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  1. So me and my friends roll up to this party and pay $3 at the door cause there were 2 heine kegs with our names on it. So of course the cops come and break it up. Sooo... we meet up at 7-11 and decide to go back to my house and then i see some friends i havent seen in like 6 years-so they roll back w/ us. Well in the end we got shit faced and smoked. And ya know what-i wish you guys could have been there. i thought about you all when we were blazing, and I really hope that maybe one day we can all party together-caase every1 at grasscity is a great, and you all are great people.
  2. I know what you mean. Yesterday/lastnight I went to a place call top of the world (rocky butte) where you can see an incredible view of the city river etc. Went toked up as hell and 1 girl didnt smoke, she bummed the whole thing. Oh well. No keggers for me.

  3. Awwwww, Jada, thanks for thinkin' bout all of us here!! I thought about ya'll while at a big party this weekend too!!
    After gettin. to meet BPP in Nawlin's, we decided to kinda try to meet a few more Blades , as the opportunity arose. Gonna try real hard to make Bud Head's 4th of July doin's!!!!! :hello:
    Then I'm gonna, stowaway on a frieghter to see critter!! maybe!
    PoohGator and I had a party weekend too, big doin's in town, hooked up rock-solid, and Blazed away!!! :hello: :smoking:

    Lmao!! after readin' this I just had to come back and edit it!! I can see it in the near future...........Man, don't invtite that cowboysaxman to meet ya,......He'll be there!!! LOL :smoke:
  4. well ya know cowboy- I couldnt think of better people to party with just cause every1 at the city is so nice. There arent sny assholes here. (Pardion my just really cool people w/ lots of stuff in common.
  5. i would have to agree... whenever we get a really long smoke session goin' on at our place, i always wish a few if not all of ya were around ~ everyone here's so great, and friendly, and i'd love to toke with any one of ya :)
  6. i think next year on 4/20 we should all have a smoke out somewhere somebody should set up something cool for everyone here at and then we'd all go there and meet and bring pot and get really high together

    just a thought
  7. that would be a great idea! i think it would be absolutely fun.
    i'd offer up my place but it's teensy weensy, and we'd all be piled 3 high on the couch & floor lol
  8. That would be so ill. I'd get all my pot smoking buddies to come down and I'm sure all of you would do the same. It would become and event. Grasscity Extravaganja 2002.

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