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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by PostPavilion, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. #1 PostPavilion, Oct 8, 2011
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    Welcome to:


    You must be added to the whitelist to play on this server. This server is for blades and friends of blades only, if it's obvious you joined the forum for the pure intention of joining PartyCraft, you better look elsewhere.

    The server address is:
    If you are not a GC member you may be killed on sight upon login, BEWARE.
    Dynamic Webmap: [--]
    We are located on a stable, lag free server, hosted in Dallas, TX, USA.

    Current version 1.7.2.
    More to come.

    For the players by the players, PartyCraft is born!
  2. Do you mind if I use that image as a sig? Linked to this?
  3. IGN: azver

    I just want to party.
  4. Awesome, let's party!

    Username: SicktistiK
  5. azver is in. SicktistiK is in. Ready to party?
  6. Oh god and so it begins
  7. Fear not! For I bring a stable server and if requested I will indeed be moving player creations over to the next map change when it happens for 1.9.

    Seriously, zero lag so far. And no crashes, it has been 100% stable. I've seen a few client side issues here and there but nothing server related. I left my game running for hours while the others played and came back to find it still running and connected to the server!

    Hence, the party is always on!
  8. billy_mcd is in. :)
  9. add PseudophoriK please :)

    appreciate you making it available to non-premium users as well :smoke:
  10. DrFragenstein 8^)
    i just got addicted
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    Deleted: reason: to many beers
  12. im down for party

    ign : komatous

    havent played mc for awhile been looking for a rad server, thank you very much :D
  13. Man fuck college homework..I wont be on all weekend in order to get my shit done...but if I do get on then Post or any other op kick me out the server!haha seriously though don't let me on all weekend
  14. IGN Thebassett :)
    Thankyou sir
  15. Alright, PseudophoriK, DrFragenstein, komatous and Thebassett have all been added. :)
  16. #17 tflga, Oct 8, 2011
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    sounds like fun, maybe i'll rejoin.

    i was in the grasscity server and was team killed by the douchebags that were set at OP in game. they thought i was "someone else" and continued to troll me all night until 2 hours later they realized who I was and went "OH..shit"

    I won't play if there are admins who are extremely immature
  17. You know me.

    Add Pocmin.

    I'm ready to play.
  18. I'll get you guys on ASAP when I get home. Only 3 hours. :)
  19. simon12332

    Add me! I love interacting with my fellow blades from around the globe!

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