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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. so me and my friends threw a party for my buds birthday and we rented this hotel room, we walk to the front desk all fucked up and rent it, and she says

    "Alright heres your key, room number 420"

    Man i thought that was so fuckin cool, everytime we called someone we were like, yea man room 420 come on up and even the door thing that says 420 was taken before us, and there was a empty baggie in a drawer, heh.

    Anyways halfway through the party i got sick as fuck from all the vodka and ice 101 and puked in the bathroom for a good what felt like 5 hours, but was probably 2 maybe heh

    Then everyone fuckin freaks out and shit because theres mass cops at the hotel, and turns out, someone fuckin robbed the front desk and the cops were all out there investigating it, crazy shit.

    Met a lot of old friends i grew up with, too bad i was too drunk and stoned to remember half of it, was a good party tho heh
  2. haha thats sweet! last night I was over my boys house with some 151 n some blunts, all that was missin was some girls :/ maybe tonight
  3. yea i had a pretty fat pardy at my house last night.

    fuck, went through 95$ in liquor between me and 2 buddies. but noone got sick, and I smashed one of those huge flourescent bulbs over my friends back and it exploded everywhere!!!
  4. that's phat... i went down this girls house with my friend and we got all stoned, after we had already gotten quite wrecked, then i got home at about 2 and crashed. good night :D
  5. heh funny shit with the room number. Just the other day i had a doctor apointment at 4:20 , thought that was kinda funny. On my way to work everyday on the freeway one of the exits is exit #420 , i wanna steal the sign so bad but its in the middle of a freeway so its not like i can park my car on the freeway and steal a big ass freeway sign lol.........My friend lives on 'high st.' , cant even count how many times the city has had to replace that sign cause kids steal it.
  6. heh heh, i know someone who stole a high street sign.
  7. thats awsome ... room 420 lol ... i feel like goin to a party ... hmmm...
  8. haha, i live on a HighPoint Drive. But, speaking of parties... DAMN there are so many to recall... i'll do a good one tho. It was about 3 weeks ago, we were all at my boy Chris's house when every realized they had money and thye were sober.... not a very normal thing for us here. So me Mike and Kyle got all kinds of ppl and some girls and went to Kyle's dad bowling alley at like 1am after its all closed n shit. HAHA it was fun, i was rollin, high as fuck, and drunk. Bowling like that is really alot of fun.... not to mention bangin a girl in the bathoom 0_o

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