin B12's it will color your piss.
  3. Too bad your going to fail your probation drug test. You can pass a home drug test if you fucking piss a few drops and fill the rest of the cup up with water. Im on probation and I was bringing in piss for 7 months until my friend that gave me the piss went on Vaca and I had to use a detox drink and I took Azos for a week. Before I went to my P.O I took a home drug test to make sure the detox drink "worked" and of course I passed the home one. I thought I was straight until 3 days later I got the call saying my urine was dirty and diluted. I suggest you stop smoking immediatly unless you want to land yourself in jail. Not trying to be an ass or anything, just tryin to help out another fellow brother on bull shit probation...
  4. yeah, home tests are pretty easy to pass. i heard you can piss in the home test, then pour like 4 or 5 drops of bleach in and youll pass, i dunno if its true though. any ever tried that?

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